Not Again?!

We were getting sick of reading yet another review of how many members a band has, where they’re from and how their music sounds like the bands they’re inspired by, so we decided to do this our own way.

For 2022, we’ll be having conversations over text about all the shows we go to and all the music we listen to, and we’ll share them with you. Unedited! Mostly, that is, we do need to do some editing to keep it on par with the highly professional layout standards we set here.

Ever wonder how we feel about the audience? Which drinks the bar has? Why we think New York is overpriced? Why we walked out during the second band their set? Ever just wanted to read a review of human beings having a response, instead of music professionals trying to come up with a good review?

Music Dies Here will be here to help you feel as jaded as we do!