Yeah, we know Bad Luck and Camp Trash played as well. We missed Camp Trash and dipped out early after checking a Bad Luck song or two

Surprising to have Taking Meds on first. Wouldn’t have suspected that.

Or maybe we missed Camp Trash?

Hm. Maybe?

If this started at 730 exactly then we probably did

So they’re from Rochester again. I feel like their idea of location keeps switching


This stage is way too high for this venue

Oh yea, I definitely found that off-putting…

Taking Meds might be one of my favorite live bands these days by the way. Talent levels taken into account, not me drunk partying.

Didn’t recognize Skyler with that stache haha

Haha yeah, I wonder what happened on that recent tour. Either they secretly swapped all members or the entire band went through their midlife crisis and did some style changes

Been too long since we’ve seen them in any event…

Four months. That’s not that long.

New stuff time.

Oh, that’s how long it’s been?

January with Timeshares. First MDH live review.

So on a scale of 0 – nü, where in your expert nüpinion does taking meds fall?

Ah! Holy shit I totally forgot

Has that crunch mmmm

Dude Camp Trash already played and seriously, shows just start too early.

It’s Friday, people work, we have commutes and need food.

Bring back 9pm starts and 1am endings.

I’m not used to anything starting at 730 these days. Used to that being doors and an empty bar.

Tbf, it is knitting factory so assume they have an event after this

This crowd has “we need a grown-up” vibes and not in the “everyone is having too much fun” way

More in the, damn I feel old.

We sure this is just how shows are these days?

(specifically shows that have this sorta crowd?)

I’m not sure.

But Terrible Haircuts & Mustaches is the theme of the night

That’s gotta go in the tagline for this review. Or not.

Or maybe. I feel like Taking Meds brings out the fashion reviewers in us.


Tryna recall if that critique was a thing we did when we saw em at the start of the year.

Man, dollar signs sound like smith street band on uppers lolol

Haha it’s all the same bands forever

The same __ forever

So the important question

Did Dollar Signs cancel Bristol yet?

I assume you’ll redact what is necessary but the air of awkward with this crowd is a buzzkill and a half

Anywayyyy, Dollar Signs.


Note: Sometimes the crowd just isn’t the right vibe. No reason to redact the truth!

Hahaha, which is even funnier considering the band is having a blast.

And weirdly thought this woulda been better attended.

MDH: On our bullshit again

James shoulda gotten this show lol

Yeah same. I’m not sure if there’s a secret conflicting show. Maybe everyone is at Slipknot?

we never stopped

Ha. I think James wouldn’t want it with this attendance

The irony overlap is a thing


A pit!


This crowd is hilariously in need of a few responsible adults

They need to watch some Scott Vogel motivation videos on YouTube

Uh Marcus.

Feeling seen in this song and no thanks lmao

Note: I had to dig a bit to find which song, Dollar Signs played Tears / Beers / Fears and with it being Marcus his birthday eve (at time of writing, today’s the day, happy birthday Marcus!) he’s only four years from 40!

You’re telling me in four years you won’t be singing songs about getting drunk and prom?

Empty steel reserve tallboys and wild Irish rose bottles can’t sing

Everyone loved that line when this band kind of hit the diy mainstream

(You’re a possum living in the trashcan of my heart)


But it’s like a meme. It was cool when everyone mentioned possums constantly

But without the context of that time, it falls a bit flat

It’s cute at least

It is.

I also think cute is overrated.

No argument here

Yeah this band is too fun for a venue like this. That basement show at the Bazaar (RIP) was a lot more energetic.

100000times so

Bigger: not always better…

I think we should try for Jersey tomorrow

That Old Currents release show

Hm…..not the worst idea, tbh

Note: We did not. Sorry guys, next time. Our hangover did not agree with an over two hour commute.

This is the “AJJ is an influence” song

I’m outside

Had to piss and mistimed the end of Dollar Signs’ set

Trying to see some of Bad Luck now and.

I’m not sure.

It’s good.

I’m not sure if its a sound I personally care for.

Cementing how fuckin weird this show has been

Hahaha hard agree.

Also, not tryna diss but explain this playing over dollar signs

They’re good, they really are. It’s not my thing and I don’t think I need to see more song to realize that.

Well the crowd explains it.

This actually has a pretty solid attendance compared to the other bands


I think I’m just confused how this band is “local” and yet this is the first we seen em.

We’re usually plugged in with ears to ground? Unless they’re just that big already.

Cause we are in a bubble. There’s always bubbles.

This is what I used to call a 3fm band. Alternative radio station in the Netherlands that hyped this sound.

I guess here you’d call it a Pitchfork band?

Not per se bad, but a specific band that gets bigger.

Not enough diversity.

They constantly give high ratings to mediocre records

Dipping out early. We saw who we came to see and to me, that’s a win.

We actually had a blast and hope to see Common Sage, who dropped out cause they had some sick members and didn’t want to take the risk for the other bands, soon. Thanks Common Sage for being so considerate.

Soon we’ll judge the new bass player in Taking Meds as well, just give us time. They did both band member swaps & style changes it seems.

Taking Meds
Dollar Signs

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