I’m really excited about the No Trigger, Heart & Lung and Neckscars show this Friday, but No Trigger is a band I barely listened to. It’s the other bands that I want to see.

Guess we should fix this, there’s not that much time. And hey, what better way than to listen to their new EP?

Yeah. No Trigger have always been a band I’ve heard about (and actually saw wayyyyyyy back in 2006 like I’ve probably mentioned a ton) but never occurred to me to give em a spin.


I think we’re better at EP reviews than LP reviews anyway haha

It’s very likely I have seen them before. Either supporting A Wilhelm Scream in ’07 or Groezrock 2011 (thanks Podiuminfo!)

I do not remember it.

Oh it’s cause we have zero long term focus.

~ Acid Lord(tm) ~

Wait what is this intro.

Ha, this is that sound I do like so much. Fast intro, melodic part, shouts, done.

That intro was one of the damnedest things I’ll hear today haha

Cuts right to the chase tho

Oh a bit more weird outro-ness haha

~ Antifantasy ~


This promises to be a singalong song. One of those earworms.

I think this was the song they had a video for?

In the first 5 seconds that’s what it does.


Ah it’s the acab song is it?

Hahah, they got some amusing comments in their replies for this video

I’m not sure how I feel about the ‘rap’ part

Anywayyyyy, chorus part is tight

It’s catchy, it feels very much like being 16

Teenage me would love this so much

Definitely late-period MTV video vibes with that bridge haha.

Oh yeah, this would be all over MTV2 or whatever the alternative station was

Has grower potential with repeated listens at least.

Sirens in songs are the worst when traveling, haha.

Yeah, catchy as hell

Especially in Gotham…I mean NYC

~ Brainwashed ~



It does have the vibe.


So far this EP is very much “fine, we’ll make music, but we’re gonna do whatever we want with it”

Unintended nostalgia energy here lol

I think that’s the same thing, hahahaha

Note: we just took a second to make sure we were listening to the same band

Same EP Marcus.

I am prone to put stuff on shuffle

~ Guillotine ~

Ok! Erm…and that we were still in sequence

Ah back to my kind of sound.

Instead of a louder Zebrahead (see last song, yes I went there)

Hahah ::ducks::

This is one of my favorite tracks so far on this EP

But yeah, definitely a back to basics of sorts.

I actually liked the one before this haha don’t ask me why

It’s like tv series, I prefer those over movies, but always skip the #creativelicense episodes.

Hahah yeahhh good comparison

It’s cause it reminds you of NÜÜÜÜ

This song reminds me to make a best songs of 2022 playlist

Very easy to listen to, this song. Didn’t even notice the song was concluding because I was just enjoying it

~ Acceptance Speech ~

Hm. Does this track feel louder than the others or just an earbud thing on my end?

Ooh, this is what my vague “I have listened to this band before” expectations of this band are.

It’s probably the production.

Aight, this seems fine thus far

When in doubt, blame the production.


What is a family?

Next stop btw. Could have this EP done before we get our train

Ha we will!

Also very closing track


It’s the “we’re gonna figure it out” one this time.

Sometimes you could just tell…and not just cuz it’s numerically the last track.

Another song with sing-along ability too

I need to start charting this. “We’re gonna figure it out” vs “we’re all in this together” vs “nostalgic slow song” as closing tracks

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