Let’s get to work!

With work I mean listening to music


Our loss generator…erm, labor of love project is back at it again!

So it’s what, bands covering another band, but also using each other’s singers.

Sounds like that could be fun!

So let’s get to this Talk Show Host / Cluttered EP covering Enemy You

Cause we’re weeks late with this.

~ 72 Hours ~

MDH: where even our content runs on punk rock time.

Very pleasant vibes with this song.

I haven’t listened to Enemy You in so long, I forgot they existed

Don’t think I’ve ever listened to them so definitely new to me!

Yeah, I’m digging this. This should be a band on its own, Talk Show Host and Cluttered teaming up playing straight up late 90’s early 00’s Fat Wreck style punk

Well let’s see if this can inspire you to check them out! It’s all stolen content


Guess this helps my recent affinity for that sound.

Or wait. We call stolen content covers

~ Something New ~

So far so good. Dug the vocals too on that first track

Time for some Cluttered. But with Talk Show Host. I don’t even know the name of their singer, so sorry for that. I’m the worst with names

It’s interesting, there’s some subtle differences musically between the bands even with covers.

True that. Sorta spotted that too.

Already really catchy, this

I’d be curious if they do something like this, but with the same singer. Same singer, different bands, covers. How much does it matter who plays and interprets the songs


~ Where No One Knows My Name ~

I really miss this sound, by the way. I hope more bands do covers of bands like this

Same. It’s a cool concept; I don’t feel it’s particularly common these days.

Different kinda energy to the first song.

Ha, I was just about to comment on that. I don’t remember what the original song sounded like, but the covers are better when more sped up

I rediscovered Zero Down recently. It’s the same kinda sound. Such a shame that band never made it. Or their singer, more specifically.

Seemed more skatepunk(ish)?

Ballad-y, punk style

Definitely started to grow on me a bit more towards the second half

~ Adios (To You) ~

Aight this open vibes

If these bands ever play together on tour or on a festival, this song specifically would make a fantastic opener.

Throw off the crowd!

This one as the opener for Cluttered and then 72 Hours for Talk Show Host.

Haha that’d be rad.

Fun song! I don’t skateboard but this seems like a song for it haha

I really need to see that, it would be hilarious, confused audience, good covers, it’d be fun.

Surely that can’t go wrong!

Okay, this was a really fun listen!

Marcus, time for you to check out Enemy You

If California sun had a vibe

And economical too

Give it a listen yourself: https://welovetalkshowhost.bandcamp.com/album/enemy-us

Talk Show Host: https://welovetalkshowhost.bandcamp.com/

Cluttered: https://cluttered.bandcamp.com/

Enemy You: https://enemyyou.bandcamp.com/

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