Another day, another gig. Out here at the Russ Rankin show.

Always a sign of a well-promoted show when your voice echoes in the venue.

There’s one other person here. One.

88 fingers Louie hoodie dead giveaway haha

True, ha. Two more people heading that way. That’s 5! Plus the sound guy

Attendance is doubling. Saw two dudes going downstairs to the show space

What is that like a 200 percent increase??

Massive awkward nerds standing in corner at prom energy right here jfc

It’s absolutely hilarious and feel straight out of a movie scene

Coming of age story

The part where one of the nerds has a moment of bravery and randomly breaks out the robot

But instead of everyone clapping, everyone stares blindly.

Shows like these need a local support that brings in the crowd. Social obligations


Seems inexplicable for there to not have been.

10 seconds in and this Karina Toriz set is promising to be really good.

Agree, digging this so far

Thrice shout-out: 2003 me feels SEEN

Her voice is so incredibly impressive, I don’t even know what to say, haha

Shout out to the sound tonight, it’s awesome. Who needs a crowd if your voice can fill up the room?

Sound guy is ace

Me neither. Glad we showed up to check her out. See, taking chances on acts you haven’t heard of…seems a thing people oughta try.

Her cover of that dustin kensrue song makes me wanna revisit his tunes also

Sound is incredibly full. Props.

This bad religion cover is fuckin sick


I did well by the way on getting you in Bad Religion, I wasn’t sure if you’d recognize it

Excellent choice of words

…but can we find her on TikTok???

Suppose we should add her album to our neverending queue of stuff we’ll probably get to at some point.

Oh absolutely.

To both

~Russ Rankin~

Lyrics to this opener are on point

This show is making me smile so much more than I expected it to



You’re all the worst, you know that right?

Peak white girl karaoke hours up here (note: I do not know why BBC came up in my autotype as I was commenting lol)

If its the girls I think, that’s basically the same crowd we see at the Bushwick local shows, the Heavy Lag fan crowd.

I’ve no idea; idk what they look like but that crowd all look the same with the requisite levels of irony and quirk…

This set has been what I figured it’d be, which I mean in the best possible way.

Also digging the tracks off first album quite a bit…..

“He took my fucking deodorant and put it in the fucking bathroom” -quotes without content.

That person me??

We gotta do an outtakes just on shit heard in Bushwick lmao

Had two whole-ass bellylaughs tonight so that’s a W

It’s been a good night.

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