After the Fall

Stolen from their Facebook, credit where credit is due and it ain't us.

— Ghosts —

We gave the After the Fall record a spin right when it came out, so let’s give it a spin while we sit together staring at our phones instead of each other! Very 21st century of us!

Ready when you are

I’m liking this. The dual vocals are stronger than I thought it would be. So many bands can’t get that right.

Strong opener. Digging the harmonies.

Next one is a longer one. Which is still under three minutes.

— Adios Amigo —

You love to see it

I like the melody. I like melodies in general. It’s moody and nostalgic, it’s like my brain.

My brain kinda processes them differently. After the Fall is one of those bands where our brains intersect.

I kind of hoped for a stronger chorus, but I know this band, live that’ll translate better.

Differently how?

Don’t know, hard to pinpoint haha. Perhaps because my skramz brain

Yeah, this song is definitely more fiery live

Haha, who knows. I didn’t mean melodies in general, I meant the melody of this specific song. The main melody is moody and nostalgic.

Whoops. Misunderstood ya then

— Degradation —

Oh look now we’re back at fast and frustrated. Mood wise they’re all over the place musically, ain’t complaining.

But I’m getting my stronger chorus in this song!

I imagine this song crushing it live and people singing along. Good, good stuff.

— Firewood —

Reminder that these songs tend to be under two minutes, so say what you’ve got to say and close the fantasy sport app!

This is your classic skate punk song. The accessible variety, old school Fat Wreck. I can imagine myself back in 2009 at a skate park in Zeewolde.

I’m trying haha. Still a bit of adjusting for me. definitely more natural at airing out my thoughts as they come along..sometimes I get hung up on this being for the site lol

Lyrics kinda feel like my younger days in being blown away by a band I happened upon on a whim.

— Gas Money —

So a Jasmine centric on vocals. I hope I’m spelling her name right. You know, I’ve been complaining a lot about how “more women in punk” has translated to “more indie bands as support” and I’m beyond stoked to seeing that stereotype broken.

It’s not “I’m spending my gas money on smoking weed with my therapist” so I’m in. More actual punk songs like this, please, less indie bands for the sake of diversity.

For sure. And it’s something I generally agree with as you know. The “more women in punk” to me means either snorecore indie or grindy shit.

There’s some awesome exceptions out there, and I’m just glad to see there’s another one to add here. Plus damn, this song is good, lyrically and musically. That’s what I’m looking for. Good music, independent of who makes it.

— Break a Leg —

I remember liking this song a bunch when they played it a couple months ago

I think it was even on a single that came out a little before this album.

Okay, this band wants me to remember my 2009/2010 crowd of friends. Mood? The car trip to Propagandhi, new Useless ID on the speakers, discussing new releases the entire ride.

Catchy as hell, this

This is such an accessible song. I’d say, very much Good Riddance vibes if you need a band to compare it to.

Or maybe I’m just thinking of old After the Fall and that’s why I can’t figure out which band this record reminds me off. Cause they still remind me of After the Fall

— Failed You —

Not the strongest track on this record. Not bad, just if I’d rate the songs so far, this’d be at the bottom.

I like it. Simple and straightforward. Feels like the kinda track that’d somehow end up on a mix CD back when those were a thing

It’s got you vibes. We don’t always agree, haha.

Or have to. Life would be boring if we did.

Facts lol

— Isolation —

Warning Marcus, 50 seconds!


Perfect length for any song. This could be on the Postage EP as well.

Nice one to have the lyric sheet out for

If you’re reading along and are in a band, please publish your lyrics.

You know what, I’d probably pay to have a nice downloadable high quality digital lyric sheet. Bands should do that.


Okay, skipping my redundancies, next track!

— Smashed State —

Fwiw, I do feel like we’ll pick up the album next time they come through so there’s that.

Fast, straight and to the point, and what you can expect from After the Fall. Besides a bit more straightforward musically, but that’s this entire record.

By the time I had an opinion formed on this song I was over. Whoops.

— Mileage —

I wonder where all these bands are buying the Jon Snodgrass add-on: Neckscars last year, After the Fall with this release.

I know right??

Good closer.

This song. Not Jon Snodgrass. Or both maybe.

Agreed. This is awesome

Optimistic musically, kind of “we’ll get there” lyrically.

Right note for the album to end on.

Giving the song one more spin to form an opinion, ha.

Musically backs that same vibe as the lyrics

I’m glad I dragged you to so many shows outside your usual comfort zone, because this record would have been outside your comfort zone a few years ago.

Okay this song will eventually get stuck in my head. This is the catchiest thing on the entire record.

Likely woulda been an album that I’d have heard whilst drunk at a show and thinking it’d be really dope, but would probably not vibe with it as much as I figured I would.

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