Live music is one of our favorite things. February is one of our least favorite things. So after we saw Playing Dead play a killer set supporting Sammy Kay in January, we knew what we had to do to even things out: get a February party sorted. When we hit them up with the date we had in mind for this, we didn’t just get an almost immediate yes, we also learned it would be an actual birthday party!

Good thing we at Music Dies Here aren’t the only ones who love birthdays. It didn’t take us long at all to find some amazing bands to join the bill, and when the day itself came around even the month of February surprised by giving us lovely weather.

With a decent turnout (for a Wednesday in Brooklyn, that is pretty much as rare as a sold out show), everyone watching all other bands, and a bunch of beers, we hung around with a smile that just wouldn’t leave our face. You should check out these bands and we should host more of these!

Long Drag

Something Bitter

Gone Stereo

Playing Dead

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