We may miss out on the pet pictures if we do this, but Character Actors has been such a constant in our emails, that I now want to break all our rules and review some singles.

There’s three songs released and we might as well predict records we’ll love in 2023 instead of working on our huge backlog!

(Totally not procrastinating)

Very true! Proof positive that we do check (and eventuallyyyyyyy respond) to emails haha

We respond in spirit!

So single #1 came out in July! Let’s start there

Where’s God Etc.

Three chords is all you need!


Less is more. The most even!

Fun for sure! Got some energy behind it and repetition

Oh and look, it’s woahs!


Love it when bands make me want to jump around and sing along with friends.

For sure!

Has a big sound, hooks for days

The European sound does show itself heavily!

How have they not played fest yet lol

(well I hope that gets fixed soon)


Came out in August and has a title we can feel deep in ourselves.

Hey, a new old jam!

Bit of a slower song here, but a song about hangovers and heartbreak should be more introspective!

Subject matter that definitely elicits more introspection, I’ll say that much

Soundtrack to many a Sunday morning turned afternoon

Ha, it should be for sure. Really digging this guitar riff tying it together.

“I want to talk but not say anything”

Oh that’s a line!

I remember digging this bridge when we listened to this before

Very anthematic punk song about that state of mind that everyone that drinks has been through!

Yea, the song ends on that pensive note associated with well, hangovers and heartbreak


Build upssss that quickly move into the song. Could be a closing or opening track based on how it stars.

This feels like something I’d put on while walking on a crisp fall day where the leaves are deep in their color change

In “we only listen to three bands no one knows and that’s what we compare everything to”, musically this band would be really appreciated by the same people who like American Thrills.

Or at least this song. There’s so much nostalgia just in how the song is written musically.

Aha! Right, was thinking there was a wistfulness I couldn’t quite place.

“You don’t have the heart to tell me you’re heartless” is a killer line

Damn, I think I missed that line oops

Oh man, I love it when bands do this muted part where the focus is on the vocals.

And then come back louder than before

Group vocals? Yes please!

Second half of this song really bangs

Feels like everything coming together

At this rate if this is a preview of an upcoming record, I want to hear that record.

This definitely has closing track vibes

Oh yeah, would definitely be an album that’d be well up on our list to check out and review if/when that time comes

You can check out the singles on Bandcamp and follow them there so that when more gets released, you know: https://characteractors.bandcamp.com/music

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