Hey welcome to another episode of Mostly Drinking Heavily at shows, as I said goodbye to my twenties and am assuming turning 30 today will automatically change everything 🙃

Great song tho

Time keeps on drinking into the cosmic future you say

You know it, the hangovers keep coming and they don’t stop coming

The war on mullets

Smash capitalism by cutting your own hair in the dark

Dude look it up, it’s called a wolf cut or something and it’s the worst Gen Z hair trend in the world.

Lolololol. that cut needs its own therapist

I could run social commentary on the crowd tonight for days without getting bored. Ah, I love being out and being a judgmental asshole.

L for no napkins in the bathroom

(Well the one I just used)

Better than no TP


Place is definitely filling up.


Note: Maybe that’s why I studied accounting? I just like counting things, okay?

Like I said earlier, 4 shows//4 different types of crowds…. definitely speaks well of us being literally everywhere.

I know. We’re the insufferable assholes that everyone wished stayed home.


Sorry about their damn luck lolz

We’re important, okay?

I am going to milk my asshole persona today, just cause I can. Sorry whoever reads this, today you’re getting self important Maaike

I’m good at reading the room so ratcheting up the Discourse ™️

no we will not Log Off goddammit

I see we’re getting delusional Marcus today!

~Fat Heaven~

(for real, nice crowd tonight)

bit of a sight for sore eyes these days

Fat Heaven is exactly the type of band we need on more shows

Fat Heaven shows that the difference between pop punk and orgcore sometimes is just the vocals on the records and live.

Don’t think I’ve listened to them recorded. I may have but dunno.

Just the time(s) we’ve seen em

Or nü

What the nü with this song

Also, not-so-subtle reminder to use our MDH muscle (keyboard warrioring) to get people to turn tf up early to see Fat Heaven open for Direct Hit!

Maybe we need to start a fund raiser for pre-show therapy so all our friends with anxiety can get a pep talk before heading to shows?

I can’t believe we rarely see Fat Heaven cause seriously, so much fun

Hah, maybe. Usually that YouTube video of subtitled doggo barking and saying you can do the thing suffices for me. But we’re all built different.

For real

Hey I’m at the smoking area btw!

I’m inside now

But you’re lost. Or I lost you. It’s the same.

I’m sad about tomorrow as well by the way

Back by bar

Where you

Shirts of Krafwerk & the Lemonheads, this band makes me feel young.

Me too

Would have felt seen with a Local H tee but alas

You’re just waiting for the first band to show up on stage with a Sevendust shirt and we all know it

Might just be me at this point




Note: Shout out to our friend all the way in Australia for transferring $ (the USA version) for a birthday drink! Love you and your energy and can’t wait to hang again

The Hungover Tomorrows

Music Dies Here changes their name to The Hungover Tomorrows.

The colors on this bass are awesome.

Pears! Friends! Future friends! I’m actually really enjoying myself tonight

Sad Tomorrows were cool. They got a sound I know I dig but just gotta be reminded of that fact

Was that a Matt sneaking by the crowd.

Can’t tell

Wait is Zack SxE now?

Zach. Same.

More fun than our weed frens

Ha. Yeah I’ll take straight edge over telling your therapist about weed

Pears is hilarious. I love this band live.

But why is he talking about jingles

Because everyone hates jingles.

Set time lololz

Plus man needs a breather. Chill

Pears does nüüüüü

You missed all of that didn’t ya?

Oh shit a pit

And yes. Damn bladder

Damn your bladder.

I’m not American enough to know this song

I never seen Pears without Zach shirtless halfway through the set so obviously things CHANGED

Fuckin censorship

“what the fuck is happening here”

We need this energy in our content

I feel weirdly like it’s Amsterdam in 2015 and it’s feeling good.


I love Pears and they’re all so nice

Fat Heaven
Fat Heaven
The Sad Tomorrows
The Sad Tomorrows
Zach being Zach

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