Walking to sovereign. It’s like a mile from where I am thp

Of course it is. Waiting for the L to leave

Did the G to Broadway and was like fuck it (other option wait for L and take to Morgan)

I think I’ll be there like 7 exact – might need to meet you for cash, cause my bag doesn’t have it.

And as everyone knows, I still don’t own a wallet.

At least not having a wallet makes you more dogproof than me


This is all. Let’s stop talking. Who cares about the show, when we could discuss THE MTA.

Music Dies Here – MDH – MTA discussions here.

Time for a rename.

MTA, like a bunch of other unrelated things, seems to work best when you don’t need to be anywhere.

When you don’t need it. It probably works fantastic every time I stay at home.

Inverse relationship between time sensitivity and its efficiency

Yep. Sounds about right

It feels like a gathering already, it’s been a long time since this many people I love will be at the same place!

I know! Definitely one of those shows I’ve been so hyped on that my feet haven’t touched pavement all day. Rather it dont feel like it has

I really hope we’re gonna have a better experience than last time we had hype

At least we don’t let setbacks set us back!

Morgan! Meet me in front to hand me cash for entry?

Where are you.

Already inside

How is it 7 for a Tecate?

That’s new.

Just like this song Tired Radio is opening with

Was vexed by that too

Which has surprising Goodbye Blue Monday vibes

I dig it. Really goes for the throat

Ha I was just wondering more “what is this vocal thing”. Tastes differ!

Made me wonder if Anthony lost his voice

Hm. Could be?

I don’t know, maybe it’s me?

Okay can I just say though, musically they’re so good as always.

One of my favorite live bands, but unsure about the gravely vocal thing

Thought his vocals sounded fine on that last track (monsters)

But in any case, wonder if that’s a trend on their recorded stuff to come.

Maybe he just listened to Goodbye Blue Monday and really, really loved them, and took all the inspiration

(I really, really like those guys so I’d do that)

Worse influences than Graham

HAHA cause they’re local, you haven’t partied with the Scottish crowd

Anyway, I can’t even remember the last time I had a three day bender let alone a five day bender.

I love this band, I’ve seen better sets from them, but I still love them and it’s hard to not be happy listening to them or seeing them

Even when they’re lyrically depressing at times, haha

This sounds fun we probably should head out to check QWAM

And I probably should shut up and let you talk

Fuckin love seeing tired radio. They always bring it in terms of kicking ass

How you feeling about QWAM?

I know all our friends are here and it’s basically social central

I think once I settle down for a moment and take them in, I could probably fux with this

I heard they used to open for bands all the time and… I don’t think I’ve seen them before.

There’s snarl to em, I dig

Okay this ain’t a show, this is a reunion.

set to this ain’t a scene by fall out boy


Totally whiffed on catching any video/pics of QWAM. We should give their recorded stuff a spin and try to check them out again though.

Also 3rd band and it’s not even 830. Efficiency!

I can’t figure out if I went to the Dopamines show with Apologies back in Amsterdam years ago or not


No such inner dialogue here

How dare there be a line for the bathroom

Also your inner dialogue is why you didn’t see them at Matchless or whatever the venue was.

I’m having some issues with my camera so you’re on social duty tonight #branding

But more #booze

Hahaha dopamines with the weapons-grade taeks

Sheryl crow > BR


(in jest)

How much fun is this band by the way?

And how did you say “nah I don’t like that kind of music” for years

Goddamn am I glad a pit opened up, even if for a flicker

Woman halfway in the audience is really experiencing this band with the best joyful place to be


She needs a koozie

We got subway rat sushi in Brooklyn sorry guys

We also got $1200 for a room with roommates rents


okay get me a beer as well


Best of Both worlds

Guess I’m jack of all trades tonight haha

(except the art of flyering)

This band is funnier than me.

Or than I’ll ever hope to be.

You’re my comedic relief

Blame the bartender

Wait where’s my beer?

I had every intent of getting beers then Cincinnati Harmony happened

Buzz is wearing off halp

2023 we use our clout to be allowed to 211 in the pit

“just Brooklyn things my guy”

Oh yay one of my favorite bartenders here arrived

Lesser news, the Tired Scars people are all hiding inside like… tired old depressed people

And come on guys this band UNDERSTANDS.


This is one of my favorite songs of the last record, the one you just walked out on


We don’t do jokes in Brooklyn fam

We already are jokes

We don’t do jokes, we do jobs. Hustle or die baby

Successful New Yorkers are already at work for an hour at 8am

Even on Sundays

How else do we make brunch


sang to QOTSA feel good hit of the summer

New York Cocaïne?

Oh shit my secret native language is seeping through

I mean Cocaine


Why are Americans this tiny? I’m like… above average. That doesn’t make sense.


One day, ima know many more lyrics to dopamines’ records and it’ll really be on sight #brooklyn

You got dopamines pics? I hate all mine

I think I do! Come see the Rightful Copies with me.

My memories of this band are just… weird moments in time.

Get me another beer if you can but if not come hangggg

Come onnnnn

Getting a beer for ya


Def more audience than at the Bakkerij show years ago

Remember we got the orange shirts back in Glasgow and wore them a few weeks later in the Netherlands on Kings Day?

Where u

Where u brain?

If you got a dopamines pic that sucks less than mine (assuming ya do), dibs on posting



Guitarist on right looks like he’s getting beamed up


Took me two seconds.

Okay maybe an entire minute.

Ravens are my second team so the fact that the Bengals are in the Super Bowl is somewhat distressing (then again, I had Lamar Jackson on my fantasy teams for the last three years….)

I’m not even sure what my second team is. Or my first.

I hope the fact that I’m a fan of Joey Votto (as ballplayer and person) and dig Jesse Winker puts me in their sportsfan good graces. We may end up living there. Sayin’


I think commercialball is so hard to get into as a foreigner

bringing it back

And I’m sure the Jets are the most depressing intro


Okay who do you want me to call? Is this urgent?

We aren’t the cashiers but we’re the customer service people you’re hating. Okay that’s me.

That’s the suicide hotline number

You mentioned the jets


If I can mention the beers, where would they be?



Is that still a thing?

This band is so fun and energetic

This night is 90% perfect but heavily misses Matthijs.

Reckon it does

It does right?

Dude, I love seeing people having a blast and smiling from the edge of the pit

Dude this show is bottled happiness


Also the Brooklyn discourse got me in the mood to listen to mockingbird wish me luck brooklyn NY

(if anyone got an evening to read drunk posts just ask me about mockingbird wish me luck)

Note from Maaike: Kids, don’t forget to eat dinner (or at least breakfast and lunch) before drinking heavily. Coffee is not food. Shots are not food either. Don’t forget, non-alcoholic drinks are drinks as well. Drinking water is cool. Hydration makes you less of an asshole. Don’t be me last Friday rapidly going down the drunken memory lanes.

we had too much fun to take a lot of pictures and none are good

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