Up for Nothing had a release show and I ended up editing this review, because it was just a lot of “wow this show is waaaaay too loud, this isn’t fun” complaints back and forth. Marcus had earplugs and saw some bands. Maaike sat outside most of the show. Hey, life is what it is at times!

All right. This is already an “I won’t see full sets” show for me.

Whoever is doing the sound should invest in a decibel meter, cause this shit is insanely loud.

The band just sounds like pain to my ears. I know, I know, I need earplugs. But you shouldn’t need them go avoid pain, you should need them to protect hearing.


Earplugs should just augment and not be lifesavers

I couldn’t make it through one song. It’s just way too loud.

Where art thou lands with sound regulations

Shame the sound is cranked up to infinity because horrible timing are something we could definitely get into.

Oh for sure. The band sounds like fun. They’re even loud outside. But hey, from here I can hear the band and hear the rest of the world tomorrow!

And we’re back

We are! It’s still loud, but it’s less “please kill me” and more “I really should have brought earplugs”.

So one or two songs it is!

::desperately shoves earplugs into ears::


I’ll watch a song or two and then run out again, if this isn’t the last song.

This is fun enough

I like this. The kind of indie-adjacent stuff that I could fux with

Dude. I think I’m seeing someone with a Transplants shirt. I still can’t really believe that’s a real band, but seeing their merch in real life confuses me even more.



Dude bass player just have a ~vibe~ about them

Why is the stage here so high?

Glad I wasn’t the only one who noticed

“I was looking at a skinny guy and I bet he was hungry”

singer/geetarist of playing dead

I used to be skinny so I relate to both sides here

You were skinny and then got hungry?


Pretty much. Decided that my consumption of food should be one way traffic only

“When you’re here you’re family”

everyone at this venue not having seen each other in awhile I assume

“When you’re here, you’re deaf tomorrow” – everyone at this venue who forgot earplugs

no lies detected

It really gets to me I can’t enjoy the bands for too long due to how loud it is; missing venues and countries with noise regulations hard

Definitely thought about how US shows are basically if it’s too loud you’re too old aesthetic as far as care with sound levels and quality

Less insufferable volume levels during Up for Nothing. I can probably grab more than three songs!

Also yeah, definitely seems the space is kinda skint for what people are tryna do (mosh)

Nah, that absolutely works, there’s space!

Seems narrow to me still tho

Ok. In case it hasn’t been said on my end but up for nothing are excellent. Appreciating the reminder

This isn’t moshing, this is hardcore dancing, and this space IS too small for that

Oh the band is great. I agree.

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