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Hey Marcus, before we call it a night, I just heard these songs by Double Gainer and they’ve got a three song EP. Which seems like a quick and nice listen

You’d be up for that?

Aight, ready when you are

Ep is called B Sides and Rarities. Looks like it’s their first release. I think it’s funny.

Haha I honestly wasn’t quite sure what to make of that

Like first track on a record called the end or something

Well technically, it’s B-Sides & Rarities.

— Maybe Someday? —

Okay I think I’m going to have to play the game, is this run-of-the-mill pop-punk or something that stands out.

I like this sound, moreso than a lot of bands in the genre.

Definitely has early 2010s punk show energy to me

Aight, where the song cranked up was pretty rad

It’s sort of a mix of your general pop-punk and the last Polar Bear Club record you pretend doesn’t exist.

Yeah, this is catchy at least.

Welp can’t refute my memoryholing of the last PBC record, sadly. Gotta be honest.

Ah the kick on each beat, sing-along chorus, background repetition


Yea don’t mind this song at all


I have a hard time with this genre musically (says the person who loves New Found Glory and Call it Off) but I appreciate the gruffy vocals and energy to this.

That’s fair, I’m kinda all over the place on this sound too. Varies a ton depending what I’m feeling, honestly.

But, first track was pretty ok

— Spun Out —

Intro to this is cool

Yeah this is a you-sound for sure. I need to be in the right mood for this. But this is definitely “I’m angry about being sad” vibes.

Or I’m sad about being angry

Dare I say early transit?

That makes sense as a comparison, for sure!

Lyrically this works for how I get out of bed most days haha

This is kind of fun. It’s predictable but in the good and fun way, in the “oh, yeah, this is what this genre has to offer” way.

Haha, every morning I’m surprised you do make it out of bed.

Aight, definitely digging this track more than the opener.


One of those bands that can go anywhere with their sound huh

Drives a bit more to me tbh

— Fine. Go. —

Acoustic track here.

Disclaimer: I’m extremely hit or miss on acoustic tracks, especially when it’s not by trade.

You didn’t spent enough time in trains with a view (actual trains, not the subway). Nothing beats a 7am train after a night of drinking and crashing on a strangers couch, sneaking out of the house.

That said, this song absolutely has the vibe of what I’d listen to on that train ride.

Nah, just confusion at waking at the end of a train line for probably like 2 or 3 trips thru the whole route if I mapped out the time in my head

That’s a subway, that’s not a train. I know, I’ve been calling it trains as well.

Sing-along part!

Man this is definitely my “I got rejected and got drunk and went home alone at 7am on the first train home” vibe

“It’s all my fault, you’ll never feel the same”

Definitely gonna double down to this track evoking memories of waking up having missed my stop whilst holding on to my last-call burrito for dear life (provided I didn’t lose it somewhere hah)

You “I miss you burrito, I’m gonna do this on my own”

And yeah, last round/shot before leaving and disappearing into the cold winter morning vibes


Okay can we take one second to talk about their Spotify bio and make a better one?

Haha haven’t seen their bio

That’s how cold I was jumping into this review

Made up from experienced musicians who played in other bands with names you won’t remember, this band is what early Transit fans should be listening to. Don’t forget to bring a tissue, because the acoustic track might make you remember you’re in your 30’s and single. Hopefully wine and bottle openers are part of their merch!

That said, their bio does make a little more sense re: EP title so I got it now hah

Come on. We can do better than Brooklyn Vegan. What’s your 1000% serious bio for this band based on the sound and their Brooklyn Vegan description?

And tallboy koozies

Accidentally ignored the Brooklyn Vegan part. Oops

Come on. #dashBrooklynDrunks.

Succinct description (243am and don’t feel like words haha):

ffo: hangs with friends at basement shows and passing around the 40oz at said gig and the parting of ways at the end of the night-making your way home, solemnly; making sure to not wake up your neighbors

Yours is better than mine. Or Brooklyn Vegan’s

::hop-skipping over a crack in the sidewalk::

Listen to this EP here:

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