Show! Show! Show!

Maaike flying solo gigarooo

It’s time for Maaike her run up to her thirties and that means a month of irresponsible choices and fun.

I’m going to try to get back in cycling shape as well! This commute would be faster on a bicycle. And it already is a short one compared to what we’re used to

That area of Bushwick (I guess that neighborhood where the show is still counts?) is especially close.

I am so confused by this space

It’s very… retrowave

These pictures do not do it justice.


Wow, didn’t think purgatory was sooo easy on the eyes. So much more so than its connotation of the word itself haha

Upstairs bar

Radar is pretty all right! Great musically, but I miss the stage presence – very much just staring at their instruments. Bit more energy and this’d be great!

Which is a new one. I don’t think I ran into “missing the stage presence” yet this year. Myriad of reasons! Could be the smaller stage. Maybe they’re newer musicians so aren’t overly familiar with their instruments yet. Maybe they’re just not that band. Or just as tired as I feel today

Have seen that name before. I think they’ve released stuff on dead broke (rekerds)?

Also in sleuthing show pics from that you vandal show from 2018…looks like one of the dudes in remnants now plays in radar?

Guitarist maybe?

Think so

That tracks.

Right, that could be a myriad of things.

(not limited to us having been spoilt rotten over the last bunch of months)

If more than four of the people here actually paid in, I’d be surprised.



Show attendance would have increased by 25% had I not been feeling the having been out and running on maximum battery life 4 of the last 5 days.

Okay maybe it’s not that bad, but there’s 30 people including band on stage in the stage area now.



Really use a coffee.

That’s got to be a new one for me.

And not enny.

I heard caffeine so not necessarily new haha

Also, how is Purgatory in the non alcoholic drinks are drinks too department?

Pretty decent! I’ll take a picture of the menu when I’m back in.

Oh. It’s cold af.

Good to know! Putting that in my mental rolodex

Heavy Lag setting up. Oops, forgot picture. It’ll come.

Note: It did not


What’s left to say about Heavy Lag we haven’t said yet? They’re fun live. They have local friends so drag a crowd.

Though I don’t see that crowd as often at shows I’m at as you’d expect

I know what to expect from them now. Our readers so as well. Or reader. Or me. Just me.

Yeah, I do see one of em at hardcore via their Instagram stories every so often so it ain’t totally like blowing off the local scene (as there’s a specific subset of localness that even we do…probably more broad-and more visible, but still)

Yeah it’s not a bad thing. We all have our own subcorners.

MDH’s worst kept secret hahaha

You won’t find us at anxietytherapists?! or however bands are called these days

Fuck no, and I’m proud of that.

(to each their own but that shit hasn’t ever done anything for me)

Haha, take pride in yourself wherever you can, I suppose.

But yeah. So. Heavy Lag. They’re…They’re… playing music. There’s an audience. They’re playing a new song, but did they ever record enough to have old songs?

Didn’t we have a cassette of theirs?

You know what I really enjoy about those shows like the one on Sunday?

The complete and utter lack of Hell Yeah.


Whom I think you’re referring to ain’t no Steve Austin, that’s for sure

xPrideNYHCx or anxioustherapists?!

Heavy Lag

Different person. It snuck into certain crowds.

Hm we might.

I don’t know.


Maybe not.

Myriad things I liked about that show, my body says whilst recovering from that one and the one before this past Saturday lol

You think I remember where our money went this past year?

Fair question. Could ask that of me too.

I’m more tired than I thought. Coma Twins on now!

3 of 4?

It is!

This is chill.

Ah yeah New York, never change. Half the audience isn’t around.

The thing I sometimes forgot about weeknight shows is that they (mostly) run briskly…for obvious reasons.

How are Coma Twins?

Cool sounding name btw

I’m digging it.

Awesome! Sorta had a hunch they’d be good.

Haha right? I feel like we’re so used to being at shows where friends of bands come thru for em and then seem to otherwise vanish.

Probably an everywhere thing but seems like an impressively NYC one.

This works! Could get into and see why this’d be pretty good.

Yeah it really is a lot of fun! Didn’t know what to expect, never listened to them, heard the name and decided to show for the touring band!

Okay, last band setting up. Last drink in my hand. Trying to beat my exhaustion, is it weekend yet?!

Weekends, what are those?

Those two days we sleep until 3pm!

Living it!

They found a way to have a bigger stage

Have we seen Depresión Tropical before?

Nah we haven’t. Probably seen them on lineups but never seen em

Huh. I’m surprised at that, haha

Good I needed a band to keep me awake hahaha

Seeing what the shitty Bandcamp algorithm pulls up when I search for em

Ah, definitely a different sound than what we’re used to

I cannot place the cover they did.

It wasn’t Teenage Kicks but the music sounded exactly like that.


So it’s a song that sounds exactly like Teenage Kicks but with more whoahs

Moving on… “This is a D-beat song. Are you fans of D-beat? Cause you might be after this song!”

I think he said D beat. I’ve got zero clue what D beat is. That’s in the same corner of my brain reserved for hyperpop – the empty space of ‘maybe this sounds familiar, wait, what were you talking about?’

D-beat usually gets associated with crust punk.

Hey next time they play, we should go. I think you’d dig whatever the fuck this mix of everything is.

It’s really cool.

Checking out their Instagram now. The excerpts of songs they have sound fun.


Why are people passing along a banana

And using the bananaphone

Once again New York, never change

Damn, definitely L taken on my part on skipping the show tonight.

Gotta show out for the bananaphone

Ring ring ring ring ring ring ring, bananaphone, tutududududu

Heavy Lag
Coma Twins
Depresión Tropical

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