All right, Marcus, tell me a bit about this band that made you convince me to spend the next 9 minutes reviewing their latest EP

Saw em in DC on that Worn in Red/American Television/Debt Crisis show and really dug em. I think I’d heard a song off the new EP beforehand so had made a mental note to watch their set.

Sounds good! If you can vouch for their live show, we know it’ll be music we’ll like. Let’s dig straight in!

~ Many Scenes From My Life ~

One two three a song starts.

All thirtyish seconds too!

I’m usually very hit and miss with bands that have this Replacement-ish sound, but this is the direction of that sound I like.

Short and sweet and gives me an idea what to expect

A song that actually feels longer than the time it was…in a good way!

~ Rapid City Sister ~

Yeah, definitely very Replacements vibes in their melodies. But not the garage rock production I can’t get into.

This song makes me think they’re more indie/emo on recordings and a lot more gruffy punk live.

Right. Not that washed out production value that’s annoying as hell.

Have they played with Neckscars yet? Cause that would work together really well

Definitely struck me as stylistically similar to Tired Radio as far as their live sound

We only listen to three bands no one else heard of and will compare all bands to said three bands. Obviously

Definitely catchy and I feel a bit of that grit and weariness.


~ Tranquility ~

Oh I like the urgency of this intro

Singalongy part!

Oh and the nice drum “fill” singalongy part, yesss give that.


“Weed is tight” bridge

Vaguely alt-country groove more what I was thinking haha

Yeah, but I’m pretty sure alt-country does love their weed as well.

Whoaaaaaaas always clutch. This song being no different

~ Little ~

Title track here.

This was the song I heard ahead of the EP getting released

Pretty nice straight forward emo/punk riffs, reminds me of… ugh, I can’t place it.

It’s the vocal delivery of the first “what did I say” that did it, but my brain can’t find the song I’m thinking of.

Which bands with a similar sound do we like, the question that keeps me up, haha.

Anyway, usually “this reminds me of another song” is a good thing and it’s definitely in this case!

Really digging this outro

It’s a good outro!

Okay, closing words?

I enjoyed this EP and definitely eager to hear more! I feel like Railsplitter have that basementy punk sound from the early 2010s we’re already fond of, and the Americana vibes kept things fresh too.

I don’t know which song, but I finally remembered which band the last song reminded me off: Junior Battles!

Helluva shout, wouldn’t have thought of them!

It’s the melody and that one vocal delivery there. Anyway, I’m going to give this EP a few spins before we make our end-of-year lists in a week or two


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