Scenes from the hideout 2 mins in:

Cops summoned to retrieve a drunk person leaned over in front of the bar.

Phish is the greatest band ever…and I quote. White lady, probably aged 57

And you’ve been there for what, ten minutes?

Not even

Out of context quote said in laughter:

“You’re an anti-Semite Bob”

(we can redact this haha)

Apparently missed the gag

I miss neighborhood spots in areas that don’t get the cool kids.

I’m around the corner

Guy in bulletproof vest that says security. I assume he’s the hired muscle for the evening.

Oh that’s a bullet proof vest? I thought that was just a shirt.

Me when Maaike suggests we should start a band: 🫤

This statement but me listening to Captain Asshole on the way here: 🍻 🎸

You are the worst, just so you know!

Hey I think music started

It did! Yippee!

Acoustic music!

I think this is Curly, but idk for sure

Really easy to get into.

Digging the energy

Can confirm

And hey, dude shares a town with the mighty coheed and cambria

note 2 self: no such thing as indoor voices here I see 😅

Super accessible and I don’t see that as often with acoustic music


I’m also feeling like a giant again. You Americans really are a tiny people.

You really did choose a fun-sized husband haha

Do ukeleles have the same association with comedy to Americans?

Woah woah music is a thing woah woah there is a ukulele woah woah these are woahs woah woah

Dude has a naturally good voice.



His voice reminds me of Ducking Punches. Dan has a very similar voice.

Holy shit, ace call

So we’ve two more bands to see tonight but this show is legitimately the essence and raison d’etre of MDH

I have never listened to Machine Gun Kelly but this song sounds inspired by that and…

it’s pretty much not the best thing.

I get it you like MGK

But hey let’s see if Rachel makes it better!

Girl has a good voice as well!

She does

Jfc, when we do our hack band thing we gonna get outshined every gig lmfao

Redact lol

Ton of spirit on that bop. I don’t care. Fun was had so I got nothin’ to say.


Oh no Marcus I had my first conversation with a “follow me on TikTok”

I never felt this old before 😢

Branding pains

I hope I can access TikTok in the nursing home

Men’s bathroom was like the war scenes in that Alice in Chains video for rooster. Jesus fucking Christ

First thing I said when I walked in was “who died??”

You. After walking in.

Caution: Earplugs advised.

Also did a band just drop?

~Dial Drive~

I thought there were three bands.

Guess so

Or different order

Only saw two bands merch

Unless I missed something

Bass player “omg I can MOVEEEE”


Mans gonna do a fuckin cartwheel with that bass lololol

Note: Dude was having a blast moving in every direction as far as his cable let him. Open floors are less constricting than stages!

Band is awesome live!

Definitely one of those “if you have doubts when listening to the record, go see them” acts.

2+ songs in and this is litty as all hell


Haha I’m hearing the sound of my voice way too much

Whatever this song is, it’s a banger mate

Crud. Unclutch pissbreak…..

Okay tell me all about the mens room cause I need to know the horrors.

Floodplain, toilet that don’t flush cuz it probably shouldn’t

Poor men. Also what do yall do to make that happen?

Beer for moi

Vodka diet coke
Rum coke

Note: This is the moment the bands have ended, the alcohol kicked in, Maaike once again did not have dinner, everyone is our new best friend, we feel like we’re rich and are buying rounds for people

Not a fan of my orders being complete sentences

Haha oof.


We in backyard btw


Same couple I saw from earlier. Caught hubby vibin to DMX

Larry and girl?

Idk forgot but they were in that corner

Yeah them! We’ll probably see Hopeless Otis on Sunday!


Place is starting to feel small-towny to me right now

Crud. Gonna pee once more and dip.

Note: If you ever grew up in a small town, you might remember the moment where 1am hits and your friends are all leaving. You’re buzzed and are having so much fun, but the realization hits you don’t know anyone here, but everyone knows everyone else.

You ain’t wrong. Feeling most of the hangers on are on some other shizz anyway.

Bathroom. See you outside bathroom doors?

Outside bar

In front

Standard rules apply, when we have a blast, we have less to say! This was such a fun evening!

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