Goodbye Blue Monday

Let's Go Goodbye Blue Monday

I’ll never figure out if the title is Let’s Go Goodbye Blue Monday or Let’s Go Goodbye Blue Monday By Goodbye Blue Monday

Knowing this band, it’s the latter.

10000 percent the latter

We are doing this right after Tired Radio, because it’s Sunday night and there’s work tomorrow, so let’s keep the misery going.

Very excited to be drinkscussing these delicious morsels of misery punk with this pirate water I bought two weekends ago.

(Pirate water is basically the new 4loko for college kids)

Nothing says getting ready for the week ahead (#letsgetthisdread) like drinkscussing this and the new Tired Radio which we just finished

If we’re talking misery, that drink is canned misery

Perfect, lemme get a case

Let's Go Goodbye Blue Monday

Let’s Go Goodbye Blue Monday

Thanks for that segue lmfao


How many drinks did they have before recording this intro track?

Are those bagpipes?

10 and I’ll take the over

They were, I think!

Oh No! This May Be Triggering

An album with its own trigger warning.

How considerate of these lads!

Well, for everyone who said this band is too depressing or glamorizing mental health, they’re aware.


I really dig this song. It’s got a fast but quiet intro, then moves into this great full band part, to just go into full repetition with “Its not that I’m not okay, it’s that I’m never okay”

And boom. Done.

Perfect minute and a half. No time wasted.

That outro is sooooo good; tailor-made for sing-alongs

Meet my Avatar

The single of the record.

Video is a masterpiece btw

Probably the only song that works well for it as well.

Haha, right?

Also true

Its like the Disney soundtrack of this album



And not OW MY FACE like yours truly says

I love how this all builds together.

Shut up Marcus. You’re the one choosing to drink Pirate Water.


What do you want me to do now?

And then it’s this absolute “this would sound so good with a full crowd singing along” part.

Man, this’d be soooooo good to go off to live and blow out my voice to

Well think of that as the won’t be able to afford touring the States.

I’m a Fucking Coward & My Anxiety is Breaking Me

One of the faster songs so far!

(no matter how much either/one of us posts at the Fest Twitter about em)

It’s always interesting to me when bands decide to have a slower chorus instead of a faster and louder one.

Seriously someone needs to explain to whoever books at Fest that by not booking this band, they’re genuinely messing up

I hear this and think about the leaps and bounds here from the first EP I heard of theirs

Oh. The production on this record is so well done.

Like this record also SOUNDS good in terms of the knobs and dials

Who knew we would get on board with songs about anxiety

Hey, we relate to that lyrical content over loudness and not noodling, twinkle riffs

I’m Old & I’m Fat & I Still Hate Myself

Song titles that cut right to the chase

I just relate to fast songs with catchy riffs, angry vocals, quick drums and woahs and backing vocals.

You know me, I’m into all of that but with old HWM albums’ production.

Although this obviously is brilliant too

I remember the old song the opening riff is based on, which I know Graham hates, but I still enjoyed. Glad that riff did survive


Oh yeah. I prefer a cleaner production for sure.

“I’m starting to think my dog will outlive me”

I think about that line a lot when I look at our woofs

We’re going to spend the next few years complaining about getting older, aren’t we?

Magic 8 ball says yes, especially if you’re me

Until everyone is in their forties and learned to live with it, and I’m still years and years behind

Maybe I need to find friends my own age, haha

Don’t Tell Me

Here’s the sad love song.

Yes this does feel more “ballad-y”

This is one of those songs that either feels emotionally crippling or doesn’t do anything. I think everyone who dealt with mental health issues, whether in themselves or a partner, can relate to a degree.

Oh man, yea

But there’s also a lot of “this isn’t healthy” resentment when things are good to a song like this – or feelings like that.

Yep, nothing interpersonal (especially declining relations) ever happens in a vacuum

It’s heartbreaking – if I never heard this song before, didn’t know the band, it’d be a heartbreaking song. Not about heartbreak. Just one that makes you feel empathy.

This part of the song gives me chills. No bullshit.

This outro. “Even if I pull away I know you will pull me through”

::emotionally chugs Pirate Water::

::emotionally pukes at the idea of Pirate Water::



Hello! Hope You’re Enjoying The Album, Just A Wee Warning: This Next Song Is Proper Triggering


trigger warning #2

Same thing.

due diligence


Only Goodbye Blue Monday can write a 16 minute song about a manic episode turning depressive turning suicide attempt.

aka The Decline for misery punx

In all its phases too*

You know I have my moments where my brain just goes haywire and endless ridiculous risk taking is all I can do to keep the anxiety at bay. It’s been worse the last few years. When Graham first sent me this song, or what eventually became this song, the first half of this record resonated badly.

Not in a way I’d prefer either, ha

Understood, can’t imagine it resonating in any sort of good way to be honest…

The bridge to this faaast part was sick

It isn’t. I just don’t really fall in depression ever. But the entire “push it all away, push them all away” with increasing desperation? I tend to fall into self destruction, hard.

I’ve got everyone treating me like a stranger
And telling me that I need to make changes
And I know deep down that I am in danger
Of losing myself, of becoming someone who can’t get back

Or this part man.

Yep, definitely me circa 2014-2017

I think it’s tough for me to review this, because I know where and who I am – musically, this song also manages to push the feelings of those kind of moments.

And I can’t even imagine how bad it must be if it leads to suicidal behavior, if those impulses shoot towards a means to an end.

This part is my favorite by the way.

The thing that stood out positively with this entire song as it is…is how well it flows.

Masterfully so

Oh, absolutely. It’s ridiculous how they manage to get this long of a song without pause, and it just works.

And nothing feels superfluous

Concept albums have nothing on this concept song.

Fingertips reeking of cigarettes
I’m trying to make plans I’ll soon forget
Cause I’m drinking anything for days on end
To stop the never-ending feeling of discontent

It’s time for social media meltdowns
And ‘Lost In Translation’ marathons
With a broken compass stuck in my hand
To navigate a shitstorm I don’t understand.



goes from mania part to aftermath part

But yeah, this transition – we went from the desperate push to get those feelings out of the way, to do something, anything

Musically as well. Then it slows down, and hits with what happens after, when you see the burned bridges. Now it’s just desperation

It’s good storytelling.

It’s also good musicianship. Is that a word?

it is!

Man, this part is soooo hooky

Also there’s something incredibly dark about “I’ve never seen this much blood coming out of me before” is such a catchy line.

This part ahead was my fave in this song

Haha, Self Indulgent Narcissistic Cunt?

It’s pretty much a straight punk track.

…and the bridge to the next part this goes to

wait we can’t say that in America lolol

Good thing I’m not American.

Sometimes it’s hard to forget this is still one song

They managed to make this part sound so big as well.

Ha, right? I mean it’s really a bunch of small songs tied together.

They even had names for each part.

Right. Like arena rock almost

Originally, this song was supposed to be an EP on its own.

I believe that

I might be dragging my feet, I didn’t mean to drag you down

That line is just so sad, this part of the song in general.

::emotional support bleppy strides in::



Marcus and Asa aka Bleppy during the Drinkscussion

This part 😍😍😍

damn man

I remember some insignificant band writing really self indulgent tweets about how writing songs is the deepest form of introspection and therapy, or something.

And this song makes me hate those tweets even more.

Ooooooof yea, no fuckin thanks

Anyway, yeah, 16 minute punk concept song about mental health issues, that actually is just a really good punk rock song & is self aware.

That’s rare man.

Fucking massive, this chorus. And heavy and multiple levels fuuuck

Most punk bands barely can write a three minute personal song without sounding like a bunch of pricks

In rarified air, no doubt

Or exist for three minutes in any context whatsoever

Blue Skies & Dark Spells

They even managed to make the transition to this one seamless

They did!

I was told this song wasn’t supposed to be on the record, but that one of the members felt they couldn’t end it with “they found me dying in the sheets”

It’s an old song, written in 2015/2016, from the very first full-lenght that never got released.

Shout to Asa for knowing we’re listening to some emotionally heavy shit and has parked herself on my leg, claws cinched in and everything

Aha! So that explains it. This song after Hari-Kari felt odd in terms of placement, but makes sense now.

(used to do this when doing mix CDs, myself)

Ha. Yeah, it’s the outro song. The “maybe we can make it”

“We can fall together rather than fall apart”



I’ve definitely played this part of the song a zillion times since the record dropped

I think in a lot of ways, Goodbye Blue Monday has always been a band about that line. The kind of band & people that people fall in love with, but always wonder whether they deserve it.

Or as they told Jim in his interview “we’re a shit band, we don’t even practice”

Imagine if they did practice.


I ain’t got no bucky but I got Pirate Water

::new Good Friend intensifies::

Spotify moved to Good Friend – Tell me Ma and all our emotions and hard feelings are forgotten in this joy.

James Rundle interviewed the band earlier this month, go out and read it!