We went to shows, we drank and talked while at them and then… we did nothing. Time to make up for it, because this Elway / The Holy Mess / SKiTTiSH iSH show was a blast and a good return after leaving the country for three weeks.

You are of closer proximity to bar so beer me if you can.

~Skitt ish~

Reading it only now.

Also damn I miss noise level regulations already

Getting you a beer, brb, sorry Skittish Its

Thanks, whoopsie on that haha

Skittish Ish

That’s it.

With some weird capital letters.

Dude that beer took so long cause I KNOW TOO MANY PEOPLE

I loved my trip by I absolutely love New York and these shows.

Emissaries of the scene, we are


Drunks of the venues we are.

Same difference in my mind lol

Dude this band is fun. I didn’t know what to expect, but I should’ve know. Both Rob and Russ, everything they do seems to be gold

DIY no one cares but their friends gold, but gold.

Oh yeah, really enjoying this

Not enough of this sound locally

Fun was the first word I was thinking of when they started playing

I know, but remember when I made you see Shrug Dealer way before we knew anyone in the band?

Because I love bands that have three listeners tops (partners and parents excluded)

And that was so good.

Rob looks like he forgot how to music between songs.

Yep. The kind of bands that we’re the only people not dating members of said band…target demographic for the MDH project

Oh. Rob forgot how to music this music during songs as well.

Also the intensity of Russ vs the drummer is hilarious

So this band is testament to if you got a couple friends, just fuck around, start a band and have fun doing it.

Well yes.


It’s a style.

~The Holy Mess~

I like the Holy Mess.

And our friends.

And tonight.


Like I said, it’s good to be home

I dig these sunglasses. They look happy

People are really digging this set. I know you’re talking to friends at the bar (hence Music Dies Here Is At The Bar koozies)

But this is fun

No wait.

This is Fun

Tryna catch up with people (fuckin anathema for me I know) but still. Heard them from the bar. Realllll fun


So you really never got into them before?

They’re good hangover chic no doubt

I think I probably tried at some point in the early 2010s (song for Tim Browne was familiar to me).

I also don’t think I’m drunk enough for requisite levels of mdh chirping lmao


This show’s moving faster than my ability to drink myself into vibing with the evening haha

You just know the band chose this song.

Okay and now the band is playing songs. Elway is always a pleasure to see.


Outfits of the band seems to be

Band: We’re indie punk



I appreciate bass player aesthetic here

Also the quip from Tim Browne about how Brooklyn would make doing acid lame. I mean, find the lie

Haha Brooklyn makes everything cool lame

Best trick is to be as uncool and sincere as possible.

City can’t ruin that cause sincerity doesn’t make money

How about the drummer though

Hahaha. That’s the ‘I shoulda left the coffee shops alone’ face



No redacts

This is Music Dies Here and the drummer is “oof I am dying here”. Super tight for dying btw

I mean, I got a whole photo album of #thatface so fair play to all

So as a fan of shitty beer, how much self control is it costing you to not ask the singer about his shirt?

A lot

You know Marc

I seriously barely remember the last time I saw Elway

Not cause booze that day, but cause exhaustion

Stupid Sunday matinee.

Ohhhh, WoC

Yes. The Sunday matinee.

Good times. I think.

Went to the elway gig and night birds gig broke out. That beer can wizzing by had some heat on it

Note: We once saw Night Birds at Market Hotel and left early due to a significant amount of people throwing half empty beer cans from the pit into the rest of the crowd. We now judge audiences by that crowd, on a scale of “fun” to “that Night Birds crowd”

Wait beer?

Coulda swore I saw a beer can sail by haha

Crowd: “ugh band is touring of new record”

Yep caught that.

They’re good songs

Pity because I listened to most of the new record on the way here and it’s just fine to me.

Oh it’s an amazing record. I’m not overly familiar with it. To be fair, I kinda missed anything they did since 2015. As most people did. But it’s still really good from the two spins I gave it.

::remembers that I somehow have Leavetaking on vinyl::

Get me a beer too

And you do.

So run away

While we can.

The one song I guess I kind of know. First song off leavetaking afaik




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