Warn the Duke

Warn the Duke

When your friends ask you to help with the promotion of a show, you say yes. Or that is the Music Dies Here attitude towards these things. Especially with a line-up as good as this Friday’s was.

Warn the Duke and Fat Heaven teamed up for a double release party, and invited Something Bitter and Sadlands to join in on the fun. We may have had a bit too much fun, but we did manage to get some pictures and videos in case you missed it!


Something Bitter

Warn the Duke

Fat Heaven

Oops – this band is too much fun for clear videos!

Warn the Duke released All That’s Solid the same day. Go give it a listen:

Fat Heaven released Trash Life on February 24th:

Something Bitter has a new single coming out soon, until them, listen to their EP:

Sadlands doesn’t have anything released yet.