stolen from their facebook, credit where credit is due, which isn't us

Want to review this three song EP? It’s less than 7 minutes. Never heard of the band, saw Captain Asshole recommend it on the socials and I trust their opinion

Always a good way of getting into other bands via the recommendations of the ones we already like

Band is called Worst Advice. German. Started in 2018, so basically never did anything because Covid.

So like the rest of us. I like em already

Let’s get this music blasting! First track.

— It Feels —

So far, this track has the kinda sound we dig

This is that sound. Party punk, or maybe poppy orgcore.

ayyyyyyyyyyy dat sound

The melody is very Alkaline Trio reminiscent. But this is good drinking music. I like good drinking music.

Fesy with a chance of beer showers

Fun vibes

I can see us both with drink and have big grins on our faces, singing along to this song. “It feels like I am dying”, it’s always the optimistic songs that do it.

— Brixton —

Banner Pilot type open

Banner Pilot everything, I’m sure if I pay attention to these lyrics, even the lyrics will be

Definitely. My brain is already tryna hum along

You know what, this is a genre on its own. The genre being: “European bands who really want to write the next Trusty Chords.”

Inject into my veins. I’m about it

Sometimes it’s nice that Europe lags behind on popular culture compared to the States. We get hooks like these, this outro dude, I love bands who do these sing-along outros.

Ah, yeah. Those sort of outros are always nice. Can’t get enough of em

— Escape Plan —

Last song! Love me some three song EP’s

Okay this band is going to be added to my heavy rotation, because this is almost what I want Banner Pilot to be doing.

Instead of whatever non-music thing they’re doing now.

This is ok. Quick reaction is this track is behind the other two.

Reminds me of the last Banner Pilot record and you never got into that one either.

Better production on this song though

You and your production. I do like cleaner production, I guess it comes from starting at mainstream pop-punk.

(but that’s a soapbox for another time)

This song’s solid, just to me the first two (particularly the second) were that good imo.

Makes sense. Let’s give their 2019 EP a spin when I transcribe this conversation!

Yeah, I miss this sound here, so I guess we need to do some German festivals when Covid is over. Booze Cruise (if this version goes on?)?

here’s hoping because yes

(quick note about that 2019 EP, Marcus is dancing on the couch saying “I’m very basic with what I like, other people branch out, I don’t, yes, this is it, this has it!”)

Can confirm.

But yeah, love new discoveries. #ayyythatsound

Why branch out when you can plant an entire forest full of similar trees

True that; yeah…have definitely tripled and quadrupled down on and around the type of sound I like in recent years.

This band seems to miss Banner Pilot as much as me, with the new EP definitely having harder Banner Pilot vibes than the 2019 one (which at points has heavy the Dopamines vibes and I’m not judging or complaining)

But yeah, huge arm in arm with beers in hand energy.


Makes me miss drinking beer in the sun with friends at festivals

Definitely makes me miss some of the festivals we went to abroad in recent years (fest and prefest too, but that’s a given though)

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