You’re at the venue yet? I’m on my way!

Who am I missing?

Just walked in. Don’t think I’ve missed anything.

Unless first band had a catalog of 30 second powerviolence tracks that I totally missed haha

LaCroix is $2 here

They’re like the menzingers of seltzer (overrated as hell) but 2 bones is 2 bones

We’re also overrated – and I’m pretty sure most people haven’t rated us at all.

This is painfully evident haha

Gotta be rated to be overrated

Mango flavor btw

Disclosure: had a couple high lifes at old Stanley (they were 3 cuz happy hour til 9)

Probably shoulda taken my vest cuz it’s supposed to be miserably cold when show ends

Feels like -9 Celsius foh

Oh don’t even remind me, I’m painfully underdressed for any weather below freezing.

All the prime real estate in their backyard tonight!! 🥶

I just really, really hate wearing a jacket.

Understood, don’t blame ya

Also, $2 seltzer cans is a W.


There’s that difference between places that see themselves as community centers and as venues.

(either that or $8 white claw/cider and $10 IPA)

$5 tecate is what it is

Meet me at the door, I need $ for ticket

Where you at

Also my earplugs aren’t on my keychain


I still don’t know how I feel about this venue.

Not a fan of the layout, especially the bathroom next to front stage.

I don’t know how the bartender translated Tecate to White Claw but they did.

Layout re: pisser was major pain in the ass when I was last here for gouge away in the before times

I was just about to ask you which band this was, but Endless

Haha ok

Maybe they did me a favor with that White Claw cause that Tecate you got me was rancid. Unsure what was wrong with it. Not expired either, maybe storage issue or just a bad batch, but I’m not trusting those here tonight.

Edit: I trusted them in the end. The rest was… well, it’s Tecate, you can’t call it good. Not horrible? Guess I got unlucky.

That’s fair

Endless was great. Endless reminds me of late night train rides after a fall-out with a friend. Like that’s what I’d listen to.


It’s 2am, you’re sad and angry and drunk, you can’t really afford going out some more, and your friend just walked away from you after a fight and is not responding to your text. You’re on that train, saying to yourself it’ll be better, you’ll be better, but you’re so unsure.

And that’s when bands like that hit the playlist.

I think it’s their first show. Excited about My Fictions and Hundreds of AU. Did I tell you that Husbandry opened for PMFS when they played knitting factory back in 2017. Midnight show so I was fuckin loadddddded. I probably even missed them. 6 hour pregame at duff’s sup?

Yes, this was the infamous show I passed out in front of venue at afterwards

Very descriptive I dig

HAHAHA what is that dude singing behind our backs? “Would you like to eat some mushrooms, something something, birthday”

I can’t get a read on this crowd tonight. It’s all over the place.

Oh that’s the show that made you scared to ever go back there! I remember this story.

Yep that was the show

Pro tip: pregaming endeavors should (not) be 6 hours long

That’s not a pregame. That’s the game.

Okay so for this band (My Fictions), their bass player / singer looks like he’s one step from either grabbing a skateboard and taking Skylar his place in Taking Meds, or buying some rich kid tech bro clothes and talking about how crypto saved his life. No in between.

Got out before crypto cratered

Oh fuck… I’m gonna have to review skramz records with you eventually. Help me.

What happened to that drink you were getting me?

Only took out 60 and unsure if I had enough $

You sure you don’t want the $2 LaCroix 😉

When there’s free tap water? Oh I’ll take the free tap water, haha


No spicy tap water ya gotta drop coin on


Just missed the bing bong part of the gig goddammit

went to a skramz show and (rumors of) bingo broke out

Bingo next door. We do need skramz bingo, I’m sure it’d be well attended.

skramzfansareclosetoretiring #dyinggenre #geriaticmusic

dying genre my ass

Aight husbandry is on now


So far Endless was one of my favorites, My Fiction was super strong. So curious about what I feel here.

Could get into this I think

For My Fiction.

It’s early evening. You just left family dinner, and though you love your parents, they always make you feel like a teenager. You know you’re heading home to a room alone – and you’re still upset about that fight last night with your friend. You vow you’ll stop shit from getting to you, that from here on, you’ve got it together. My Fiction plays through your headset as the bus shows up.

Husbandry is almost speed metal more than skramz. Is that the genre I’m thinking of? I’m very bad at metal subgenres.

Maybe mathy post hardcore is what you’re after?

No I’m thinking bands like Kamelot almost.

Edit: Power metal. That’s the subgenre I was thinking of.


also, husbandry: definitely not skramz. I almost remember as much from 2015 haha. Shit, I might even remember this song.

It’s interesting, I can’t really place it or place my feelings about them. They’re good, that I’ll admit.

Also who showered in aftershave?

Ah musically reminds me of Helmet and Quicksand, albeit shiftier

Wasn’t me. Bathing is a victory for me these days

We love bathing in regrets.

But damn whoever this is, my nose hurts by now. You notice it as well?

Commanding presence I’ll say

Haven’t just yet

Also you know bands are Serious Musicians ™️ when they take swigs of water and not PBR in between songs jahajaj

I’m not even serious humans ™️

I only am (for today) cuz I passed my CompTIA A+ lmaooooo

The larp is otherwise god tier

A few weeks passed. Your friend hasn’t responded to any texts and you’re tired, you’re done apologizing. You’ve been trying to be better – eating healthier, working out more. This event is happening and you know, that once good friend you fell out with will be there. You’re in your bedroom, getting dressed, pumping yourself up. You can do this, you’re okay without that friend, even though you miss them and regret the fight.

Husbandry plays on the speakers.

Wholesomeness here

I’m not quite sure where my story ends, it’ll depend on Hundreds of AU their set.

So sorry for the delay there! Glad My Fiction sold sweatshirts cause now I’m ready to brave the cold.

This is Hundreds of AU right?

Sure is

And I want to like any band I’ll ever play in if I ever do as much as their drummer does.

Drummers are just built different 🤣

Now I’m listening so I can end my story, let’s see where this band takes it. Do we ever reunite with our friend? Don’t we? Is there more public transport (probably).

Music is emotional and I often tend to compartalize music based on these emotions.

Fucking love seeing hundreds of au

They destroy every time

I actually genuinely like this band. Or even, the entire night to be fair. And that’s as someone ambivalent about the genre.

Welp, if you dragged me kicking and screaming into ska guess off you go into skramz with meeee

There’s something uncomfortable about that vague window-like thing in the bathroom right behind the stage, hahahaha

Hey, when is the last time I dragged you to a ska show? Even I am getting disillusioned with ska.

“not insane as crazy, insane as good”

We say crazy good all the time, no worries.

When’s the last time ska lmao

Just boomer it up at slackers gigs

Oh there’s been a bunch of ska gigs, I’ve just been ignoring them. They’re all getting to… internet for my liking

Anyway, you’re on social duty for this entire gig inc this band. You know it right?

Where did the crowd go anyway?

Noooo idea

Yeah for real tho

Where were the my fictions dudes again?

Seems like you found them. Or their singer at least

So you’re at this event. You’re seeing your friend and they’re ignoring you; you really were an asshole that one time but damn, get over it. Your mutual friend shows up, unaware of the fall-out and makes you talk. It’s awkward. It doesn’t help. You realize it’s not you, it’s actually your friend being an asshole. You break apart, head home.

You deserve better friends, a better life, and sure, you still need to be better yourself, but you also deserve better.

Hundreds of AU is that playlist.

still haven’t kept shit from getting to me

You’re still stuck at the second act.

Got it!

wanna buy some brogecoin

Next paycheck goes all in

Hey, think we should do one of those “who we are” type posts as to why we decided on MDH at some point…give all the danish and germans insight into ourselves haha

“we kinda suck sorry”

I think I just want an excuse to do a longform PMFS post to get it out of my system

My Fictions
Hundreds of AU

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