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Hey Marcus, get your ass inside and come review a song with me. Yes, just one song. Cause A Wilhelm Scream dropped a new song and I need to know your opinions.

Got back from tryna get our grill cover on-probably might need to find some screws because something went out of place but sure

Destruction 2022. All right, let’s get this song going! Quick one here, just through the song and some after thoughts

I am loving this riff. It’s reminds me of Ice Man Left a Trail. Plus NEW A WILHELM SCREAM

We just heard the lyric video, which I dug

(and saw haha)

Yeah? You’re a fan so far? I’m trying to get a good grip on the structure of the song. I’m usually more into things being straightforward in one go.

Digging the intro

This band is so good at coming in fast and agressive. It’s that anger and energy that’s usually filled with love that just attracts me to music.

Plus this guitar riff here, come onnnnn

Catchy as shit too

Probably won’t need to hear this one but so many times to feel the dopamine in my head bind to this song haha

This will be so good live. I wasn’t sure about it on my first listen – this is my third. But nah, it does work.

Three minutes. Perfect. No song needs to be longer than that.

I think for me, it hit as something I could get into; especially from a lyrical POV.

Really dig the message

Dude that Dead Bars / A Wilhelm Scream clash we have in March is going to hurt, no matter what we decide.

Depression songs should sound like this haha

You know, it’s a common subject for us, but people really seem to forget about the anger that can come with depression.

It’s not inwards sadness and Taco Bell for everyone. Some of us lash out at the world.

(and Taco Bell)

For sure. I just think depression and the emotions it evokes in us are far more vast than inwardness and withdrawal. Yeah of course they’re things but is wanting to punch a wall til your knuckles hurt. Mental response in how it fucks with the brain is one thing, but shit can manifest in a bunch of other ways.

We need more songs like this.

Not sure but I think AWS is supposed to be having an album coming out at some point? Kinda think they do.

Let’s hope this is a sign of that, because I’m not sure either.

Reading their Facebook post about the song. A positive song about feeling good about yourself. HUZZAH

See, I need more positive songs wrapped in riffs and anger, even when it’s not angry.

Fuck smoking weed with your therapist. Go punch some holes in walls instead, throw and break some glass bottles, and then say “fuck it, I can be better”

Agressive, not anger, might be the term I’m looking for musically here by the way. More agressive positive songs.

I came from that world of rage as catharsis in how I got into bands when trying to find out what I liked, so yeah.

I’m excited for more new music by this band. It’s been a long time. 2022 needs this.

Fine. It’s me. I’m 2022. I need this.

I (dont) need the dilemma with them and Dead Bars on the same damn day tho. You mentioned that already, but gonna belabor that point some more haha

We’re gonna have such a rough time deciding there. Local promoters, I’m looking at you and judging.

Last thoughts?

Admittedly not as huge into AWS as you are, but that new track was really good.

You’ll get there. Give it time.

Haha, I mean I did voluntarily listen to Mute Print just to vibe check

I do want to note, I saw them first at Groezrock 2006. There was this huge line for their merch before they played, so of course, I wanted to check them out. They blew me away.

Have ever since.

I just turned 14 two or three days before that. I was a baby.

Yep at that age my first three CDs were Papa Roach, Orgy and Nine Inch Nails (the fuckin remix CD with like 4 versions of starfuckers Inc)

for clarity, that as in your age heh

Half a life or more later and here we are. Nothing has changed!

— The band brought out a lyric video for this song, check it out here:

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