Note: What do you do after barely surviving work after a hangover? If you’re anything like us, you get yourself together to do it all over again, with a little less tolerance than usual for self important dance parties.

Friends and friends and friends.

And Heavy Lag

And the same old crowd

Unsure if it’s close to sold out or if it’s the crowd standing in inconvenient places

Hm. Combination?

Definitely more crowded than recent shows I’ve been to…

Mostly crowd, but combination as well , yeah. Dead Bars always does well here. They’ve got that local scene out.

Really half the local DIY Punk / Fest scene showed up

Heavy Lag really benefits from having a good sound. They’re a good band, but this is the best sound I’ve heard during their shows so far.

Feels like a feat in itself these days haha

Seeing someone with Aerial Salad merch is throwing me off a bit haha

Not an everyday occurrence!

Tried for some hair of the dog action with that last IPA we had at the house.

Unsuccessful. Still fighting it a bit haha

Shots shots shots

I like the outdoor area here. Never will be a fan of the smell of weed, but I’ll take it.

How to kick a hangover, bad advice dog style

Kick current hangover by creating a new one

We don’t have any responsibilities tomorrow so whatever

Gotta be up to watch my English football team lose (and had EPL fren hangs)

delete system32dotexe

All Away Lou on now. This entire genre has so much more energy live than on record.

Like the indie-ish punk

It really does!

(also part of why I run extremely hot/cold on the genre usually)

That said, might wanna give that all away lou album a listen

It’s not going to work for me on record, I’ve tried it with all those bands (Caves, Martha, Doe, etc – or as I described it earlier, that Specialist Subjects sound) and it’s a very specific sound that I really dig live but never sticks on record.

The sound tonight is definitely ace though.

I know you’re more open so I hope it does for you!

Yeah. I’ll concede this is at least worth forming my own conclusions on

Right? Like every American venue, it’s a bit too loud for someone who keeps forgetting earplugs, but it’s good.

Dare I say that volume regulations should be a thing? I know how much Americans hate the idea of more government


Thing about that label is that I kinda dodged a lot that stuff since it didn’t seem like my thing…and it felt like it wasn’t my scene

They definitely got that sound that reminds me of going to shows here in the early 2010s. Type of band I might have seen at say…death by audio (RIP)

I got into that corner of the scene through the Dutch scene, back in the early 2010’s, back when everything was simpler.

Thanks for covering socials tonight, we didn’t actually discuss it but it’s appreciated as I try to yeet this hangover into the sun

Definitely fitting of a lot of house shows from that time

Explaining vaporwave with friends to friends >>>>>>

Haha yeah it’s good catching up with people. Sometimes I wonder how much of going to shows is just catching up with people

Decent Criminal is super catchy

Stuff is getting dropped, beers are being spilled and dancing is happening. Hey, it’s a show!


Should’ve made some flyers for upcoming shows to rep

I thought about this. Or at least stickers

Wonder if those people starting their own pit ever heard of read the room

Cause they’re not reading

More like smoke the jeeb

Like yeah have fun but it’s not your private space.

Haha yeah there’s definitely those vibes.

This song isn’t my jam. It sounds like weed, haha

Failed piss test energy in that pit

This is why I dubbed you “very funny” on this chat, cause dude, I’m definitely not that.

Fuckin euphoria-high ass pit

Hahah I keep typing shit and sometimes I say something that’s amusing. It’s rare lmao


Haha, I am just allergic to the self-importance of some people

Fuckin same.

Welp, if it’s that same pit during dead bars and I’m tryna vibe then I ain’t gonna be pleased

Do your fuckin horse tranqs someplace else

lol Zoomers

Dang, the intro to this decent criminal song kinda sounded like lazy eye by silversun pickups

Dead Bars always deliver live

Oh they do for sure!

Vibes also look a lot better in the audience than during Decent Criminal. Less self important dance parties, more all having fun together

I was wrong



Also looks like you’re not the only one who grew out your hair during thr past year.

man I almost miss straight edge scenes but then remember those straight edge hardcore kids are one of the worst offenders

Earth crisis did nothing wrong

Love to see it

Quarhair never care

I’m not sure how I’m feeling about these new songs. Yeah, they deliver live but they sound like on record it might be our kryptonite of slow weed

Also no wonder for a second I thought he was Jose.

I want to start a weed punk band called Self Important Dance Party now.

That’s how you regulate a pit of fuckin druggies

Dunno how they’d be recorded either. Fair to wonder

Beer me?


Note: We ran into friends and friends and friends after Dead Bars. We had so much fun, all bands exceeded our expectations and by this point, our hangover was turning into a good buzz.

What in the nerdcore is this after thing?

Haha I saw the Schaeffer the darklord lookalike

Haha right?

Note: At this point we forgot all about Music Dies Here and went where the night took us. Which ended with an (as always expensive) Uber back home around 4:30am. We slept until late Saturday. Thanks for partying!

Heavy Lag
Heavy Lag
All Away Lou
Decent Criminal
Decent Criminal
Dead Bars
Dead Bars
Dead Bars
Dead Bars

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