We got When the Walls Fell out this week, so there’s only one logical follow-up there: Character Actors.

Makes perfect sense; also if y’all haven’t peeped that interview, you should!

I spent too much time on writing it out manually because I forgot about the existence of transcription software, so yes, please take the time to validate my hard work & the bands their time

We actually did a sneak peek drinkscussing of the singles that came out ahead of this record so it’s good to be able to have the entire album to check out now!

Click here to see the interview with Character Actors and When the Walls Fell

Click here to see our previous drinkscussion preview of their singles

Que Sera, Quesadilla

Lemme just say I really looooove the album art

Oh yes, that opens like we like it, from vocals to the sound kicking in.

Oh, I know you do. It’s pretty much you when we met.

This song feels like the day after a day with a bad hangover.

Getting some vague gaslight anthem vibes off this song

When you really want to find that optimism and passion, and you’re not hungover anymore, and kicking yourself for the wasted day before.

From the era of that band I do like, so lemme quantify

Definitely that weariness of having done those nights before, y’know…from personal experience

Man, I really love this outro part as well. We all know that those build in singalong parts are one of my favorites.

Or pre-outro. Bridge?

And then going back out when the bat signal in the sky for drinks with friends flashes yet again

Maybe I can’t do better than this, but I will try tooooooooo

Strongest part of this song was the final third. Good stuff

Where’s God, Etc

This is an interesting one since we did it before in the preview drinkscussion, let’s see how our takes differ now!

The melody of the intro is strong.

As well as the straight-forward opening lines of the vocals.

The one time I listened to this record thru after it came out, was definitely a standout track for its directness in getting to it

Nice ol sing-along song

Ha. And I haven’t spotted any real solos yet, unless you count that bass riff under the whoahs



but maybe it is?

Music Dies Here comes alive at the woahs


Really fun song this was!

Born to Explode

Power-pop feel so far

Very straightforward rock beat on this song.

This band is really catchy, the power-pop influences are an underlying current in all their songs.

I feel this is the kind of song that’d have a music video revolving around a dude down on their luck in a comedic way

Like a lot of slacker chic in the 90s

Slacker chic?

Hooky as hell too

Okay there’s the guitar solo

But it only took seconds instead half the song!

Movies, TV shows…like the guy going into work to their office with the leaky roof over their heads that only got fixed for the 8th time last week

Are our reviews getting too “inside-joke”?

That one mighta veered a bit much. My bad haha

Blood on the Fridge

Here’s the classic “the state of the world is sad and we’re all sad” song

Think Polar Bear Club – Religion on the Radio. Not musically per se, but that vibe. Satanic Surfers – Blood on the Sidewalk. One Man Army – All the Way. Those songs are all different musically, but have that same feeling.

Playing Dead is another band who’s really good at that vibe

Great shout with Playing Dead btw

I know, this could’ve been a song by them, no?

I’m definitely heading that melancholy in this one

But not mopey sad in sound tho

The Big Aw Shucks!

Ooh, cool open this was

Oh look their skate punk influences are showing here.

Would love a look at the lyrics for this song

This is very much in line with the kind of sound that I’ve been digging most recently.

Reach the top, build a wall
Do what you can to tell yourself you stand tall
Raise your voice and figure out
What to tell your kids when they ask what your twenties were all about

We’ve had years to reflect
Your invaluable intercept
Nothing left to fight for but we’re still upset

Pissed at the wind and all it holds
Let’s hope the disease and hate don’t crawl their way into your soul
This ship has sunk, the big aw shucks
This is fucked, but not enough

Just because you’re better than me
Doesn’t mean a boy can’t dream
Temperature rise above filthy seas
Self-destruct your wildest dreams

There you go.

This band needs to be picked up by the European diy punk festivals pronto.


I feel like they really have a knack for songwriting and catchiness

Absolutely. It’s obvious a lot of their punk-rock love comes from the same sound as it comes from me, the Red City Radio, Banner Pilot, the Menzingers, Rise Against, etc.

for fans of!


Another one we previewed!

I think this might have been one of my favorites of those songs back then too!

Definitely 59 sound vibes as well

The sound and feeling of the record makes me realize there’s this certain sound that comes with being a mid-millennial.

Haha there just might be!

There’s a certain jadedness and “we should be giving up, but we were promised more” to it all.

It’s not the nihilism of the younger generation.

I mean, this sound I’ve a fondness for too: harkening back to that 2008-2013 shows I went to and drinks after shows when the night ended vibe

I think it’s also why we love Captain Asshole. This band has the same “I’m really disillusioned with the world, but have my friends and this music thing, and at times, that’s what is making it worth it, but it’s not feeling the same anymore” confusion and optimism and love.

Yeah, really like this song A LOT. one of my faves so far. Meant to be played loud with big singalong parts

27 Club Rejection Letter

Ah, the acoustic song that just got literally translated to electric by using an electric guitar.

The song for the acoustic sets!

This would’ve worked better purely acoustic; I’m waiting for the full band to kick in and feel it may not happen.

I think this’d work at bit better as a solely acoustic track too

Interesting choice to put it on the record like this! Not a bad song by any means, but when the full band is so strong on their melodies together, it stands out as weaker.

Growing Up to Do

Right to it!

Oh okay, this transition is a lot, haha. We’re back at the melodies and the “hey euro punk festivals, go book this band” sound


Ooh, the fun jump up and down and just bounce about in the crowd part

Those woahs are so nicely hidden in the production as well.

This feels like an album closer, doesn’t it?

Was JUST thinking that as well. Feels like a set closer, if nothing else

Enjoyed that one!

The “all sucks but we’re in it together!” one.

DJ Salinger

Back to the power pop influences!

life sucks vibes I’m feeling here, but in a catchy ear candy way.

I’ve heard this one a few times before, it came out after our preview, but I understand why they released it as a single. It’s one of those earworms

Song feels like a depression meme with sunshine emojis

You really only think in memes do you?



Okay, this was the third track we got to last time!


Actively relatable song title y’all

Hey, that’s why we’re drinking less heavily these days!


I think a lot of people can relate to this – and again, smart choice to release it as a single.

Their most “we really like the Menzingers” song on the record so far.

Tryna pinpoint what type of sound I’m thinking of with this song.

Warm beer and double whiskeys
Meet people, feel lonely
You never were the kind for this kind of scene

Bit of a mix of the Menzingers and the old sound of bands like Chumped and Worriers

That indie-punk sound before it moved to full on indie. Do I make sense?

Yeah, band like Cheap Girls for example

Brb, getting another beer. You want one?

I’m good, thanks!

You Are Literally a Metaphor

This song is you when drunk before we started dating. Including the song title.

But more articulate tho!

And this is how to release more acoustic songs on a record.

Definitely a last call at your favorite watering hole song

But hey, what are you waiting for?
I wouldn’t know what to tell you literally or in metaphor

could be you

There’s a kind of beauty in the pain and loneliness, but more in the idea of it.

I think that’s why we all don’t mind sitting alone at bars. It’s a good place to let all those sad thoughts be and live, so they aren’t there when living

Major relate to last drink at bar before closing time…when the houselights come back on brightly

Perfect for those, actually

When the bartender kicks everyone out, but lets you sit and finish that drink. The bar is closed, doors locked, and it’s just you and the staff that really wants to go home.

Excellent description, about that I’d say…and then the lost in reflection state of mind getting a slice of pizza to eat surrounded by everyone seeming to have it figured out without a care in the world.

Time for the actual closing track!


Oh, this is my sound, I like nostalgia as a sound.

Closing track vibes in this build up followed by woahs tell me this is a closing track for sure.

Can’t wait to see how this turns into optimism

Oh man, this song reminding me of the vibes I feel aging out of stuff and not being cool enough for cliques and realizing I don’t need any of that.

Because that’s what these do as closing tracks.

Like clockwork

Floating on the periphery of all that shit but not needed to be defined by or of it

Glad I waited with listening to this until this drinkscussion, I really like giving most of songs a first listen during these.

Listened to it once before, but the last half of the record was a bit of a blur because I was out on my lunch break and absolutely got SOAKED in downpours haha

Which sounds like a perfect way to listen to this record, ha.

It’s a lot about getting older and coming to terms with life. I think it’s a record you may age out of eventually, but if you’re between the ages of let’s say 26-38, there’s a lot to be found to relate to.

Bandcamp Friday is coming up and you should add this one to your list: https://characteractors.bandcamp.com/album/the-hard-part

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