Hey Marcus, remember how a month ago we were drunk in a foreign country? I think it’s about time we share those memories with our audience, what do you think?

Sure! I think we (you) have finally shook off the worst of the jet lag, so I think we’re good to go on our reflections about the Booze Cruise(s) that were!

Remember how we landed in Bristol ridiculously early that morning? Good thing our hotel let us store our luggage – and that it was around the corner. Then the hangs started and they never ended. You’ve got festivals and you’ve got shows where people hang – they’re different. Bristol was an extended show.

Ok! think I’m logged in separately now. Technology and me need a minute

You are! I’ll make sure to post this as if it never happened, but leave our comments in!

I remember it in all of our jetlagged glory. And how bag check legit took like an hour to cough up our bags.

Lucozade, the best thing about England

And of course, the hangs I’m able to remember I remember haha

We met with our Dutch friend and English friend and spent half an hour complaining about pains. You all are getting old, I’m afraid of my punk-rock future now.

we were basically an ad for life alert with all our bellyaching about our pains




Anyway, we met friends, checked in to the hotel, went back to the venue and gasps saw bands. Mostly friends. Some bands. I only checked out one band on the mainstage that day

Saturday was the “show” day where we saw a fair bit of bands (all except one not on mainstage) and Sunday was our “fest” day

There were three bands playing that still will get a 2022 record review from us. But that day, it started well with Trophy Jump on the mainstage. Damn, that band was so much fun.

Blurry Jump

Our new friends entrusted me to be a dumpster for their excess vegetarian pizza; which wasn’t half bad. But when you’re headed down the wasted superhighway…most food aint half bad.

Haha, the Zurich youth is all right, yes! We bonded with those guys over Jared Hart, of all people.

Easily the most random thing from that weekend for me

But the Croatian band we saw (and subsequently learned are the nicest people) on the main stage was more than all right as well!

Oh yea, they were fantastic. Their posi vibes were infectious.

I can’t wait to see those guys at Fest. More of that energy please.

Me too. Definitely got a sound and spirit that I feel a lot of people around our circle would absolutely love.

You know… I barely remember any sets of that weekend. So this is definitely a atmosphere review with bands sprinkled in. They did manage to put all the bands I liked in a hot as fuck 50 person basement, and all the bands I didn’t care for on the spacious main stage.

The set that stuck out most for me was Goodbye Blue Monday and Moonraker. Burnt Tapes too.

The repulsion, the pain, the Goodbye Blue Monday

Voluntary segregation of sound at work!

Irish Handcuffs as well!

Ah shit, couldn’t remember us seeing them! I think you may have.

I 100% checked out Irish Handcuffs. That band is amazing live. Their set was so much fun, though staying in that basement for more than three songs was a challenge.

My photo roll says so at least

I purposely didn’t check the main stage bands outside Trophy Jump. I listened beforehand, realized they weren’t my style, and why would I see bands doing their thing and enjoying themselves if I’d just be negative about it. It’s why I don’t go to hardstyle parties – some things are only fun when you like it.

Avoiding mainstage was definitely intentional. I think that shouldnt be at all surprising to anyone who knows what we’re into…and well, what we’re not.

Trophy Jump notwithstanding. Obviously

It’s the sound of anxiety issues resolved by smoking a ton of weed. No thanks.


The best thing was seeing friends I haven’t seen in four years. Or longer for some. And then the night ended. Like, four good sets, most in a sweaty overcrowded basements, a few hours of hangs, and everything just… ended and closed, no warning.

I love New York for not making me deal with ending every high on a low. I can live on here 24/7 if I ever feel the need.

I really, really enjoyed that aspect. And I hope that comes across in this review. Crowded basements kind of have a nostalgia factor for me; so while it was hot as fuck down there to the point where I had to pace how much time I spent there, I enjoyed that overall. Was great gaining a new fondness for the company we made.

Basement Tapes and Burnt Views – we weren’t the only ones who loved this set!

Also, you remember us scavenging the mean streets of Bristol (lol) for food at 11:30p local time?

Crowded basements are okay, but not when it’s only half the capacity of the overall audience. If not less. You need clashes if you do that to space the people out!

Oh man, I blocked that from my memory. Bristol really isn’t the city for me. It was a beautiful and spacious city, but I am a night owl, I think midnight is early

Might have done well to alternate bands better between the big room and the basement (yes, we are aware that was likely intentional but doesnt change the point we’re making on this).

By the way, how weird was it to see people sing along to Goodbye Blue Monday?

Too weird for that energy to be confined to the basement, honestly. In retrospect, I do think that was a fail

Sean: “why are people singing along to this shitty band I’m in?” (probably)

That said, it was great seeing the amount of people singing along to the same set of songs they’ve had for 3-5 years increase a lot since when we’ve last seen them tho

I wonder how that divide was decided on. At the very least this inspired me to one day book my own festival, because if I complain, I at least should prove I can do better. When I fail miserably, they can have their schadenfreude. We’ll send a “Bristol Booze Cruise was more successful than Music Fests Here” mug in that case. Then again, I’m failing by not even doing it right now!

I know! Why make new music when the same songs do it for the crowd, haha

That’s what ROCK BANDS do, Maaike.


The real rock band was Moonraker. They started their day hungover and didn’t stop.

I joke kind of, but seems like a memo for other bands to take heed of when they tour; especially the once who’ve had releases that got adulation, even on a cult level

People love the hits. Play some of them. Then sprinkle in your new material.

Or forever be underground enough that no one even knows the hits and get by on your sparkling personality.

Good point. Because of them, I’m inspired to cop glasses each time I’m hungover now. They at least looked cool while wearing the drinking of the night before

We’ll get you some sunglasses measured and made before Fest


And that was day one. Bands we loved, mostly friends we loved. There were a total of zero bands I wanted to see that Sunday. How bad is that?

Also, we gotta make ourselves the Moonraker: cider pint into Jameson. Maybe while reviewing their new record…

That drink already has a name dude.

Oh, it did?

I’m American; we make our own history dude

I know. Be a good American and stop trying to name things!


So then day two happened and I saw maybe half a song of two bands. How about you? Did you see anything? Anything that caught your attention?

I really liked Making Friends. They opened mainstage Sunday afternoon. Skatepunk type stuff that I know you have an affinity for too.

Oh wait! You texted me that they were good and I saw a song or two with you, I forgot about that!

The roughly half/little more than half of Say it Anyway I didn’t mind. Definitely gave off Living with Lions vibes. Live had a bit more snarl than on the EP I heard.

Well, that’s more than me! But, a few hours in the day, I did realize we made a bunch of friends the day before and things kicked off. Which included a lot of not being inside.

I did see few songs from Hit Like A Girl but other than that…Sunday was a day of hanging out and doing what we do best

Yeah, they’re one of the bands I checked out a bit as well

Music Dies Here missed your set.

aka sunday Bristol Booze Cruise

That’s the day of you getting pizza from the Zurich youths. Or going to the Irish Pub next door because the guys in Moonraker discovered they had cheap booze


Or saying goodbye to Trophy Jump (boo to saying goodbye) cause they had travels home to make

Exactly. Ah yes, the cheap booze at the trademark English pub with the death’s door alcoholics was definitely a turning point of ratcheting up the party.

Yeah, goodbyes…0/10


especially with new frens

10/10 hangs 0/10 goodbyes

The closer to the party, the closer to dead

The closer to dead, the closer to the party?

The first one moreso



Anything else from Sunday that we might have missed?

We got vegan burgers, because we were smart and got food during the daytime!

We saw a lot of people leave Tigers Jaw because they played their boring songs

It was our friend his 35th birthday!

Oh yeah, compliments of the eats’ recommendation on the Booze Cruise (Bristol) site. Thanks for that y’all


Sometimes I wonder if we really need bands. What we probably need is just a punk rock DJ tent where everyone is invited. Those festivals often seem to be more about the hangs than whoever is playing.

Though I still would call this more of an extended show than a festival. Festivals have different vibes.

Also, seeing people flooding out of Tigers’ Jaw’s set en masse was very edifying (and amusing) to me. To the earlier point we were making:


PLAY EM (here and there)

Play the old songs that got people to listen to your band. Stop being sad and old about no one liking your new stuff.

That’s basically what emo/punk/alt nostalgia nights are anyway

Yeah, but those are in one venue. We need those but outdoors. Somewhere you can escape the music and don’t have to dance.

I don’t know if a festival can be a festival if it takes place in one building, even if there are technically 2 stages. Maybe it could, but I agree with you re: Bristol as extended show nonetheless…given the fact that everything we were into was largely on one day.

“Everything” being relative hah

Oh well. The hangs where good, I really am glad we got to see all our friends again. And we made new friends who were a significant part the weekend after!

I mean, we’re easy enough to please. Give us hangs and some good bands (enough to sing along to) and we’ll be fine

Sing along forever.

when the night brings more booze than reasonable decisions

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