There’s a lot of great music we missed out on that came out in recent years, including Dungeon Days – Dungeon Days 2. They asked us nicely if we could give their record a listen, and we dug it so much, we started this new category. It’s time to close our open tabs by listening and discussing those records.

That dungeon days record is crazy long btw

(by that I mean a whopping 30 minutes)

It’ll be the longest album we’ve drinkscussed yet

We might as well start reviewing prog rock or shoegaze albums if we’re gonna be getting into longer records 🤣🤣

Haha, how dare we, 30 entire minutes!

Look at us already selling out

Test driving the dungeon days record whilst brownbagging a sixpoint double IPA on the LIRR en route to the Islanders game

(I did extensive reddit and google research and drinking on LIRR is not illegal except overnights and SantaCon and NYE)

Of course SantaCon is an exception. You give it a listen, we’ll talk tonight when you’re done watching hockey?

For good fucking reason haha

I spotted a lyric about disdain for 9 to 5 life.

You trust anyone who likes that life?

They’re either [redacted] or management

This is a fun listen. Feeling the energy (or the double IPA idk)

Lyrics seem to be in my wheelhouse tho

I haven’t given it more than a quick glance, I had work all day. Going for my drum lesson, then to the store to get us a new six-pack, and let’s put on a full listen tonight!

We need to brainstorm a name for the category of “things that came out before 2022 but we missed out on”

How about six pack lookback.

To quote a local philosopher:


Prayaway is catchy af

Give me some time to finish my errands! Haha

Vibes are strong with this record. Kinda regret not procuring a second beer.

Replaying hangover halo for deep dive because that title is mint.

The album art is cool as hell too

Note: Marcus came home drunk after witnessing the Islanders win in real life. We did not drink or review. Time passed.

It’s two days later. I think I finally have time to give this a listen with you.

pilot episode of 6packlookback lfg

Name is under construction, I guess (Blackout shout-out?) but we need a category for those records that came out before this year started and that we completely missed.

Yeah. And there was a ton, haha.

There always is. I bet our favorite new record came out in 2014 and we don’t even know about it yet.

Anyway, throwing on the record.

— Drift —

This is that kind of intro big bands use before the lights go on on stage.

There’s that open!


what this song makes you think of walking to a bar?

kinda, but meant more like the opening when the vocals hit made me think of making sure I’d paid for my round of beers and jumped into the shit

We did need this category, cause I’m surprised I missed out on this. This song has this “I feel like whining but fine, I’ll just get drunk instead” feel.


Thanks Dungeon Days for reaching out to us directly, cause we would’ve missed this otherwise!

…this is our vibe, tho

— Not Today, Satan —

Ah, a song title about my boss. (for legal purposes, I’m kidding, pls don’t fire me)

Honestly, I’m shocked/really appreciative y’all did.

my life is a paper jam…why yes it do be like that sometimes

I can always use more songs on the “burning out on the day job” playlist.

Man, I get why this song hits with ya

So far I like the general sound this band got. It’s polished enough to not feel like it’s written and recorded in a bathroom in a studio apartment, but definitely has this “fuck off, we can’t afford $8000 for a studio” DIY vibe

Or 53000 kr

— The Ostrich —

Band is still finding their sound. Unless their sound is to do it all. Getting some straight punk with almost hardcore influences here

Ooh, that little surfy part in between the hyperspeed parts

I love backup screams.

Definitely moshier (not a word but it is for the purpose of discussing this song)

It is that we take breaks between songs to write out our last thought, but I wonder if this song would be a bit of a misfit in the flow of the entire album. Let’s see what’s up next.

Fun though!

— Dads —

(not the band)

Hm. Aight. Seems in step with the first two songs

Okay, you know how I said in earlier reviews all European punk bands want to write the new Trusty Chords?

This is what you get if a band wants to do that, but listens to too much in the corner of Jeff Rosenstock and Dollar Signs.

Ha. That’s legit astute I think.

This chorus is a banger. What happened to whoawoahs in American punk? Did you all decide you’re too cool for this collectively?

Gee, no wonder I finished my half-liter double IPA on my commuter train in like 10 minutes on Tuesday evening while listening to this.

MDH, where we have one ear in Europe, but two feet in NYC.

— Serendipity —

I remember especially digging this song when giving it a test run a couple days ago

We’re back to the faster sounding tracks here. This is the quintessential “please, No Fun At All, take us on a tour” track. But… with a more hardcore bridge?

Yeah, I think to me…this one struck a solid balance between melody and edge.

But this bridge tho

This is definitely your kind of jam and what I would’ve made you listen to a few years ago to make you appreciate bands like this (I succeeded, didn’t I?)


— The Dungeoneers —

Halfway through. Looks like we’re back to the “Dollar Signs and Jeff Rosenstock” part of the record.

There we go

I think “I really want to whine about things but fuck it, I’ll have a drink instead” describes that genre. I don’t work in marketing for a reason, I don’t do short and catchy.

when life yeets you yeet all the brews

with your friends*

This band is a bit all over the place but it’s all so catchy. If this isn’t a single, it should be


Yep. Definitely recalling the part(s) of the album that specifically stuck out with me a couple days ago.

— Prayaway —

And we’re back to skate-punk!

You really get three different bands in one with them.

Really dug this chorus. Something to bellow out at a gig.

Simple but it vibes with me ha

you just can’t drink that shit awayyyyy

watch me

That’s cause you really like the European (and specifically Northern / Western European) attitude towards religion, which came as a shock to you when we met, haha.

Haha was it?

“Religion is a personal thing, stop bothering others about it” really isn’t want Americans are good at.

Remember that woman praying at us during the Covid test line?

Which is funny because I feel like a lot of Americans fancy themselves as some sort of libertarian. Of course, that’s probably just me…

Skate punk songs about “do something about it, instead of praying about it” always hit well.

No unremembering that woman

Okay next up!

— Hangover Halo —

Before I click start, I’ll be disappointed if they’re not talking about the toilet seat here.

I remember being a fan of this title

specifically gave this song multiple listens because the title haha

I also had a drunk revelation, Dungeon Days. That’s when I forced Marcus into starting this blog with me.


You know you love it

me getting into anything is truly a “there goes the neighborhood” moment

Oh man this is such a good fast drinking song. And it’s not all over the place, which makes it accessible!

Perfect for my tastes.

(Currently lower-tier scotch)

— Folly —

Aight. Nice open that gets right after it and into the fun stuff

Ok! This part seems fun to sing along should I ever learn the words

This would be a good sing-along. If they’d only put their lyrics online (hint, hint).


Haha drunk minds think alike.

married couple simpatico ftw

Okay I don’t want to compare this song to anything, it’s good and fast paced and a nice blend of skate punk and orgcore. This also should be a single, preferably with a lyric video.

whoas need no lyric videos

just spilled beers

See. What happened to the woah’s

Fun af

I want to bet they end shows with this song. They should imo.

— Please Exist! —

Last song? Man, this album has flown by!

I’m a sucker for this sound, the low-key instruments, vocals as a main in verses then building up louder into the chorus and further in the song.

Ah yes, anthem part incoming


Okay I’m sold on this. If this band figures out which of the three bands they’ve shown on this record they want to be, this should get a lot of traction.


I am vibing too hard to this song to say serious words about the song. Just listen to it, this record will make you happy.

This song definitely strikes me as a bit more power-pop. strong ending.

Oh I just listened to a song over 4 minutes without complaining. It’s a rare, rare occurrence.

Parting words, Marcus?

when a 30 minute record feels like 20 minutes. if not literally, then all the albums (this being our 3rd “review” thus far) have been 20 minutes in spirit and aesthetic.

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  1. Hey guys!
    Thank you so much for the write up, you just made 3 guys in their 30’s cry… of joy.

    Fun fact!
    Lasse from Forever Unclean made the album cover.

  2. Once again thanks for sharing your music with us! If we ever end up at the same place, same time, we’ll buy you a round! (Who knows… Hamburg Booze Cruise?)

  3. That would be swell. No Booze Cruise in sight sadly, but a couple of us is going to Manchester Punk Fest

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