Day 3!

Been a while since I got this many positive vibes from a crowd!

~Action Park~

Hahah I’m not used to those

Haha, that’s cause everyone smokes weed with their therapist these days cause they’re ~anxious~ without the high.

This band is fun, how didn’t it make my radar before?

For real. Daymn, this rulesss

“We’re from Long Island and Queens… ish”

So the water. They’re living somewhere in the water, right?

Transient boat people

Boat people… ish

Gotta love how half the band is all about the colorful patterns and the other half is all about fading into the background

Haha right??

Digging the bassist’s shirt though

I’m watching that phone and it feels seconds from the bass player accidentally jumping on it and breaking it.

Yep that definitely gave me a smidge of anxiety watching that

And he did, though I don’t think it broke

You could see him ease up when he felt his phone under his feet haha. It looked fine from where I was standing

Gotta love those shows where it’s “bands, their friends and us” in the crowd.

Definitely the vibe of the evening.

Band band band band

Okay band two

Note: Phone is fine, we asked.

"Hey, quick question, how's the phone?"

"Ha, it's fine. You saw that?"

"I've got it on camera. It made us anxious to watch that"

*Turns to guitarist*
"Hey man, they're saying our band gives them anxiety"

"Great! I'll take it!"

The Brandon Richie Band

I’m very confused on when mullets came back into fashion by the way

Mullets don’t mesh with my version of nüstalgia (or vaporwave marathons on YouTube)

Ah gotta love the over the top moves followed by BROOKLYN HOW ARE YOU FUCKING DOING

Followed by a Blink 182 cover.

I always feel for bands who show up here with that much energy and optimism, and then find this city doesn’t respond to that

Ah so that’s what that was

The band isn’t bad, the audience doesn’t hate it, but over the top interactions usually gets the opposite reaction in these areas

Yeah, dunno what to make of heh

Musically the band seems very inspired by early Blink 182 – could be just the vocals though

Wasn’t sure if that much was a schtick or being actually bothered.

My brain assumes most things are just tryna wind people up to fuck with em these days.

I don’t know either, but as a schtick, it doesn’t work. Unfortunately for those who love it.

Door is still fucked

Unless for people already familiar with that band but yeah, new audience…idk.

Whoever is in charge of the music at the bar area, I’m not a fan. Feels very “I’m gonna play way I like fuck the crowd tonight”

Seemed the same the other time we saw hopeless otis here

Some bands have a bass player that look like the kind of person you expect to play bass. Cherry Pop is one of those bands

Also this band is about half the speed of the other bands, haha

No one needs 7 cymbals

Haha seems more power pop than punk/pop (well, one song in)

Ha and song two is speeding it up. Sticking with no one needs seven cymbals

I blame Long Island.

No one needs Long Island either.

Brooklyn and Queens are on the same landmass as LI tho

Half those cymbal stands are falling apart already, haha

This band tries to create a wall of sound and falls a few miles short of it. It’s more of a sandheap of sound. It’s not bad at all, it just feels like it’s trying to do way more than works

Sandheap of sound hah

Like I get what they’re trying to do, and the idea of that is good, but it falls flat.

But it’s fun and that’s what it’s about!

That last one was the most straightforward track they’ve played so far. Probably the best-and not coincidental either.

It’s adorable how the guitarist and bassist have -almost- matching leopard print. One on their board, the other on their strap

Haha that is pretty cool

Oh and the drummer his shirt!

Completely missed that.

Caught that!

Anyway, this is definitely their sound

This definitely has 1230am Saturday morning show vibes. The drunk circlepit and mosh would be a sight to behold

Wanted to go to bathroom and right at that moment two others walked in

And with one functioning stall (unless you’re comfortable using the broken door as a block), I’ll wait

Haha, oh yeah, early day festival band. That definitely be a vibe

Outside. Really needed to sit for a second!

sooooooo, punk island?

I feel like music festivals should have hammocks.

How don’t they?

“Can I have a glass of water?”



Water should be free and every bartender that doesn’t provide a free glass of water sucks at their job

You don’t want people being too drunk. If people ask for water and you charge, people won’t ask for water.

Should be common sense but hey. I don’t tip on paid water.


Nah makes sense. Why tip on what should be free?

(hell, you can’t even bring bottled water in here)

Hey, we’re finally seeing Hopeless Otis on purpose.

Instead of them just being there.

That rhymed

How did that rhyme?

Favorite game of shows

Is this the soundcheck or did they start the set?

Hopeless Otis on purpose.

It had a flow to me.

(Also 4th show in 4 days so go easy lol)

Or did the Kingsland decide to be “HARD END OF 11PM!!!!!” last minute again

Wouldn’t be the first time

Lolol who knows

Wouldn’t shock, I concur

Man, these dudes are super fun. Infectious energy for dayssss

“For some of us it’s the end of spring break”

Teachers all over the nation are in mourning

I guess we’re going to their release show in the hinterlands of Queens if after euro trip?

Wellness check to our teacher frens

Are you volunteering us for travel to Queens? Really? Ughhhh


Red guitar, white floor, blue rack. And these are the only colors on stage really. Subliminal messaging here.

Oof @ crowd.

Was gonna comment on that.


These guys are so happy just playing and I am digging this energy.

That’s what won me over when we saw them in January. Specifically that. Their sound helped it all fall into place for me.

I like shit that’s optimistic. I know I complain a lot, but it’s always from a place of caring and trying to find solutions.

Action Park
The Brandon Richie Band
Cherry Pop
Hopeless Otis

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