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Two for one and surprising our fans (all 5 of them) tomorrow with shiny new content? Cause we’re behind and should hit up this You Vandal record!

Welp, let’s do it. I reloaded.

We had a good run, off-brand Johnny Walker knockoff purchased cuz too broke for the good stuff

Remind me to take you to a whiskey tasting one of these days so you can enjoy some better options.

Ahaha sure thing


Whoops thought this was 2 separate songs haha

Ah yeah this sing-along poppy music is going to be very enjoyable when the weather gets warmer.

Really dig the gruffer vocals on this track.

I’m already thinking of blasting this record while having a barbecue with friends, and we’re not even two minutes in.

And yeah, very much perma-summer vibes

It’s a nice switch up compared to our last few reviews, something that starts with hopeful energy.

Just sounds really…fun

Sometimes I’m just done being sad and old and need something that makes me go “yeah, I’m fine, I really am!”

This outro is really dope

And I’m not even that sad or old.

you say sad and old like that’s a bad thing dude

Oh yeah I love these kind of intros to the outro

Same. Very, very strong opener

Did I hurt your feelings about your lifestyle?

yes dot gif

~Running in Place~

Okay I have this feeling this entire record is going to hold on to this same energy.

In this case more reflective. This fast vocal part is going to be hell to try and sing-along to live though

That is facts haha.

Will be following along on backing vox should we see em live 😅

It’s if pop-punk and orgcore fused into one band.

Something for everyone (kinda)

I’ve always wondered why these so-called Fest bands never really get any love outside of Fest

(note: unlike our last two album reviews, I didn’t listen to this in advance so most of what I’m hearing it’ll be for the first time)

Something for our Massachusetts friend – you know who I’m talking about.


Neither did I, I think we had it on in the background once though

~Goodnight… Good Luck~

This leans more heavily to the pop-punk. Reminds me of being a teenager.

I never really hung around with pop-punk for long as a genre, so it usually does – but this song specifically brings back 2008 memories. Which was my favorite year ever. 2018 was a good competitor though.

I wasn’t heavy into pop-punk in that part of my life but appreciate how bright this record has been so far

Catchy part right here



Whoas with fewer letters lol

You block out your truthhhh

Breakdown was pretty cool

Poppiest track I think we’ve heard so far

Yeah this is just happy and catchy, I think we might both benefit from having more of that in our lives.

Could imagine people pogoing here

(that part that just finished)

This song doesn’t seem specifically happy, the sound does.

Haven’t the lyrics in front of me so that makes more sense.

~Sink Back~


Digging how this track got started

And then it’s more orgcore. This makes me miss Polar Bear Club.

Harmonies do seem their strength so far

It’s funny when a band has two vocalists sounding different, it shows how sometimes we really base a genre just on how the vocals sound. I dig the teamwork between it though

Even if it’s something we do subconsciously

This is super singalong worthy and I hope this is a single.

Agreed btw

This almost feels like a… “you could be better” song instead of “I could be better”, like frustration with seeing others fall down?

Ah, perhaps.

~Trapped in my Head~

Really dug that last track

Haha relatable lyrics

Ah the unrequited love song one

But happy. Cause this record is just here to make us smile

(even about things and people that make us do frowns)

Remember those dumb crushes that filled you with this relentless optimism about how you could totally be the one

Really bouncy one, this song

Haha I remember naivete

But you absolutely couldn’t and everyone knew it including you, but that feeling of relentless optimism that comes with a crush just kept being there

I don’t miss dating, haha

Me neither lmao

~Winter Park~

Do they even have winter in Florida?

I mean I’ve seen temperatures in the 30s and that was like end of days down there.

You think they have statues of snowmen during the winter since they’re not happening with real snow?

(also winter park is a town in FL)


I like this chorus with the dual vocals, and now I wish we had a really, really good and happy show coming up

Could see myself probably singing this chorus along perhaps

I want to dance and sing along to stuff that makes me feel happy

That’s really been a strength thus far

I always want that but I want to do that a bit more with this

Yeah, you’d think that this combination of vocal styles wouldn’t work, but they really do make it work

Yep, this part bops

I’m actually impressed at how seamless the interplay has been largely.


Pop-punk opener with requisite song title haha

Take off your mask really means something else in 2022 than it did in 2019 haha

Jeez, sure does

(note this is pretty sure the 2019 definition used)

I even apply 2022 meaning to anything with mask in lyrics now


Haha, right?

Involuntary response

Reflective songs. Is this what pop-punk kids listen to when sad?

Cause this is happier than 90% of our usual playlist, haha

What do pop punk kids listen to when they’re sad?

asks the skramz/orgcore tin man

You listen to nü-metal when sad and everyone knows it.

That’s when I’m feeling ghosted

Could have warned me of that before I married you

I only broadcast that near and far whilst wasted all the time

When sad&old&drunk, yes.

Back to this song: referring back to same set of adjectives-fun, really breezy vibe.

The sun is tight dude

~Ain’t So Bad~

We’re just moving on, and it’s more reflections!

Ah yeah this is when you’re sitting alone on that bar stool and you’re feeling alone and want someone in your life.

Relatable comparison

And you’re drinking beer-shot combos, and not in the fun way. Though does anyone drink those in a fun way?

downward stares at your beer of choice aesthetic here

The drums build a nice suspension in this bridge, add that frustration well

definitely excited to try and give this another listen on our warmest day of the winter tomorrow

I’m less excited about spending my entire day locked up at home. America doesn’t have enough mandatory vacation days – the minimum should be 25

Thought the bridge worked well with closing this song out too

~Got it Wrong~


Haha us after insanely wasted nights

Hahaha, nah, we like the thrill of fighting at times. Keeps us on our toes.

Like having an 80 pound dog on lap

This song is a bit weaker, but if there’s this really angry catchy part at the end, it can be really strong.

Hey, said dog makes a good blanket.

Marcus, [2/23/2022 12:15 AM]

The other songs on this album so far set a pretty high bar imo

MDH now with free dog pictures. Okay, least favorite song on the record. Not bad, but it’s too long and repetitive.

~Enjoy the Mess~

Love the title haha

The energy is back. Is this the “we’ll be okay” song on this record, or another love song?

This pre-chorus man, I love the energy

Yep, definitely picks back up here

Certainly has the sound and ability of a band that should take off if they haven’t already

Right? You’d think this band would have caught on this recent pop-punk revival, I’m surprised they haven’t.

Very much a toe-tapper, this one

~Hold for Applause~

Not 90s nostalgic enough? Lol

This band has also been around for a while now. Decade plus, if I remember right.

That’s what I thought. I’ve had friends plug them in the early 2010s I’m sure…I’m thinking Generic Insight Radio for instance

I don’t blame them for plugging this band. I don’t listen to them as often as I’d like to when I do listen to them

Gonna have to agree myself based on how much I’ve dug the album up to this point

They’re losing some speed on the later half of this record, but that might also be our attention spans, haha

This song might have the biggest New Found Glory influence on the record and that’s with a band that’s basically a few steps from being a New Found Glory coverband, haha

~Everyday Asleep~

Last song!

Liking this so far

Last song feel, insofar as last songs on albums actually have that

I love how this is such a “yeah this is the closer on the record” song


“Hey remember those days? I remember those days. Things were good once, weren’t they?”

I know these aren’t the lyrics but those could be the lyrics.

Tone tho

This song sounds like it’s written for a live performance and not a record.

Definitely hanging out at a friend’s house party as evening turns into overnight as the crowd winds down and staring out from a porch, beer in hand

It’s you and the same old late night crew, finishing up the last beers whilst collecting the empty cans and bottles.

Ha, how relatable is that?

I’m not sure if they got a second vocalist as a new addition or not, but I guess they’ve got to show they’re from Gainesville one way or another

And what better way than to blend the New Found Glory sound with the gruffy vocals

Haha gap bridges with the two of us!

Ah, Jumpstart did the vinyl for this; they’ve put out some solid stuff over the years (I have that last goddammit LP around here somewhere)

Ah, cool! Yeah, this record – and band in general – is going to find some summer day plays, just like a lot of Jump Start releases

Listen to it here:

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