Sunday night shows can be just as much fun as any other night! We met up at the show after being separated for the weekend: we were so excited for this stacked line-up that Marcus traveled to Philly so he didn’t have to worry about the clash with Touché Amore.

It’s a shorter one than usual, because we had more fun than usual! Enjoy our takes from the crowd!

Haven’t had a chance to rest; basically hit the pavement as soon as my bus landed (granted I refueled at the nest before continuing my journey).

Anyway, fucking geared up

Guess I sacrificed my earbuds at the touche amore gig

I literally hit the pavement earlier today. I again forgot earplugs. Oh well


Yes beer and get those Tired folks to stop listening to the Radio

Always a pleasure to see Neckscars.

I knowwwww

::loud singing along sounds::

Haha you were thinking the same thing

I always think the same. Not sure what that was about but I always do.

I really hope one day all these bands take off, because damn, it’s just too good not to. And I’ve seen a lot of smaller bands, I feel by now I’ve got an ear for what’s good and what’s not.

Dude, same. As I probably said; this type of show would kill it overseas.

It should here as well but guess that’s frustrating.

American Thrills almost ready

~american thrills~

American Thrills

Excited we’re finally seeing them

Stop ruining venue bathrooms

Less excited about this. What’s wrong with people.


Haha right? I’ll just call it art

So pleasantly surprised about American Thrills living up to expectations

Me too. Somehow, didn’t have doubts they would. I dunno


Art is in the eye of the beholder

Yes that

We need an American Thrills drinking game with the next thing they release.


Drink when they mention old things, strangers, being normal now, etc.

American thrills bingo

I’d buy the board game. They should sell one on the Bandcamp

~the punk cellist ft. Matt Covey~

If haven’t said already, I am deeply sorry for having been a drunken wretch during John K Samson when we saw his solo gig in the beforetimes…

Virtute would not have approved.

I wanted to say, it’s why I don’t trust you at the Turkeys Nest before shows.

But damn that was a good song and cover.

Fair and well deserved but no way was I miss moment of this gig lolol

I wouldn’t have forgiven myself

Note: John K Samson played at Rough Sounds a few years ago. Someone decided to pre-game at the Turkeys Nest.

I’m not the biggest Wonder Years fan. I recognize this song but that’s about it.

I like All My Friends are in Bar Bands?

Cuz ours literally are so it’d seem

Turnstile isn’t just overrated, they’re just… actually not good.




My mind decided Turnstile and Turnover are the same band.

Also fuck how does Matt manage to create this much of a sound just from the drums

But deadass tho, someone gotta explain that band to me like I’m fucking 5 years old

Bringer of tinnitus

Challenge. Explain Turnstile to us and win a free… something. We’ll get you something cool if you can explain why the fuck that band is this big.

Our explanation? Zoomers be wildin’

The Punk Cellist and Matt Covey playing The Gaslight Anthem

Matt fuckin kills on drums fyi

Zoomers be wildin’.


Okay this is kind of ridiculous in the level of talent shared between those two

Last time I saw Pennywise I got so drunk. Pears and Not on Tour played too. One of my friends from Belfast was there as well. We went for a drink after, I missed my last train and decided just to take random night trains, and befriended some Iranian tourists

Okay also

This is really a lot of fun

This is fucking siqq

Love you Marcus. Never stop not doing weed.

Note – Ian: “This is another song by Turnstile.” Marcus: “I don’t do weed”

This version of turnstile makes me drink mountain dew

As if Turnstile fans aren’t gamerz

More of the chilled A than hard R dudes I’m certain

Someone has a dog in their bag

What kind?

Also, definitely feeling like I’m hitting a wall

The kind that fits in bags


Of course you are.

Yeah well, you see when you’re all like punkrockdontstop, the human body will always intervene.

Well fuck your body. (Though let’s wait until we’re home for that part)


~original sharks~

Original Sharks

This is fun

ASMR but with Matt drumming


Sleep music

Note: Hey Marcus, when you get back home, explain this to me. Not a lot of notes on this band – but that was a very solid show, especially considering they normally are a four-piece. I had fun and didn’t think it was sleep music.

Either girl in bathroom fell asleep or is taking the shit of her life.

We got an insta story for og sharks already?

Maybe doesn’t hurt to have multiple

Also my usual bathroom story is ‘I bet they’re calling their mom’

I am mentally photosynthesizing for tired radio

~tired radio~

I said it before and I’ll say it again but this could be a Goodbye Blue Monday song

And I’m so excited about introducing those guys

Soooo fucking wired for our bruthas

Note: Goodbye Blue Monday.

Look it’s not that often that a band sticks with me, local or bigger. I had my friends in Call it Off in the Netherlands, got Goodbye Blue Monday in Glasgow, so I’m sorry to Tired Radio but they’re my new ‘local I’m way too emotionally invested in’

These new songs sound good. I know I had some opinions two shows ago, but I guess it was an one off

I didn’t get Covid.

Note: Remember the December Omicron wave? Everyone caught it. Everyone. Besides us. No Covid formed against us shall prosper.

Chris: oh fuck who gave Marcus the mic

Marcus: oh shittttt

Phone is dead m8

Idiot haha

We have this guy at work and I think Anthony and he live on the same schedule

Cause he also says “it’s on the list, so probably 2029” or later

“Wait what are we playing” – Kevin, drummer


Okay so I sobered up and am waiting out the clock to get off work. That was a blast last night!

I think that when I turn old next month (you know, 30, so old), I will promise myself – and my friends – that I won’t go as hard as often. There’s a measured Maaike out there, I promise

Haha yeah I have even less excuse than you when it comes to overdoing it, says the guy who’ll be 36 in about 2 months.

MDH: hardest partiers in the Brooklyn scene

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