We couldn’t not do this for the Overbites, right? If you’re a fan of the 90’s Epitaph sound, the Ergs, the Murderburgers, the Copyrights, early Descendents, etc, etc, you should be really give this one a spin.

Time to catch up on some records, don’t you think?

Never not time for that with us

Good point! We grabbed a (non-alcoholic) beer and got pizza, so let’s pair that with the Overbites

Drinkscussing libations of champions


It’s a really nice intro riff. Nice intro in general, I can imagine this being a good opener for a set as well

Reminds me of Green Day for some reason

It’s the songwriting, simple with energy.

But yeah, real good start to a record; really lets the listener know what to expect

Ahhh, makes a ton of sense.

I enjoy the cycling through build ups

Slow, fast, slow, fast, slow, fast with shouts.

Background woahs.

Definitely fun dancing part ensuing here

@ shows

Can imagine this having a lot of energy live



I’m getting old, my back is sore

Follows up on the last song well melodically.

::assuming I heard that right::

We’re all getting old, yes.

Lyrics super relatable here

I got to say the last few years really made me more lethargic and mentally I GET THIS SONG.

Oh No

Ooh this open

Aight then


Yeah, seconding how great this would be live, with people knowing the lyrics to shout back




Strongly written song, there’s a lot going on, without it feeling all over the place. That’s a talent!


It has more that straight up punk rock vibe as opposed to them pop punk of the other songs so far.

Different tone here, yeah. More urgent sounding from what I could tell

Kind of reminds me of Pennywise, that corner.


Back to pop-punk!

It’s not punk rock, it’s just fucked up.

Was listening to this over the weekend and definitely remember the chorus in this song

Nice guitar part here as well!

This really is that sound that screams “we are an European band”

This outro is real good

I Don’t Remember

Drinking song?

This song is long enough to keep the attention span of the new generation.



TikTok length, yes!

No Chill


Kind of reggae vibes in this.

Same thing.

Feels like a living end b side lol

Ha! That’s a good comparison here.

I love the Living End so it’d be a compliment

Yea! I like em so that wasn’t a diss at all

The melody used right after the chorus is so good.

Damn, this is catchy AF this part here

And I’m a sucker for repetitive vocal lines with the music building the tension


Last song!

Opens up catchy as hell!

Yeah, definitely that 90’s Epitaph sound here.

From what I remember (#shorttermmemory), this was my favorite song from the first couple times I listened to this EP

Which is funny, you never cared much for this sound before we met.

Ha, I knowww. Go figure 😅

This is such a fun ep, such solid songwriting on it.

Yeah, this quiet/loud/thrash part was realllllly swank

I also grew up in Europe where the love for this sound lasted a lot longer than here in the States – especially here on the East Coast it is missing.

True that

I wasn’t really familiar with the Overbites before this EP but really liked what I heard.

Well, now you are! Another band to follow that’ll break up before they get to play in NYC!


Go spend your money on this band right here: https://theoverbites.bandcamp.com/album/time-to-go-2

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