Gordita Beach

Gordita Beach cancelled due to the snow

It’s a first in MDH. I didn’t forget earplugs

That’s like a soul for a soul, Maaike style. Given your crushing hangover

We don’t talk about my hangover

I’ll likely miss the first band, so it’s up to you to tell me all about what I’m missing!

Sure. Just getting a lay of the area at the moment (read: vibe checking at a bar 5 mins away)

Prospect park station is a literal pebble throw from tonight’s venue

I’m vibe checking the bus in the snow. Four more minutes. Vibe is cold hearted.

….all my angels are etched in snow….thought I was living but I’m dying in Brooklyn NY

Who’s that

Single mothers.. original line ends with dying in Ontario.

The song winter coats

Should have recognized it

Maaike dies hungover.


but for real, rule #1 no dyin

Yeah, I’ll grab some coconut water for hydration on my way


Also nest (the space) is basement

Of course it’s a basement. We live in basements. We can’t avoid basements.

How’s the vibe?

Upstairs #culture 👎🏾

Downstairs: comfort and normal 👍🏾

Ooh, culture?

Been to one basement I guess you been to them all especially in nyc

Yeah, there’s food served up here

A bar with food is your idea of #culture. Got it!

Ha. More directed at demographic. Like hip folk

Money people

Basement again. Ooh, standup/curator

Biden jokes about eating newborns for youth and needing to nom nom more baby humans


What am I missing

This lady is doing standup atm

Had to pee so missed her name

At the Nest? Sure you’re at the right show?

Oh, is that Zilla Vodnas? It does say “hosted by” on the flier.

Ah word


It is!

House rules: NO POSEURS//NO Q

No Q?

Editing note: I was very hungover, my brain was not processing things. Is QAnon still relevant these days?


following the bit haha

Pretty intimate down here, I dig it

Long drag up first!

second song had some dinosaur jr vibes. yeah, that’ll do

I made it! Drank some water which my body ain’t happy with right now.

Snagged a quick video that took me forever to figure out because I caveman with the Instagram stories


This would probably sound better if it wasn’t this loud. Glad I brought earplugs, but even with them is so loud

I get the Dinosaur Jr vibes you mentioned!

Basically the stuff that music journalists who get paid by the word to call “college rock”

We just pay to do this. We don’t get paid.

I love the decorations at the entrance of the venue / the stairs.

Seriously, how cool is this entrance?

Neil young best watch his ass, he gonna get jabbed alright…DMT ivermectin to the throat

Editing note: This was in response to stage banter


Beer prices are solid by the way. Good beers for affordable prices!

Man upstairs really has this “we’re too hip for the likes of you” vibe

Anyway, we’ve got some food and Heavy Lag is playing and it’ll all be okay

That whole energy is oil and water to me. Like no patience for that. Sooo many other places to stroll down to for that shit

more fog less rock


Remember the Armed in Vitus? Sure that’s the levels of fog you want?

With the level of chaos at that show idk

I don’t think we’ll experience that random chaos at a lot of shows ever again.

Anyway, Heavy Lag is just a lot of fun live. Plus their friends always come out.

“we have very few songs left”

Ah the speech and ska part of the night

Neither ever happens.

Aaaaand someone is holding up the snare so the drummer can play


Basically our metronome when it comes to shows these days. And I’m aight with that

Heavy Lag on the downbeat

This is fun

Shame Gordita Beach had to cancel, I was curious about them as well, but this snow storm is as good as an excuse as any.

Night surf reminds me that we got a copyrights//dopamines gig in a couple weeks

I’m excited about that one as well!

Meant for that show as much as their sound

I gave Night Surf their 2019 release a listen on the bus here and got very confused when my phone said I was listening to Not Today, Satan. I thought there was a weird glitch, since we got drunk over the Dungeon Days 2 record yesterday.

But there’s not. Multiple bands can have the same titled songs, haha

People are dancing and having a blast. This reminds me of the small town DIY venues of past times. I didn’t know New York had this vibe

Yep, that type of vibe was how I came of age as far as our scene goes…and it’s something I definitely look to as a magnetic north of sorts when I think about what makes a show enjoyable and meaningful for me.

Editing note: We went home right after the band ended. I was still recovering from drinking the night before.

Many hours later... | SpongeBob Time Cards | Know Your Meme

Great, I don’t have a two day hangover. Definitely was far from my best last night. What I wanted to say was, it really had that small town vibe where it’s just friends of friends and everyone knows everyone else, but mostly, everyone is excited to see some bands play moreso than they’re there to talk shit with their friends. I miss that at times.

Let’s wrap this up. Any final thoughts about the show yesterday?

Hm. Can’t think of anything-my last post of the evening seemed like a decent summation I thought.

There’s shows that remind me why I love going to shows, last night was one. Absolutely dug Night Surf, hope we’ll get to see them more often.

Night Surf were a blast for sure. Their 2019 release sneaked up on me, in a good way. Hooks and harmonies for days; meant to ask if they had any LPs but probably didn’t have on em.

You were having too much fun to MDH, which says a lot! Next time, ask them about records before the show. They might be able to take one with them for you!

Yep. It’s still a weird practice to me y’know…the actually having to be on my phone to post thoughts/pics/videos as they happen. Much more natural to not post and enjoy a band, haha.

Night Surf: https://nightsurfnyc.bandcamp.com/
Gordita Beach: https://gorditabeach.bandcamp.com/
Heavy Lag: https://heavylag.bandcamp.com/
Long Drag: https://longdrag.bandcamp.com/

Gordita Beach

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