So this genre is where all the younger punks hang out these days.

you mean they actually leave the house? news to me!

The yoots got good taste at least

Doc Rotten always is one of those bands worth seeing.

I’ve actually never seen em

You sure? I feel like you might have.

Then again, we usually steer more towards… Hot Water Music sounding bands.

Maybe, but can’t recall where I might have seen them

This is true.

Well we have been talking about branching out again (there’s that phrase)

Maybe with Nervous Triggers? I mean I know this is straight up punk rock, but… you know how the three exhausting underpaid careers are retail, warehouses and call centers? We listen to the punk bands working in call centers usually.

Haha interesting analogy. So what you would say are the gigs of the bands playing tonight if you had to fashion a guess?

Bartenders, warehouse workers and drivers. Your standard stuff. Don’t forget, those jobs are also way more common outside of cities.

Also, they really feel like the type of band I’d have seen in Bay Ridge when I was just getting into shows…where the lineups didn’t really have a common thread aside from scrounging up the locals who play in bands around the area.

This is talking like 17-18 years ago haha

Maybe not all of them, but that’s likely the scene most of them grew in – where they actually did do work. For every overpaid project manager in New York, there’s ten people having real jobs in the suburbs. Project management isn’t as real of a job as those who do it like to believe.

Haha, that’s always the cool part isn’t it? I miss those random line-up shows where people would just be glad there IS a show in their hood

Oh. Or science/IT. That’s the other corner.

But to be fair, I have no clue what people do for a living, haha. They could be CTO’s and CPA’s for all I know.

And that ends the “so…what do punx do for a living” portion of the MDH drinking whilst gigging part of the night

Interesting crowd. I’m digging it. Small one, this deserves more people.

Excited about Stolen Wheelchairs later on, they seem nice! Turns out the youth isn’t at the shows, they’re playing the shows!

It’ll do!

Definitely the type of gig that deserves more folks coming through. Wanted to boost this show in our shows chat/FB but too scatterbrained as per usual.


Hopeless Otis on now. I’ve seen them a few times, always go “yeah I should give this a real listen” and never do.

Or our Baltimore friends go “hi I’m going to New York to see Hopeless Otis cause friendship” and then we don’t show up. Cause fuck travelling to Astoria. Greenpoint is bad enough.

And remind me to buy earplugs. This is way louder than the Doc Rotten was. My ears are crying.

L for us. If we’re gonna talk about it we gotta be about it.

Oh we don’t care about anything. We’re up front on our phones, haha

Though for the record, Astoria definitely blows getting to from our pseudo-suburban enclave

Do you think their guitarist sits down every night to shine his guitar? Cause that’s a shiny red there.

Man, they look like they’re having a goddamn blast up there. Worth it for that alone.

Shows are supposed to be fun amirite

More than the audience. I think you’re most into this of all, and you’re MDH’ing here as well, haha

I live to confound

I live to stare at screens. No wait, I stare at screens to afford life.

Also, metaphorically speaking I could smell the spilled beer and it isn’t even mine nor am I drunk (yet)

More gang vocals and fun, less self important selfness.


As in this band does the right thing, not the self important selfness. Damn this song is a banger.

How to make friends and influence people, DH edition:

got PBR #4 (in total between nest and here) and was offered a shot.

note: I graciously declined

This is what we talked about when we reviewed Worst Advice. Those gang vocal outros. The only American band I can think off who does those and got some ground that I can think of right now is Elway.

ill timed beer bladder piss break I presume

I can’t post on the music does here FB

Was gonna plug the show

Yes. But also, people, stop breaking bathrooms. This bathroom always ends up broken. One door has no lock this time.

Hm let me check

It’s cause you never accepted the invite to admin. It’s a you issue

Okay beer getting at bar and then band

Too punx to accept admins as co-founder.


Big adult energy.

music dies here llc is srs bizness

There’s us and then there’s the drummer of Stolen Wheelchair who’s standing next to us, dude has a drum key as a key chain, which is more organized than I’ll ever be.

adulting is a state of mind

I’m pretty sure that the younger generation sees the word ‘adulting’ as a tell tale sign of millennials. Or so TikTok told me.

Hey I never realized this venue has art on the ceilings as well. It looks really cool.

Yo Hopeless Otis, I’m so burned out from the past what, years, pretty sure everything is worse than you think.

That is a 1993 Buick shade of bright red right there

Dude right?!

Okay Stolen Wheelchair whose age difference between the youngest and oldest in the band can legally drink in most European countries.

Chaperones on field trips!


I need this energy. Also… this sounds like, I think it’s the Unseen.

DH brain melting between the juxtaposition of band inside and my favorite song off the last touché amoré album whilst refueling

Anti-Flag vibes for sure, but I almost want to go… “I’m screaming out somebody’s listening it feels so good this therapy”

This is so, so much what teenage me loved that I’m a fan.

aka my version of the singularity part 2

Marcus you’re old and jaded, enjoy it for what it is

Yea but this slaps. Don’t take the batteries out of my life alert just yet

Just pulling the plug. You can keep your batteries. I bet this energizes them

Okay I’m officially a fan. This is awesome and one of the most energetic shows I’ve seen in a while!

It’s also awesome to see some younger people get into show photography!

Dude if Comeback Kid would sound like Anti-Flag this song would be it. We said we said we said this time was gonna be different. That’s this song but in that different subgenre

Note: We’re happy and buzzed and having a great time by now. I notice how some of the guys in Stolen Wheelchairs, giving it their all, are running low on water. Having had a good conversation with one the guys before the show, I decide to grab some for them at the bar.

Look sometimes people seem dehydrated and need water. And sometimes guitarists block my path. It’s life man. It’s life.

One step closer to #bklynscene clout

See anyone from the #bushwickcoolkids? Neither do I.

We’re obscurity wrapped in a PBR label, smelling of Steel Reserve.

That’s a very interesting pole dancing from dude in audience. I’m all for it. Pole dancing punks.

If I have to rescue Oscar(Oskar?) his monitor or mic cable once again, I’m cutting him off from music.

(jk but dudeee get yourself a wireless mic, you deserve it)

Okay let me make a bad joke and the stage (chat) is yours. Seems gen Z really loves their middle parts.

(For the readers, I’m making a mohawk joke and this gen z / millennial where do we part our hair)

MDH (the band) needs a third I guess


There. My participation in the MDH project is done haha

That was so awesome though. And we still have the Drowns dude.

I know I know haha

You know I’ve been psyched on em since the before COVID days eons ago

This show really could’ve used more people cause damn, it’s been rocking and rolling and punkd (©Aston Kutcher) me into believing it wouldn’t be this fucking awesome

I’m old enough to get this


“omg is that the drowns, they’re so much older than the band before us”

I love this songggg

black lung

Hey, remember how you missed this last time. You do right?



The average place

This song is Social Distortion on speed so hey

I enjoy this blues scale they’re using. I love blues live

This song goes out to every women who lost their husband while getting them a drink.


Note: I have no clue if I lost said husband or if I was making a joke based on band stage banter.

Welp if we talking custody you get minmeow and steely and I got bleppy and junejune lol

Marcus stop talking about our pets and start talking about the bands.

Also, petition for mdh band to vibe hard on drowns and banner pilot

Oh for fucks sake is the Chaz they’re talking about that weird independent weed smokers shit?

I smell a field trip en route to PDX

BLM meets MLM (redact this pls)

Note: No.

Wait were a pyramid scheme?

Okay I like the more gritty songs over the rock&roll ones

This country desperately needs laws about max volume at show.

Same. That’s been how I felt about em on their last record


You calling them rats

So the rats are coming

Yeah they’re coming for you

I love this band & you’re an idiot for your hungover last time

yeah no shit I suck lmfao

Where’s you?


You know. Trying makes life harder.

Dude imagine you’re a band. Three people, if so, in the audience aren’t playing in other bands and paid in. They wanna hear a song

And you just go “nope fuck you”


The Drowns are great musically but this is disappointing. Especially since that was a single once. Fuck their new rock&roll stuff. It’s good. It’s just not what it was.

Anyway. Disappointed. Let’s get some Stolen Wheelchairs merch!

I was eyeing their setlist the whole time. Just figured that by default they were gonna #playthehits (not that they hadn’t already-just two of their best songs were on deck).

Also no one more pint

I like humans. I like music. I don’t like egos. This band is too much ego, not enough human. Shame, I like them. Keeps me from caring about their future rock&roll career though.

And another one bites the dust.

You know how fuckin reactionary I am; tryna settle for a moment but goddamn. Definitely a foul taste when the bangers/the kinda songs to drive reaction (and fuckin joy) were left on the cutting room floor.

Yeah, you know what. “you got the last band waters” is the such a… entitled way to respond to a song request. Fuck you.

Sorry but…

Fuck you.

I fuckin missed that

Note: To explain where this chat went. Having a great time, the band announced that they’d play two more song. I asked if one could be a song I liked. Their response? “Well, you got the previous band waters, so why would we.”

PSA: Our values are simple. Buy people a drink at times, non-alcoholic drinks are drinks too. Give water to those who look in need of some. Pay in to see the bands you love. Buy merch if you can afford it. Be respectful to one another. But when you’re demanding shit and being an asshole, you can fuck right off. Unless you’re paying our salaries, we don’t owe you anything.

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