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This week has been chaos. We still haven’t reviewed Love Forty Down and with review I mean do what we do and drink and talk

And their new so-called EP is basically a full ass record.

So much chaos I’m in my resting pacing position haha

So get a drink and get your ass on this couch. It was expensive. It needs our ass imprints.

It really is. Rare occasion we review something over 15-20 minutes. No rhyme or reason to but just how it goes.

I think I just got used to expecting to get dogpiled literally

The dogs definitely are chaos.

You ready? I didn’t listen to it yet, going in blindly!

I have. Once from end to end

So… should we just move to Germany for the music?

~The Club of Rome~

I am not looking at the lyrics – some seem online though, but the sound says that they seem annoyed and angry at political issues

Or social issues

That’s accurate, definitely.

Oh there it is. “We’re fucking angry”

The tempo of this song is right up my alley.

It’s more skate punk musically, with orgcore vocals.

And hey you get your whoahs.

Definitely a quintessential opener far as I’m concerned


This is really good

man of few words there

Hahah. I couldn’t add any more lmao

German Angst

This track was one of the singles that dropped ahead of the record

It took me a long time growing up to realize angst doesn’t translate the same in English as the same Dutch word, though it’s similar. Think same goes for German.

Liked how go for the throat this track comes out with

It does in a way but not the same.

Anyway. Yeah, the alt right is an issue everywhere.

Wouldn’t have guessed

This chorus though; really dig the hell out of it.

Nailed it on the skatepunk parts

I guess the word got picked up from Dutch or German once. German Angst is an actual term by the way. Google it cause I’m a horrible source.

This band definitely makes me reconsider my “I stay away from music about politics”

If politics were this catchy, maybe people would give a fuck

So much hatred for the “other”. Must be nice to have so much else going well that people can afford the mental real estate to be able to do that as I gotta assume people who are on that shit are profoundly unhappy.

the point where we point out that we’re not apolitical but music drives the message and not the other way around I guess.

Thing is that in Europe it’s so worrisome due to history. America never had an international war on its soils – not since it was the war.

You see American kids turning to the left. In Europe, it’s the opposite. When we’re scared and worried,, we find the safe haven. The one that tells us we are the good ones.

Good point. I do admit my American lens does have a bit of a blind spot.

….maybe the war of 1812 we had in the USA as the last one that occurred on American soil.

That’s what I mean, America – the creation of America – was the war. Whether it was against those native or against those wanting it as their colony.

Otherwise the Civil War would kind of count. But I don’t think your grandparents talked about their cities being bombed.

Then again, your grandparents specifically likely had completely different stories unfamiliar to the white European.

American kids also do turn to the right as well. have definitely seen zoomers that lean hard into white nationalism (at least online)

~Fire Within~

Ah, this track had the gruffer vox

I bet this band is cheaper than Hot Water Music.

But really probably more fun to see.

Even if it’s just cause they will play smaller venues.

I can drink about 40 crazy stallions for the price of tonight’s show.

Note for non-American readers: In America, malt liquor is used to describe beers over 5% abv- often a specific style. Beloved by college students and homeless people, hated by everyone else. Crazy Stallion is of those brands.

Tbf, HWM kill live tho

Anyway this song is very Hot Water Music-esque and sounds so German because of that.

No argument on that

They do. Just not $50 worth of killing it. Anyway.

The part with the vocals before the music hits again.

This is super catchy. That “music dies here, it’s just vocals”

We gotta love it.

Had this album circled on my calendar for good reason

Oh yeah the catchy singalong part fuck yeah.

This makes me feel optimistic.

Contractual obligation by now lmao

Optimism is a new feeling today, it’s been a rough one. Thanks band!


arm in arm sing-alongs (as long as it’s cool with the persons next to ya)

Slower one.

Tryna find words…but this open before the vocals was awesome in a more somber fashion.

So refugees are a hot topic in Europe. Have always been.

Refreshing when bands don’t beat around the bush about what they’re about

Whereas America their racial issues are mostly focussed on black/white, Western Europe has foreigner/native but in reality foreigner being non-Western.

Have definitely noticed that from side of the giant pond

This song seems like ‘the refugee’s lament’

white/non-white at this point*

but different dichotomy it’d appear overseas tho

I wanted to say non-white, but you’d be accepted cause you sound American. Black Americans are considered American by a lot of people.

Doesn’t mean there’s no racism. That’s still a thing.

Drowning probably refers to those who die on boat trips every year, trying to make it across

I mean, that’s true to an extent although I do feel black folks here in the states every so often do have our way of life seen as kinda enemy sometimes, like “less” American.

For sure! Racism is multifaceted and exists across myriad contexts.

That’s the interesting part. Black people do get judged but if you open your mouth and sound American, boom, all of a sudden there’s less judgment. There’s a lot of pressure to assimilate.

Which is racism on its own. Can’t sound black or you’ll be judged.

Same in Europe though it’s more sounding “non white” that gets judged, or “non-western”.

And definitely isn’t a shared experience either. Like, I discuss (well, the obvious that I’m black) in a way that I feel is specifically my own based on experiences and idiosyncrasies.

You know this, but I never speak for any black person aside from myself.


Ooh this is the I “I support women” song.

I always feel hit or miss about that. This song is catchy and I enjoy it. This super catchy guitar riff helps.

My favorite song on this record (single also came out beforehand, so I’ve probably heard it more times than the others)

It reminds me of another song I – as usual – can’t place.

Oh. Okay this is going to sound so stupid.

Lot of bounce to this one

Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home for Christmas.

This part 🔥🔥🔥

That’s what it reminds me off


I need to know who’s on guest vocals here.

Fwiw, mobina galore guested on this one

Note: Obviously, Marcus reads minds

Thanks Marcus! Really dig Mobina Galore live

Yeah, they were really good when we saw em. I think we saw em together?

They’re awesome. Should try to get into their recorded stuff again.

I think at least MPF 2018, maybe Pouzza as well

Maybe even locally but I wouldn’t remember

Might have been locally or MPF, but it all blurs after awhile.

Anyway, really really dug their contribution to this song…

Okay so usually songs like these are cringy not only in lyrics but music as well – but I like the storytelling vibe and music here, so it’s a rare moment a band gets a pass from me on it

Musically, it was a driving song as has the rest of the album to this point.

You know me, engage me musically and the message is easier for me to engage with. Full stop.


No I can’t help figuring out this titel. I don’t know either.

That outro is still in my head haha

Okay Google translate combined with reasoning helped. It means as much as endboss.

RIP babelfish

Ahhhh there we go

Remind me to make you read the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy


Full force into the song.

headbanging dot gif

Vaguely smoke or fire sounding

(could just be the drinking heavily of MDH lol)

It’s so interesting with a lot of these smaller German bands.

Half of their songs want to be Hot Water Music

Half want to be No Fun at All.



This song is more of the latter. I guess that mix makes Smoke or Fire?


Is this a love song?

That breakdown had a different vibe from the rest of the record.

So far, listening to this record more actively has made me dig it more.

Okay so they’re also optimists believing in love, next to their anger and sadness about politics.

Yeah this is so much fun.

Ah, wasn’t thinking that initially but seeing it now


5 minute song incoming. Didn’t know I was listening to a tool album 🤣🤣🤣

Okay I bet this is… a “I love my friends this is worth it due to them” closer.

(definitely just bullshitting, just for the record)

And not a “we are all the same and in it together”. It’s usually either or with these bands

Don’t have a bingo chart but that’d be the box I’d X out if I did

The post covid feeling. Let’s go dancing!


Or post lockdown more-so

We had that in spades too, dude

I know that feeling.

“I swear tonight all I needed was a friend”

Last Sunday was one of the nights this song has to be about.

see also: the last original son track on their record…forgetting what that is.

Probably explains why I fly too close to the sun every show we got friends at or a lineup of friends and bands

That moment you’re with the people you want to be and

Life all of a sudden just works and feels okay and not that damn complicated

This build up is a classic and it’s so good.

Seems like what an album would close with

The bass/floor/snare hits until a guitar solo

Love forty down aren’t doing booze cruise are they?

Cuz dang

Yeah. This makes me nostalgic for the present. Is that a thing?

Haha. I am equating last Sunday to present

If so yeah?

Hey Booze Cruise get them on our German NYC meet, thanks.


Listen for yourself here:

Ps: We’re not that well-versed in politics, history and international conflicts and sometimes sound like idiots who speak before they think. Especially when drinken, and we definitely were drinking. We love the debate and talk about these subjects often, but try to keep it away from Music Dies Here whenever we can; this record just can’t be listened to without talking about some of it.

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