We’ve got this entire backlog and yet, are giving Tired Radio preferential treatment.

Haha of course we are

(also never too early to hype bands playing Music Fests Here!)

True that!

Tired Radio

Dead and Gone: the Sequel (Mo’ Dead Mo’ Gone)

So this is a remake of a 2017 song that’s been on the Tired Radio Bandcamp forever.

Got to love this lyrics genius. “Or I’ll stay the same… if I want”

Mo’ Dead Mo’ Gone indeed

Reads like title from band circa 2005; like fear before the march of flames lol

It’s a good song. You’d think with the amount of louder punk rock bands we like that Tired Radio is one of those, but they’re really way closer to bands like the Menzingers and Beach Slang.

More that mellowed out sound to it. This song is such a good example of that.

I’ll change my ways when I’m good and ready to

::chef’s kiss::

I also love the riff behind the bridge, and the buildup to the chorus here

Someone make AIM a thing again so I can quote a different lyric from this song in my away messages for months

The solo at the end of this is absolutely fire

Instagram has that now

Oh, I’d memoryholed that one

Tales of a Cosmic Schmuck

Bit more speed in this song.

Like the rambunctiousness this song opens with

“I was having a hard time with having a hard time”

The background woahs make me happy.

Ah, the Tired Radio song that reminds me of how much they love Iron Chic

(fear not we dig em too!)

I once did way too many shots with a Canadian barkeep in Barcelona. Every time I hear that “I met a barkeep in Barcelona” line that is where my mind goes.

Background woahs always make me happy

Yeah, this part starting at “So I get to drinking to alleviate my doubts”

So many bands have been taking that Iron Chic sound and doing it better than Iron Chic has in two records.

Improving on is the sincerest form of flattery haha

This guitar solo isn’t even in the way. That’s the highest compliment I can give a song

Nihilism! Fun!

Down in Flames

This intro makes me think it’ll be an interlude. But nope! The song starts and it’s a real song.

The “I once had love” one.

Got me too when I was listening to the EP for the first time

It’s a sad slow song. Still loud and with energy. But sad and slow.

And eminently relatable lyrics, which is definitely/has been a strong suit.

I’m always surprised about Anthony his control over the vocals, where he can make certain parts sound as if it has backing vocals without there being backing vocals.

Wouldn’t work as well if the band wasn’t so strong in writing the song around it.


“I’m here till I’m not here” wordddd

“I was there for you then and I’m here til I’m not here”, more absolute lyrical simplicity

Tired Radio, poetry in simplicity.

I think this was my favorite song of the stuff I hadn’t already heard yet when listening to this

It’s a song that requires an atmosphere. We had a lot of gray dreary rain days, which is perfect for it.

Ironically enough, that was the first day I listened to the EP (well the day it came out).

And my being hungover whenever they had new music from it ahead of its release

He’s Coming For Everyone

There’s the interlude. I didn’t know anyone in that band knew any kids.

Perfect, if not obvious, interlude

Old Keys

They played this song so often live that I forgot it was new.

“These old keys won’t open new doors, I read that on the internet”

Seriously either you’ll hate this lyrical style or love it.

Fond reminder that there’s a lot of power in lyrical simplicity and clever wordplay within it

It’s a good song. It builds up so nicely, and both the music and words tell the story, one of desperation and need

Ideal set closer

I mean, just listen to what Kevin is doing with those drums – he manages to get the building riffs perfectly.

Or that guitar riff that repeats, it’s just so memorable.


Lousy, thanks

Acoustic song

It’s about how incredibly happy Anthony is and about his joy for life.

But the opposite

Aka the entire Tired Radio catalogue up to this point 😅

Really love the vocals here

Nice crying into beers at the end of the bar at the end of the night kinda track

Yeah, it’s one of those songs that’s just nice to listen to. Sunday afternoon in the sun, drinking beers in the backyard of the local bar, feeling kind of down after fucking up drunkenly the night before.

Those 15ish minutes really flew by!

And… that’s it. Needed way more songs

Any last thoughts?

Nope, other than it’s the type of record that feels much faster than it’s run time…which I’d say is a really good thing.

Anyone with 15 minutes to spare should give it a listen.