If you want to remotely review the show, we can! I’m staying home myself, but I’d love to hear the Marcus adventures.

Who knows, the bands and fans might as well.

Hm. Pretty big maybe

Who’s playing anyway? Feral Body was the band you wanted to see, right?

Frail Body

Same but opposite.

Feral Body is a cooler name.

Grindcore band (Knoll) and wolf king are the other bands tonight-the latter seemed like your no-frills metal band, but seemed chuggier than I tend to prefer.

I keep forgetting Grindcore as a music genre. Probably on purpose

I don’t blame you

So I don’t really need a review of the show, but can we please review Vitus because I have all the questions about post-Covid Vitus

Did they raise beer prices? Is it still super cramped and oversold at shows? Has the vibe changed at all?

And others.

I can’t even remember the last time I was there.

I can do that much for sure.

Feral body is a siqq name for sure but that’s gotta be 1000 percent taken haha

Having a pre show/wake up beer at Capri social club. Always liked this spot.

Also, haven’t been to this specific part of Greenpoint in fuckin ages dude. I went the right direction for Vitus but my mind was like go to this other place the opposite direction

There is a Popeyes right off the G train @ Greenpoint ave.

Can say with certainty that was not here before rona

Also, my other shithole bar Tommy’s Tavern closed for good by the looks of it. Probably bound to happen as their closing probably seemed overdue.

Cuz there are places I call shitholes with a level of wistfulness and there are places that are gutter as fuck haha

It’s a shame how many places closed

It’s a bummer. COVID was an extinction event for a lot of places barely punching at their weight in the before times.

Also, looks like vitus is now a 4 band gig. Local(ish) opener.

Band called Weeping. Described in their insta as depressive homicidal death metal.


Ah, you’re gonna have an experience. First band on now?

Saw frail body’s insta. Getting one more where I am then venturing over.

Divided heaven out today, apparently.

Did not know that…

Yeah, I saw some posts about it.

10/10 vibes at this bar btw. Bartender is a kindly Polish lady who’s super nice.

Should also point out the G is on its bullshit tonight. Shuttle bus to Bedford/Nostrand from 945pm

Gah, must not get distracted by NHL skills competition

So what did they do tonight?

Hooboy, lemme me/us keep building up this posi street cred before we give the new frank Turner record glowing reviews at months end. 🤣

(mostly) kidding

Hey, we’re all about enjoying the things we enjoy with no judgment.

Or only slight judgment.

Did you make it to Spread Virus yet?

Oops totally autocorrect, St Vitus. (I am not funny, I know. That’s why we have you)

First impressions:

Yes, 2013 was tight. Can’t argue that

At vitus

I’m guessing this is Weeping? Last song of theirs I walked in for.

One thing about metal is that even if I don’t fux with it on record; the intensity of a live show is something I can get into.

Drinks do seem a little more expensive but that’s in lockstep with simply leaving the house to get drunk anywhere post COVID.

Layout of venue has definitely gotten reconstituted since we’ve been last

Beer shot is 10 bux at cheapest

That’s a woof

The pisser I was in seemed much brighter than it’d been from what I remember

I used to love metal live, seen a bunch of the big names as well.

Hey you usually have a secret cash stash right? Any clue if we have one right now somewhere? Considering ordering some Chinese

Also, their tap choices look good. Couple 3 Floyd selections and a Greenpoint one

Not this time I don’t think

Boo. I don’t take they take $100 bills and that one bill is the only secret cash stash I have. Fine. UberEATS and me will be sad together.


Oh, one of those shows?

Also is it just me or are metal band logos mostly cringe

You can buy a lot of masks with my $100 I’m sure. I forgot I had it.

Yes. It’s you. They’re also cringe. It’s still you.

3:1 wut r masks to fauci pls ratiooo

Sign from outside

Ah, that makes sense. Anyone keeping to it?

One in like 7, probably


Second band on yet?

Setting up

Who’s up next?

Knoll, I think I heard

Heard them before or no?

A snippet last night. Wasn’t my thing off the little I heard.

Okay I clearly have not enough cash to order cash only. Next time!

I almost regret not heading out with you

Also the wildest thing about grind is how the vocals seem like another instrument to me. Everything is tuned to annihilation

Cranking this band to 11 to even the score with a neighbor who says your conversational voices prevent them from sleeping would be peak fucking chad energy fyi

Sigh neighbors sigh. It’s actually super quiet here right now – by which I mean, I’m super quiet.

I probably should have gotten some drinks as well

Might not have been the worst

Got some video of knoll on the MDH insta. It ain’t great but didn’t expect myself to be compelled to try.

While grind ain’t my thing by a mile, definitely a ton of ability and talent to push your instruments and body to manic extents.

Was about to comment on how knoll’s set felt overlong and then that was their set. Enjoyed that a helluva lot more than I figured I would.

Haha, yeah, those shows are a blast live. I’m trying to figure out art so we can surprise some people with MDH koozies soon

Just gonna blast grind over the woofles’ bullshitting

Frail body setting up

I’ve power-violenced several beers but tried to chug water in between

Excited for them?

Def have more water!

I did, like 2/3 theu


Haha. I flipped my glasses off my face first song in and lost either earplug a couple times during the rest of their set.

Vitus just dropped a planes song on their speakers so probably gonna drink steely’s weight and cry the rest of the night

Of course you did. I’m surprised your glasses have survived.

And how about you’re going to drink water and celebrate life instead of that idea?

Disappeared one of my earbuds right before they started haha

Watched a song or two of wolf king but dipped. Figuring the trek back is gonna be trash so dip while I can leisurely make it home.

Had fun?

Fucking heaps

I’m still in mode of being able to be aggressively psyched for bands and shit I like feeling like a sort of firmware update.

Seeing me mosh and stomp is a celestial event as far as I’m concerned and I guess that happened.

Yeah, I don’t often enough go to those skramz kind of shows with you

Guessing you’ll get your chance in spades real soon haha

Oh, there’s so many upcoming shows that are right up my alley, I don’t know if I have time for skramz next to it…

Frail Body were specific vibes for me. Definitely more skramz ahead but probably will be a little more chill haha

I’m looking forward to that Hundreds of AU show. Been a while since we saw them!

Ditto. My Fictions are one of the openers and Jerry might be old enough to remember them having been an active band.

37 mins til conclusion of Bandcamp Friday. Anyone we wanna yet monies at??

Myself? You probably spent a third of my paycheck at that show, haha

40 on hoodie plus 80 off ATM

Probably 🤦🏾‍♂️

Just cause only half of MDH was out and drinking, doesn’t mean we cannot share the experience!

Wolf King: https://wolfking.bandcamp.com/
Frail Body: https://frailbodyil.bandcamp.com/
Knoll: https://knollvhs.bandcamp.com/
Weeping: https://weepingdeath.bandcamp.com/

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