Let’s grab a drink and listen to music. Cheaper than shows, just as much fun!

Time to (finally) get around to the last record by Moonraker, titled The Forest.

~ Incendium ~

Ah, this kind of opener.

One of those sound clip sample openers. I don’t recognize the clip.

It sounds very American.

Kind of a sucker for those openers. Don’t recognize the clip either. Musically it rips though.

Sets a tone.

I like how they manage to build it up as the words go along

It’s a nice touch

~ My First Rodeo ~

Can we please have more songs that get straight to the point?

Can never have enough as far as I’m concerned

And backing vocals and backing shouts

Chorus feels very Larry Arms

Also very Dollar Signs but loud.

Instrumental bit! Dance time!

Hm. Didn’t quite get that off the bat, I think I could see that

Yes, the random drunk person pantomiming the guitar solo during that instrumental part haha

Seems like something that’d happen

Ha, I like that line. “I know the city keeps a spare under the mat”

I’m also a sucker for repetition

I assume that city isn’t NYC fwiw

NYC keeps a spare with the rats, not under the mat.

and roaches and pigeons*

~ Mouth Full Of Rust ~

Another open that jumps right in

This chorus is less signalong catchy, there’s a bit more aggression to it.

Noticed the same in comparison to the song we just heard.

Definitely more snarl

It’s cause the backing vocals are very Brendan Kelly-esque that you’re think Lawrence Arms

Yeah, that’s likely it

Ah, the big “alone in a crowd” fear song, paying attention to the lyrics.

It’s so easy to feel like you don’t belong.

Oh, definitely. Live in a place forever and that sense doesn’t really fade, even then.

It’s easy to feel stuck and unsure if you’re really home at home, but between the comfort and the moments it is home, it keeps you there.

Whether it’s places or people or situations. Goes for all

~ Vanishing Act ~

Oh it took more than 5 seconds to hit words, wow!


Hahaha “Wishing they’d pave over the trees and make a walkway or a 7-11 or something”

Feels like my favorite track so far

Okay, more singalong. I really am a sucker for insecure misery punk

Hell, that’s one of the first things we bonded over when we started dating

Yep. Gonna be cool to listen to this enough to be able to sing along.

I love how this outro shows the desperation and being tired of it all

Oh yeah, just frustration with monotony boiling over

~ The Great Glass Elevator ~

Nice title

I always confuse the sequel to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Abeltje.

The sequel is Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. Abeltje is a Dutch story of a lift boy who takes off in an elevator.

Ohh, I absolutely had no idea about that reference

Not sure if that is the reference, but it could be.

Ah, I think I read that as great glass ceiling. OOPS

This song is already super catchy. This is exactly my speed.

Windsor-not that impressive is a brilliant lyric.

Okay, so far, this is my favorite track.

Ticking like an unattended suitcase. Why is this band not being talked about by everyone about these absolutely amazing lyrics?

Word. That’s real smooth wordplay

I mean they’re catchy as fuck as well, which helps. I definitely remember saying “fuck, I wish all random bands I see are this good” when we saw them at the Sketchy shows a few years ago.

Definitely catching bleakness in the lyrics I’m able to discern

~ Autumn ~

Slower intro. Mid record track. Is that a violin I hear?

Sounds very reminiscent of another song I just can’t place at the moment.

I think that was.

When I was giving this record a casual spin, definitely remember this song being a favorite.

Funny how this is one of their slower intros to a faster rest of song.

I don’t blame you.

It’s very much the vibes of a record about wanting to run away but also being slightly comfortable.

Yep. I think I dug that aspect of this song, amongst others

This lyric feels super relatable

Too perfect as far as life experiences

It has an last song vibe in the outro. I wonder if there’s an actual line musically between the two halves now.

This outro absolutely rips

I gave the record a spin before, but haven’t paid attention to those intricacies you don’t realize until reviews.

Yeah. I think the run throughs I did with this record were more seeing if it’s something I’d like and would be worth a review.

~ Crickets ~

Ah, so that’s the Patreon line you were telling me about last night

Really do like the higher tempo songs I’m finding (I mean that’s been a lot of this album so far but the last two especially)

It sucks doesn’t it, being a small anything, struggling to get attention, when everyone monetizes life and you can’t really do it yourself, because it’s not who you are.

Word, the give em hell part of this chorus 🤘🏾

“It only hurts when I care anyway” is life.

Like MDH haha. A little breaking the 4th wall

The gentrification of DIY sucks, because of the amount of bullshit in it.

I also don’t even want to start about caring about politics, because that’s even worse.

Hah, that line is fuckin facts

I felt seen by the tone/lyrics of this song

~ Fogdancing ~

“this is an intro?”


Actually thought that was a phone in the background

Klokkenspiel or whatever you call that thing.






Isn’t Pleasantville where I saw Jukebox once?

American city names are so weird.

No bullshit, but I think that was the name of the town you couldn’t think of

I think it was.

The past runs on clockwork and I just run on spite.

That should be your elevator pitch

These jeans don’t fit me like they used to. Yep

Okay but… listening to this, you know what I recently was thinking about? Most people know us from drunk nights out.


And that’s a fun version, sure. But it’s also a role we play.

That’s not who we always are.

It’s hard to balance the roles of the self with the reality of the self – especially when most people know a role.

But it is easiest for people to probably have that perception of us because:

1) it is rooted in some level of reality
2) fitting people into places, etc is just easier sometimes and none of us are different.

-drunk us sounds outro, breaking glass, cars driving away-


~ I Really Wanted To ~

I really love the singing screaming combo this record has going. Plus it just doesn’t actually calm down.

If you’re into the Lawrence Arms and Dollar Signs, and like misery punk and some strong lyrics, this is for you.

I really like that a ton also. I’m partial to that dynamic anyway but it’s been superbly executed so far

To your comment before your last one

It’s hard to get this right, this band does get it right.

Excited to open Friday at Fest with this band before we’re all too drunk to remember who they are.

~ In Confidence ~

Ooh, skatepunk tempo

These drums though. They’re just classic fast punk, but really nicely mixed in

Yeah, this definitely works

It does doesn’t it?

There’s one thing I love more than misery punk. Smart misery punk.

The anger in this song is noticeable.

Fuck you screams from the entire song.

Fuck you, I’m over this shit

Strikes me as more of a smoldering variety

Smoldering anger that came to a break.

Outro is definitely fuck this I’m out vibes

~ The Better Man ~

Haha, this record hasn’t let up yet huh?

Feels like the tone is continuing.

Ha it hasn’t. Second to last song here.

But its still that smoldering resentment. Less angry, more resentment.

Appreciating the sentiment here

Which sentiment?

Hm. That line about being a better man than I…as someone who usually operates in bitterness

Yeah, that makes sense.

I felt that. 😅

~ Soot ~

Last song!

Would you call this last song energy?

Oh! It’s the “we’ll be better song”

So yes!

Naturally the closer

It’s usually either “we’re all in it together” or “we’ll be better”, it’s the latter

Random background noise.

“I’m sick of using all these ropes for blankets”

I feel this chorus

Backup vocal ‘chorus’

Unseasonably cold in this hellhole


Musical part. Next up it’s the singalong optimism

There it is.

The only way out is through

Your mantra

Yes. Keep going, it’ll end eventually.

Super sing along version of the chorus, drum getting faster.

And the outro line!

Okay, this might be a contender for album of the year so far.

We’re still backlogged but damn, this was a good listen!

Definitely listening to this in MDH format helped. Filled in a bit of the gaps I had while listening in the midst of commuting

It helps to focus without dwelling!

True that.

I think this listen did help a bit as far as being in a place where I could discern the lyrics a bit more.

Will say this was a very solid record that’ll get a lot more rotation…especially if we wanna open our fest with em in October.

Listen to it yourself here: https://moonraker.bandcamp.com/album/the-forest

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