Bobby Edge - Algorithm and Blues, record cover

Bobby asked us nicely to review his upcoming record – as if we weren’t planning to anyway.

Haha it would have found our way to us regardless I think.

His email opened: “Hey there! I’m Bobby Edge and that’s not just an “edgy” stage name. Although technically it is, since my name is really Robert. 😝”


If he brings the Edge, we’ll bring the edgy.

It is!

Edgy dad jokes you mean

Or something

Something like that, sure.

His upcoming record is called Algorithm and Blues. It reminds me of the shirt my old study association sold, saying “I don’t have any rhythm, but I get the algorithm”

Loosely translated from Dutch that is.

A modern sounding album title for modern times

H.W.S. (Intro)

Vocal exercises but as music!

Rock opera vibes

Momento Maury

ooh doo wop intro

That’s uncharted territory for us at musicdieshere

I like this title

Already enjoying how laid back this is.

It’s hitting different

This is the kind of song you play around your older family members, and you both can enjoy it together.

Even if those older family members catch hold of the lyrics? 😅

Remember how me and your dad bonded over Miles Davis?

Sure do

Seems like it’s lyrics about time moving on, loss, no one living forever

Digging the buildup this song took

Oh hey, here’s that punk rock influence in the outro.

Definitely relatable lyrics to open

Endless Suffer

Okay, you know what, I am realizing I really really like this. This is basically what happens to punks when they get old. It’s like a modern version of a throwback.

The background woahs and woo-ooh-oohs are killer. Really atmospheric.

The version of aging punks that’s not yet another alt-country act

And then it’s pop-punk.

Damn, this is aight!

I know, it really is a modern take on the old music. It’s like drinking White Claws with your aging uncle who still thinks a rum coke is the best drink ever invented.

Just me?

I agree btw. Harmonies been ace thus far

Helluva way to put that. Don’t think I’ve got anything to add there, except aging uncle would probably be a gin person lol

Haha, cultural differences, I’m sure.

Ain’t That a Shame

Malt shakes for all!

(erm, vibe I’m getting from this part of the song)

My uncle actually has been part of the Dutch blues scene for a long, long time. I think he’s in his 70’s now and got into it in his teens or twenties. He likes these kind of weird genre things, I think. I can absolutely imagine playing this record for him while having a drink.

I’ll have you all know that I saw Grease for the first time as a 36 year old man last month

Malt shakes? Don’t think I’ve heard that term

Also mental association I’ve made to this song*

Nice, was thinking this track was gonna end a punk ripper like the last one. Keeping people guessin’

Die Hard, Live Young (interlude)

Black&white movies of people walking through a city vibes here.

Oh damn, was just chilling as this interlude was playing and it’s over. Kinda lulled me into relaxation

Calamity of Now

Which jumps into this.

Which is a straight up punk rock song. Leaving the Jukebox Romantics only to write this, tsk, haha


Catchy af

OH. Now this reminds me of Joe McMahon his solo stuff.

But then this part happens.

Doo-wah doo-wah doo-wahaha


Haha that outro?

Yep! I dug it

The Evil that Men Do

This is really well done-the entire album so far.


If the Hives discovered soul/R&B music, this is what I’d expect.

Was just swaying over here ahaha

I saw it, haha

Civil Wart

A+ song title.

I concur

Oh look it’s hardcore.

Gotta touch all the bases

Ayyyy that transition was excellent

Bobby Edge, the new Turnstile support act.

I’d buy more Taco Bell if he was the one having his songs in their commercials

Agreed. But Taco Bell doesn’t have bananas. I don’t think Bobby supports non-banana ventures.



From hardcore to pop-punk on this song.


Why Don’t They Let Us Fall In Love

Production has been crystal clear too

Oh man, this is going to get so many plays from me

So many.

I’m really loving the vibe on this album.

This song’s just fun

(as has this album)

I know. I want to be 16 but like a few decades ago, and sit at the beach around a bonfire.

Just cause I listened to this song.

Same beach vibes but with sitting in the sand with a dog

Small Frog

Oh no it’s the last track.

I’d be happy if this kept going for a while

Full PUNK ROCK opera vibes incoming

I think?

Haha, really? Feels it’s got the classic one three and one three and rhythm. I may be wrong. Not a musician here

Lemme go out on a limb and boldly be wrong haha

Look I don’t know anything about genres. This song just reminds me of the stuff that my parents might have put on their playlist and I would absolutely love.

Hm. Yeah, that’s out of my depth for sureeeeeee

Simply Red vibes

Really easy listening, fun, and enjoyable

Like Rhythm&Blues before it was called R&B


Used to be called doo wop wayyyy back when I think (least in the states)

Okay but genuinely, I really liked this. Even though it strays from out usual understanding of music genres, ha

This is fun. This is great.

Same here. Haven’t listened to Bobby Edge’s stuff and only knew of him through Facebook memes.

This was great. Expecting this album to have a good bit of replay value

We know Bobby from his days as a Jukebox Romantic

Did we? I had no idea, my bad!

Now I’m craving bananas.

Algorithm and Blues is out on 1/19. Keep an eye out for it on your favorite streaming platform. Here’s a link to the Bobby Edge bandcamp:

Bobby Edge

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