You know what vacation does? It makes you forget about reviews. Back in May, Marcus went to a skramz show and we met up to see Jon Snodgrass. It’s a double-header for a day we almost forgot about!

When normies call brunch I call skramz (matinee) hours

What you call skramz hours I call getting these reviews out. How’s life at Saint Vitus?

Solid crowd (and not just bands so as we’re accustomed to whenever we say “solid crowd”)

Music started at 2 and supposed to be over by 5. First band just finished.



I finally got our previous reviews out. so who was the first band? How was it? Did people really show up on a Sunday for Skramz?

Dug the first band. Hadn’t heard of em so nice to put yet another band on the radar haha

Ennui; guess they’re quasi local (the hinterlands of long island)

They’re local to the state I suppose

Isn’t ennui basically a description of living on Long Island?

Your words not mine but probably 😜

2nd band over here. Burial Dance. 2 or so songs in

Burial Dance sounds like a move in a videogame

Ha. I was gonna say I know of an AEW wrestler with a finishing move, but it’s called coffin drop haha (not anything re: burial)

Anyway, we’re 2/2 out here.

Not even 3 yet and we’re 2 bands in.

Also, Tom from Hundreds of AU was on 2nd guitar for Burial Dance just now.

Marcus does skramz

This show’s been a beacon of efficiency thus far

Armywives btw

3rd band

Also, definitely has the feel of a light on content type of review haha

You know me, I’m not a fan of unironically mentioning “content” but that’s as honest as I could put it lol

It’s a “hey I was here” post – sometimes we just track where we are.

Yeah, this is kinda all where my part of things is going.

I just got out of the shower, ain’t that helpful in making you have content either. Gonna get fully ready to head out in 10 minutes or so.

Nine of Swords setting up, Ostraca (last band) after them and then off to mercury lounge

Today is the Indianapolis 500 (hence my skramzdiana500 posting). But I’m probably going too niche on that reference oops

You are a niche

Ain’t that the truth?

Juxtaposing from the sun of the outside world back inside Vitus is a trip on my eyes

I’m seriously going to figure out how expensive prescription sunglasses will be for you

You’ll need them

For your brand.


Also as I’ve said. Turnout today has seemed real good to me. Not sold out by any means but standing room is kinda at a premium.

Seeing it is Vitus, you’re saying 10 people showed up?

Times like 5

Nine of Swords

Eight of Spears

4th band, or cleanup hitter if you will

Oh sorry. Four of Baseball Bats.

Is it obvious that I don’t Tarot

Wouldn’t know a tarot if it fell on my head like one of our ceiling fans

Drummer is killing it btw

When did the ceiling fan fall on your head? That does explain so much about you! 😀

I don’t remember

(which probably explains a bunch)

Last band setting up

I’m on the bus heading towards Manhattan. Bus train walk. I can do this!


How was the last band?

Or is?

Who was / is it?

Last band was Ostraca (from RVA).

juuust finished. Wasn’t gonna snag merch but figured I’d cop something from the band on tour.

Soon reality will kick in on our income going down when I dont work. NOT TODAY, REALITY.

Yeah, they were fuckin sick.

Mix skramz, hardcore, and some of that massive post-metal type wall of sound kinda thing

Yes. and PAIN

Vinyl was $15 at least

Ha. Of course.

Transferring to the F cause I can

Pleasantly surprised as this is a common conversational topic for us.

You: I bought a record
Me: Our poor bank account


me: I bought shit
You: our poor bank account



Erm, certainly.

Limited merch to that. Guess that’s progress?

Oops. Misjudged my transfer, F is still 6 minutes out.

Misjudged my tolerance for the weather as well.

75 degrees is my max.

Maaike Dies Here

(melting in this case would constitute dying)

I made it to the Mercury Lounge!

Walking from 14th St/ave a

Lenny Lashley on now. I’m digging it.

There’s this buzzing sound – almost sounds like either noise on a speaker or running water. Thought it was me but I’m seeing more people look in that direction.

Hm. How much is a ticket in?

$15. Need cash?

Lmk and I’ll meet you at the door

Welcome. Bet this is a 180 from the skramz show.

Haha. Definitely need to recalibrate my adrenaline levels as I speak.

Skramz plus hurrying over here too

“I make a lot of mistakes and have a lot of fun” is a solid life motto

(ha, so far so good on earplugs)

Seems like a lifestyle brand to aspire to

Wanna cover the socials for this show? Phone could be using a charge in a bit.

Oh already on that.

My charger had two bars.

Whoops. I meant to double-check with you about how your charger was before I left

Ten dollars for a White Claw is no

Oh yeah. Noooooo thanks on that

I’m just excited, I want to play some music

translation: I’m over my tour and want to go home.


That and starting 15 mins ahead of door time (6:30)

I’m with it though!

“Mikey gets to sleep in his own bed tonight” Jon said, a hint of jealousy in his voice.


Liking this so far.

~Jon Snodgrass (and buddies)~

(for whoever is following along, probs no one)

(is he also full band on his albums)

Kind of! Most his stuff under Jon Snodgrass is really collaborations!

You’ve never listen to his band bands? Drag the River, Armchair Martian

Seen that name a bunch but don’t think I ever listened to.

Well this might give a reason.

Ha, this song makes me think of the dude complaining at me for not having bbq sauce – and I’m like 90% sure he was the singer of big loud New York band, but didn’t know at that moment.

We’re getting dangerously close to bass guitar solo territory

And no one wants those.


Musical improv.

Workin on shit in the practice space with 25 of your closest friends

That light is really annoyingly staring in my face.

So I guess wolfman is that guy who gets pushed too far like that falling down movie

The lights have a perpetual tendency to be overbearing.

Caution: This is what weed does to you


Haha really love this end of show interactions and musicans scraping the back catalog

Haha “wait which songs do we have, can you remind us?”

This is how we did being teenagers. Getting high, someone with more talent than me grabbed the guitar, we’d head to the nearby field – sit down, make up songs of whatever was happening.

Never had that phase of life I don’t think. Seems cool with more chemical influence

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