Vibes βœ…

At this rate, we’ll have smoked Maaike. Damn it’s hot on the roof.

Smoke meats not wives 2022

There’s more friends downstairs today

I ran into concussion boy, haha

$9 for a vodka soda is a rip-off. $5 for ‘gansett is fine.

$9 for vodka soda is bullshit, yes

personally 5 for a gansett is kinda high but it’s not as egregious. It tastes like a 3 dollar beer

Eh, guess I’ll get another vodka soda ugh

A storming of the capitol worthy offense even

Hey, maybe this year is the year apologies I have none blesses us with some new music.

It’s New York, we don’t storm capitols here, we just suck it up and say we love this city.

bing bong

Or wait. Say “at least it’s we’re not in Staten Island/Jersey”

Successful new yorkers have abusive relationships with the city in which they live

Absolutely. Good vibes tonight. Bit weird. Is everyone still downstairs? Is this it?

Tryna to not incinerate. Executive decisions made here

Audience: “Why are you called Heavy Lag?”
Band: “It’s a CKY reference”

Was CKY ever a popular band? I can’t figure it out at all. I don’t hear anyone mention them ever.

This band is 3/3 so far. Def don’t disappoint live.


CKY was really niche. But everyone watched jackass in the aughts tho

“Yes” he says

I used to have a CKY shirt. No clue what happened to that. Saw them back in ’06

If that Taking Meds record came out in October, it’s more of a record remembrance than a record release.


I had CKY tunes on my mp3 CDs. weren’t the worst

I don’t even remember what they sounded like.

Oh look Heavy Lag is doing a cover.


Yes please, you’re getting me one?

“open the past and present now the we are here, story to tell and I am drinking”

I guess I am now

Wait that’s not the lyrics. But it’s all I’ve got and I’m giving it to you.

Can we take two seconds to appreciate Jon as a person by the way?

And… Is there a queue at the bathroom?

No queue

And yes Jon is wonderful

I keep forgetting he also plays in Taking Meds, but he’s one of my favorite people I met in this city who isn’t really a friend, but on the “hey we know each other and get along”

Hey be a bit nicer to me <3

Editing note: I’m not sure what was going on, he probably didn’t buy me a drink

Heater melted my eyeballs I can’t see



I meant k tho

Hahaha I’ll buy my own drink next time, homie. I’m the one with the debit card not chewed up by dogs, remember!

Yes, yes you are


::resets chat::

Vodka sodas are still 9 bux.

::third one, sufficient enough to pass a field sobriety test::

You’re an expensive date. It’s baltic outside. Nicotine break here.

Band starting?

There’s a line. It’s at the bar. I do not like it. Drink?

You wanna drank? Clarifying where we at here

I got a drink and got one for our friend. MDH. Mailing Drinks Hastily

mauling dranks heroically


Hysterically. You met us.

I just don’t know how I feel about Timeshares. They’re really good live. But something keeps me from really getting into it.

Might also just be this song. It feels as if it’s written as a background song. For movies or whatever.

Bathroom. Right back. I like how between bands there’s no line, the bathrooms are clean, and it’s all good.

Oh and there’s tp

I wanna be the two drunk girls jumping up and down shouting “shots shots shots” at the bar.

I don’t want shots, I just want that energy

Same. I felt that same energy, albeit for a flicker

You felt shots albeit for a flicker, didn’t you? Haha

I’ve seen the bartender pour the vodka into these sodas. They taste like double lmao

Of course

Worth the injury to the bank account in that case

Okay I think I’ve got it. Timeshares reminds me of Iron Chic and I never fully got into them either. there was this pressure to like them and outside a few songs, it just doesn’t do it for me.

Maybe that’s why I’m so conflicted on this band. Their set is tight. I just don’t feel it if that makes sense.

I love iron chic. Dunno, yeah this set is fucking sharp; and given I live on 90s videos when I get shithoused enough; oughta be a smash hit

I know right, this is such a good set. Hey why don’t you join your friend up front? You’ll probably have a better time!

I enjoy the back!


So our friend is leaving. He told me to tell you. Lots of people outside. Bunch of young kids. Did I ever say I just don’t get gen Z?


Gen Z sucks so it’s no wonder why they’re in constant quarantine

Tough night on this end. For once I feel like I hit the sweet spot on these chats and it’s all drunken yelling into the void lmao

Taking Meds knows what they’re doing. They’re such a good live band. I don’t think their records are ever going to be able to translate that, and it’s a shame.

I don’t even know about that but goddamn, they don’t miss live.

I love this band live so much. Definitely one of those “good on record but made for live shows” bands.

Skylar really turned into a skate-punk bro during this pandemic, it’s almost funny.

Better skate punk than licking the bottom of olde English 40s

Mate no one cares about your malt liquor porn

If I gave a fuck I wouldn’t mention it



Okay this is such a banger

It always is.

Editing note: Some time passes here

Hey uh

Let’s go home


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