Marcus went to see Touche Amore in Philadelphia a while ago. There’s not really a lot of content here – he had too much fun, Maaike fell asleep – but to log it in our history books, this was what happened!

Pictures might be updated for this later.

Apologies for not being more attuned tonight! Commuting and catching up and managing to not miss a connection haha

my turn to drive the content beast

It is! I had options tonight and then felt incredibly tired, so I’m staying in and relaxing. At the venue yet?


First band started yet?

So gotta leave my beer with frens or make sure I’m empty before going to stage area

Closer finished like 10 mins ago

Good content

Was a bit off it tryna adjust to venue

Audience better than NYC? Beers more affordable? Friends friendlier?

Bars are a draw, but tbf, this venue is a more annoying bowery ballroom

Gotta show stamp each time I leave the floor part of stage

Militaire Gun on meow

Why? That doesn’t make sense. Bathrooms & bar at floor part?

Bathrooms are past checkpoint

Checked my beer with the keraks during closer lolol

Imagine band on 120 minutes back in the day playing at 1.25x speed.

So enjoying it or not?

It’s cool

Marcus, [3/19/2022 9:26 PM]
Finna dip in for

Ate shit during touché but made sure to fist bump the bouncer that I was ok

Passed on touche merch cuz we broke lol (rather hard pass on $50 hoodie//$40 long sleeve

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