Hoo boy, gonna be one of those gigs eh?

anyway Rebecca black to heavy lag gig pipeline confirmed

Oh it absolutely will be.

Second friyay gig, may as well crank Friday for kicks

Fifth time seeing Heavy Lag this year and I swear, I don’t do it on purpose.

4th I think?

It is for you. You missed last week Wednesday

It was that soon. Thought it was 2 Wednesdays ago

Well yes. Last Wednesday was two days ago

Okay I did a count of people in the venue. 24 people including 4 in the band and 2 bartenders.

Haha you knew what I meant. 2 weeks ago Wednesday

So it took me 5 shows this year plus I don’t know how many last year.

But that song that keeps making me think it’s the Bouncing Souls – Sing Along Forever seems to be called Heist.

Ah word. There was a part in one of their songs that sounded Iike what divides us all by smoke or fire…

The united we stand, divided we fall chorus in that SoF song*

One of their earlier songs musically really had heavy Green Day Nimrod era vibes.

Oh fuck we’ve seen this band so often we now have ~opinions~ about them musically.

Means we like them (or have simply seen them too often not to have thoughts)

Someone has to explain what my mind has now dubbed the rich girls table to me.


Ha I did not hear the Offspring in that song, but clearly the band did.

The table to the right with the three girls with identical haircuts who just got food. They haven’t gotten up or shown interest in anyone but themselves since we got here.

Sidenote: I’d assume that at some point heavy lag would (should) play fest. They’d fuckin kill it there.

Oh I bet they’re already on the line-up.

I guess good on them for paying into the gig but hey, they’re missing a good set haha

I assume they paid in*

Whatever they’re eating, I’m stepping a bit away, it’s super overwhelming

Yeah it smells hella bright dang

I missed when places smelled of cigarette smoke and stale beer instead of food and incense. Like what’s up what that recently, venues burning incense?

a e s t h e t i c


It’s a small but good crowd tonight.

It is. Good company tonight

~Slow Death~

They’re better than the last time we saw them, but last time they were more of a comedy act, ha

I also was definitely too faded to remember much else, full disclosure

Definitely woulda been a dope house show in the early aughts

This bill*

Ooh hey Marcus when I sit down I’m almost your height!

The weather is fine down here, maybe a little muggy. Thank u 4 asking

For a second I thought he had a cigarette but it was a white capo

To the intro, you can go “Josie’s on a vacation far away” and it would work so well.


Fuckin great so far

Is their bass player this tall or is it cause he’s on a stage? He almost looks like normal human tall – not American tall.

(Sorry dude, you Americans are tiny, xoxo all Dutch people)

Dude is like 1.25 USAicans tall

Also Mikey on the vocals! Drums and vocals are still wild to me. I can barely remember to hit the snare in time


the dude in front of stage who’s recording with his phone has no cover

But also

No broken screen.

Have I ever seen that on a phone?


Lockdown. LD. Living dangerously. Tracks.

Lot of swag in this riffage

Slamming pints with the homies vibes

Yo this is the opposite of the last time we saw them. They’re kicking full of energy through songs.

Also I like both versions

Is this their interpretation of She Hates Me?

Or whatever that song was called.

Did you see that?

So beer was finished. Can was thrown aside. Throw failed. Can fell on floor tom. So can just got drummed off of it.

I was tryna snap pic but was too slow haha

We should crank that up when we get home, provided the dogs haven’t maimed our couch again

No. We should not.

Supporting the Mikey Erg Band, it is the Mikey Erg Cans

(I know, I know, I should have become a comedian)

Damn….again it’s real easy to tell who is who in these haha


The girls at the rich girl table

Actually are standing. I didn’t know that was possible but obviously it is.

Just stretching. Can’t blame em.

Sitting at a punk gig and chowing down stiffens the joints

Must be too tired, I’m sure they came here after their pilates classes.

Point taken haha

We redacting this part or keeping it in

What’s up with that creepy bear?

~Mikey Erg Band~

Oh I’m keeping it. We be judging the audience.

Better behaved than our canines lol

Seriously stop making everything about our dogs

Ok will do fine

Lost my train of thought now

Been a while since I saw a band where the bass player is the most energetic of the bunch


Everyone’s teenage diary. “I wish you loved me, bla bla bla bla”

Also I’m an idiot. It is creepy racoon, not creepy bear.

Ah, thought that was a panda hahah

What happened to our Instagram stories?

It shows Heavy Lag, I thought you did it for all?

Ah shit, my bad. Lost access to the musicdieshere IG after reinstalling the app and didn’t get a chance to correctly reenter the password. My bad.

— Pictures will eventually be added —

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