we made it to a show.

sold out funsies here we come

Who’s on now?

Soul Blind

Ah okay

I really love my MC Lars “ska is not dead” sweater, but maybe it’d have worked better at the Kill Lincoln show, where I wore my My Fictions sweater which would work with this show.


This band seems really good (read: for people who like this kind of music, it seems like a band to check out – very grungy and not my thing), but kind of out of place on this show.

Rocking my super old touche amore tee; the one I got when I first saw em in 2009

Oh yeah, this band is Seattle 93 era worship; but then a lot of bands took on this type of sound after Superheaven broke up

For the record, I don’t really mind this sound as you know when it’s 233am in the Simmons residence.

Grunge is usually the last stop before our YouTube is fully taken over by nuuuuuu

Definitely AIC vibes from this track

(Dirt album)

Let’s go the opposite direction of my usual complaint

I’m too young for this

Mixed crowd.

Hahah I feel ya

Long line out. Hey, where are you?

I guess One Step Closer is setting up now?

Also, it’s about time for bars to start accepting debit.

Merch area. Was gonna ask you the same

Facts. Also idk if there’s ATM on the premises.

Goddamn this narrow-ass corridor is fuckin annoying.

Was gonna ask if you had monies cuz I wasn’t to an ATM

My main issue with this venue is actually the sound, not the merch area. It’s never good.

So yeah, bar accepts debit cards.

Even for one drink


Left mid venue around palm tree where we ran into friend

First and last bitburger of the evening ($10)

Eh cheaper than Hot Water Music tickets.


Til the wheels fall off….a HWM compilations record and our gag about their tix

Yo remind me to actually give this band a listen cause I dig this sound

Yeah! Was finna say that I’d love to see them on their own tour

(we saw them with CBK/AWS)

Ah yeah. I think I said the exact same back then and never did

It never – and I mean never – ceases to surprise me how tiny Americans are.

This audience is what, 5’8″ as a median?

Probably smaller on average


Well that’s the portion in front of us. Pretty sure everyone over 5’10” is hanging in the back.

Definitely sounds vaguely as friends rust in the more melodic, slower paced sections

It’s funny how no one likes this venue

Two separate people

1) “See that crack? So the last time I was here the ceiling fell down”
2) “I’m afraid this will be another ‘we’ll play until Market kicks us out’ show”

There the tagline for boozexperience

But seriously, one step closer is great. Open tabs candidate?

Might be, if we ever finish our current list.

We got talk show host, common sage. Anyone else?

But agree

For 2022 we also have some. Trophy Jump for example.

It’s really fucking up my chi, especially sold out

There was someone else for Open Tabs we agreed on and I can’t remember

At least it doesn’t feel sold out

Sub out for psyche if you need.

It doesn’t?

Nah. Outside of between bands, no line at bar and during bands, actual places to stand.

This is what sold out should feel like.

It usually feels like “this venue oversold by 20% minimum”

You out yet?

Are there? Kinda struggling with that haha. Feeling like I’m always in someone’s way lol

No pisser line atm

No transitions night, eh?

Anyway drug church

People singing along. Good shit, people y’all.

Looks like a fun time up front for sure!

jaded old fuck like me 🫱🏿‍🫲🏻 Zoomers


Meanwhile on the dog camera seems like our dogs decided to have a crusade against our new couch


Gonna have to empty my bladder again for partaking in this drug church pit

::watch them play detective lieutenant and make me try to pile on while not pissing myself:


Okay so the dogs finally seem to relax. I’m assuming you broke yourself during this song?

News flash, you breaking yourself ain’t news.

Still some left lol

Remember how I was complaining about being fat? Well from this view that art looks like a burger. Or a terribly rolled burrito

Am I wrong?


Taco Bell rolled burrito

This singular exit out of the stage area of market hotel is a great white incident waiting to happen lol


Hey, so we got any summations/any further comment about the gig?

It was fun! Crowd seemed to be into it, very much reminded me of the shows I’d go to growing up in ways. Drug Church seems super energetic live. Can’t wait to see them when I actually listened to their music more than once & in a venue I like.

And I’m glad you didn’t break your old body

Hahaha same on your second point.

I do think drug church was even better this go round than during citizen (welp, at a venue objectively worse than market hotel-which seems a feat).

Gonna wager a bet and say it probably won’t be the last time we see them this year…

I feel like Elsewhere is the venue that embodies the gentrification of diy culture.

DIY as commodity/richly financed social experiment

Diy for the pmc

Okay anyway. You have any last thoughts?

More succinctly put lol

Hm. Really enjoyed myself. I dug Soul Blind (what we saw of them; I’m definitely partisan to the sound they have but still), One Step Closer was awesome and we gotta keep an eye for when they come thru again, and Drug Church was even more intense than I expected.

— Pictures will eventually be uploaded —

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