Clashing shows but we were at both! Massa Nera, Supine, Common Sage, Yume and Raptureisdead! at Trans-Pecos and Tired Radio, Awful Din, The Great American Novel and Good Looking Friends at the Econolodge.

Music Dies Here isn’t afraid of breaking up the dynamic duo for the night, we can create low-quality content when in different rooms as well! Marcus saw Massa Nera, Supine, Common Sage, Yume and Raptureisdead! at Trans-Pecos. Maaike saw Tired Radio, Awful Din, The Great American Novel and Good Looking Friends at the Econolodge.

Tired Radio reviews guitars

I think I am cursed to always miss happy hour at the Econolodge

For today, I blame February. February and the MTA.

February gonna February.

Pretty sure we’re halfway through the year by now, with how long this month is lasting. Anyway, you’re on the way to Ridgewood I assume?

Yeah, just got B6 limited. Very likely gonna miss the first band.

B82 was up the block from where I was, pulling away. So lost 10 minutes on that

We really need to learn our commute is closer to 1.5 hour instead of the 45 minutes we assume.

Yep. We base our commutes off of best/luckiest scenarios, which is hardly a way to get us out of the house on time.


In accordance with running late, I got out at the exit on the L stop I needed that added 3 extra blocks to my walk…

~Common Sage~

So I caught up with friends and I guess it’s Good Looking Friends (acoustic) on now.

I think those bands are related, aren’t they? Either shared member or members with shared third band?

This is pretty good, they really got their duo thing down. Though I don’t think I’d listen to it acoustic, but it’s nice.

Unsure but definitely same circles

Oh and I made happy hour! For my first drink

I’m pretty sure one of the Stay Inside folks plays in both, but not sure if it’s the same.

You’d be right

Same person or not though? And how is Common Sage live? I’ve been curious; couldn’t get into them on record but they had that “better live” sound.

Same person as who?

Same person who plays in both bands?

Ah. Same dude (stay inside x good looking friends)

Better live for sure.

How’s the turnout?

Saying that as this place is about as full as it fits.

(so like 25 including bands)

Later start for venue to pack in a bit

Album definitely has more life performed

Apologies, 30 people. 34 including me if my headcount is correct. Including staff

packed room given that space is literally the same size as our living room

Nah, it’s like the size of our backyard

Seems smaller than that but that’s just my funky depth perception probably

Man it’s getting busier and busier here. We need a venue like this but twice the size. Guess keeping things diy means smaller shit.

Liked Common Sage enough to give their record a dedicated listen. They strike me as the kind of band that you gotta sit down and chill with to give them a try.

Peach LaCroix

That would be a good skramz band name

More weedrock…erm, bubblegrunge

Bubblegrunge that calls themselves skramz. Just like so many of those weed bands call themselves punk.

So far this scene is chill. Definitely “in-crowd” kinda thing.

The Great American Novel just starting here.


Very indie rock. You would appreciate this live but not as much as music.

Anywaaaaay the sound mix for this band is incredibly mediocre. I’m hearing so much potential for a good show but the guitar is absolutely overly high

That sounds gross


Raptureisdead! has a song with gay Bowser and the double bass kills

Uh… I have no clue what that means, but I hope gay Bowser is giving you a good show.

(song title)

Oh hey the sound mix improved!

Now with better sound mix, this band is a good vibe band, I’m enjoying it.


I might be wrong but those lyrics sounded like “don’t you wanna have a cat someday, don’t you wanna hold a cat someday”

lyrics an Asa would bleppingly approve

Raptureisdead! definitely has a name that suits their sound. On the Facebook event for this show, they were categorized as emoviolence and that was 100% on mark

I mean their record is called Extremely Loud and Incredibly Online (or Incredibly Loud and Extremely Online maybe?) and maybe that should be our MDH tagline.

Okay what is emo violence as a genre? Cause I am just imagining hitting emos and though that sounds like a fun pasttime, I don’t think that’s what they mean.

Basically grindcore in tempo with hints of melody


Oh man, there’s part of the crowd here that’s just standing there with a scowl on their face.


Really liked what I’ve heard of em so much I forgot to post that they’re on now

Must be lovely company

I’m sure they are, maybe

Awful Din setting up now. What’s Yume like? Fourth band for you huh?


5 bands

Oh Common Sage was first?

I thought you missed the opening opener.

I forgot I genuinely like Awful Din live and not just the people, this is good

I didn’t. Lineup got reshuffled a bit apparently

Order so far: Common Sage/Raptureisdead!/Yume

Got a flyer for your show. Have one for mine; figured we’d do a double your MDH for your bemusement post.

Favorite so far?

Wait what?

Use those words but rephrase them so I understand

We should do an Instagram post with the flyers for the shows we’re at

Favorite so far: really, really dug Yume.


I don’t remember Awful Din being this much on the old & angry & drunk & sad train before.

They’re really good, you would have loved this

They always were from what I recall, but always in a lighter, brighter emo-type of sense

Yeah it’s like angry sad drunk emo. Probably not as drunk or angry as it feels though, but since we both like the people in the band, also more than they’ll admit.

Or they’ve got some really, really good new songs. Stage banger said “old songs” and… it just went down in quality. With quality, I mean, what I like, not actual quality.

How’s your show? Tell me!

How busy is it? Met any friends? How are the bands? How is life?


This shows we couldn’t do both shows.

How’s Supine? Tell me everything about your show! How’s the audience? You got friends there? Did Chris seem happy to see you again?

Tell meeeee

Ooof it must take a lot of muscle effort to keep your scowl during a band covering Baby, Hit Me One More Time

But half this audience is managing

Supine’s been devastating so far. Really digging their set.

This show is motoring along

Awesome! Expecting you to come home with shirts and records and hoodies, so just telling you, keep the merch to $50 max. Cause we need to save for Europe remember

Massa Nera next

Didn’t know RBF was one of the symptoms of the stealth omicron variant…..

I read that as Reel Big Fish initially

Re: Supine. I think they were the band that I scouted the least going in. I’d kinda had a sense of their sound already…which came across great live.


Tired Radio on now. Which I’ve seen so often in the last 10 months I forgot to keep count

Okay this already is better than last time, damn, that new song actually hits now


I can’t wait until Europe cause I really want to bribe all my Euro friends into seeing them.

This is what I meant last time, this band is always so good. They missed some of their usual energy last time, they’re not now.

~Massa Nera~

By the end of this month I’ll be deaf. Remind me to get / take earplugs

Okay I want all of everything all the time, so tell me all about your show

Cause I wanna see them too and instead I am here and I also want to be here.

Another new song by Tired Radio

Will do

I think this band is my post COVID regular

How often have we seen them?

I also really need more of you about your night cause I am missing out

Gotta love the band looking at Anthony in a judgy way for him being perfectionist with his guitar


Been tough because every band has been at worst, good. And haven’t really had the time in between to drop insights, etc.

Nah but still tell me allll

I’m still here – your show ended yet?

New Wave dance party at vitus tonight


2 more songs

Just ended here!

Do we want to call it a great night and head home, or head for the uncertainty of the night?

Because we usually are 50/50 on the uncertainty, might be a fight, might be a blast.

Drop an F in the chat for my hearing too


This is true.

So far I’ve had 3 tecate and a seltzer

Whatcha thinking? Still early(ish).



Heading in that general direction

Good cause Anchored.

In the area


Letting a song on my tidal finish

burns like a paper rose by wolves like us

Massa Nera
Common Sage

Tired Radio
Awful Din
The Great American Novel
Good Looking Friends (acoustic)

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