(assuming another half hour or so before getting to commuter rail)

Dude. I just walked in on whatever the hell this is and this is

And I forgot earplugs. Audience seems to dig whatever this is, I think I’m going to figure out if the smoking area is still a good haunt


People are having a blast and I just feel about 10 years older than I am and 20 years too old for it.

And I’m not even negative about it. It looks like and sounds like a fun time. It just looks like someone else their fun time.

At the end of the day, that’s the important thing I suppose haha.

::feeling like that parent who doesn’t get what their kids are into but fine with being out of touch::

This is bussin, no cap.

No, I’m out of touch. It’s me. I’m the adult we used to cringe about. Is this because I’m turning 30 next month?

Does it only get worse?

aging punk rocker Maaike Simmons

Look no further than this for your title for this boozexperience

Haha I mean I get that but my elitist brain is like yoooo some of this stuff that people get hyphy on doesn’t appeal for reasons more than being out of touch

Nah, it really is being out of touch. So I just learned it’s called hyperska and that hyperpop is an entire genre. Act is Eichlers. So hey whoever is in it, people seem to dig it

Dang, had no idea about hyperska or hyperpop. Can’t stay in the loop on all the things though; we’re barely in the loop on the stuff we know we’d dig.

Crowd: “Hell yeah”
Person in front of me to his friends: “Okay now it’s just obnoxious”

Thank you stranger for saying the quiet part out loud.

Smoke break. Def out of touch with the Ska scene based on our friends here. Audience is completely unfamiliar- so used to running into some (other) familiar faces that aren’t here.

Sounds familiar

I get that feel!

So this band is actually really fun, you’d dig it.

The Best of the Worst.

Reminds me a bit of… I think they were called Beat the Red Light or whatever that UK band was.

I also really hope this is sold out cause damn, it’s too crowded for a good time.

I remember us discussing that band.

They were… interesting

Haha right? I think the funny thing about this band is that the dude on the louder vocals is wearing a Shai Hulud shirt and part of me is just wondering “is this on purpose so we all know what to expect”

And then


Or you know the third wave ska we all call ska nowadays

I just realized that whatever is sold out and whatever I consider sold out are two completely different things not even hanging out in the same area

I found my people. They’re hanging in the back at the bar. Not the people I know, mind you, just the people who seem most like ‘my kind of crowd’

Haha they’re covering Beer by Reel Big Fish. Or they say they will.

They must be held to their word

Also, convinced that the SEPTA fare machines are running on MS DOS

Sure. This sounds like Reel Big Fish.

Oh, maybe it’s written in Cobol like your work programs.

That’d shock no one.

But yeah, it took forever to process my card so ended up using singles I’d had.

Also, the LCD displays were down so needed a sharp set of ears haha

Masks still a thing on the commuter rail out here

(as I was politely reminded)

Ha, feed the scene is @ trans pecos

Oh yeah, Kayleigh is here!

Kill Lincoln on! They’re fun, this is ny corner of ska.

Feed the scene x musicdieshere in the same room

What is this, a crossover episode?

I guess second half of 2022, we gotta get into booking shows

Who the hell knows what the gig landscape will be like at that point but might be a case for taking matters into own hands by then…

We’ve got contacts, I think. We can probably do this!

This band has a personal hype man

missing in our scene these days

Only other band I know that has that is Avail


I ended up with an Eichlers tape because I’m a sucker for nice people, and hey, memoria for the day I learned about a new music genre.

I then headed to the bar only to catch one of the Kill Lincoln dudes deciding it’s a stage now.


But in the fun way!

That was an amazing moment to have caught on camera

This is fun.

Wait. I think the bassist just jumped into the crowd and hit someone by accident.


Seemed all fine so eh

Shows done and Skapossitory was flyering today as well.


Glad to hear!

Aight. Having a last one at Bonus Room and heading home. You’re safe and sound in Philly? How did the 211 gift go over?

Well! Haha

Easy commute once I got the train. My friends were already waiting


No surprise!

Excited to see where tomorrow’s MDH ends up!

Same! Gonna be a barnburner on this end

Apologies for not being more attuned tonight! Commuting and catching up and managing to not miss a connection haha

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