We forgot all about our drunk writing until a band or two in. We missed the Pandemics (again – will we ever end up seeing them?) and walked in during Rude Girl Revue, which was the most fun thing ever. Right after, this conversation became a thing.


You’re even at this show?

Ohhhhh shit

Wasn’t sure we were mdh’ing this

Oohhhhh stop talking fake sports.

We should even if we weren’t

It’s worth words.

Had MDH focus turned off

Weed is tight song. I’m engaged now

Weed is weed. Sing music. Make noise.

Brunt of it seems more my speed off their IG bio

Shout out to the sound guy tonight. Sound isn’t just great but also, it’s not way louder than it needs to be.

Also this shirt is something you probably need

Sound seems fine to me. Didn’t feel myself going deaf during last band. Like I didn’t notice I didn’t have earplugs for most of that set


also, 3.5 hours of non-stop ska tho


This band reminds me of why I’ve never seen Jaya the Cat whilst sober.



I just realized

Do you even know how to skank?

Haha, why would I?

Cause you love your dumb dances, why not to ska.

Can’t say that’s something I picked up anywhere.

Ska is like my 6th choice genre lol

Wait did he just say he wrote this song 25-27 years ago?

My dumb dances I don’t plan

Haha I missed that?

Cause I’m sure the rest of the band members couldn’t legally drive by then

I’m paging Jerrica and we’re planning a Baltimore trip this summer, just so you know.

Oh. But you can’t skank to nü tho

Sure you can!

You’ll get weird looks but sure you can

Burly old dude in this band looks like someone I’d discuss Mets’ strategery with at the nest on a Tuesday night

Haha you would.

Okay no clue who this is but I like it

Ska Marcus ska



Dude it makes so much sense why the guy with dreads looks familiar

I just looked up who this band is

But he also plays in the Suicide Machines.


Wearing your own band tee to the gig drives the algorithm in a DIY sense


I just wondered

If you don’t know how to skank

How do you even pick it up?


I just bellyflop like recovering a fumble

I’ll eventually figure out what this band is called but it seemed unnecessarily complicated as a band name

I’m very offended by this referendum on my skanking cuz…uhh, you knew this?

No I did not.

I thought you like anyone else seen your share of local ska bands and based your dislike of ska on experience.

Or maybe it was my shitty town that just really loved ska.


I’ve seen the Toasters, Mark Foggo, The Slackers, etc at the venue I once worked back in ’07-’09

And that’s not even locals

Kind of. I think I just avoided ska because I had cringe perceptions

How does it feel to become the cringe you once cringed at?

Ihateit dot com


Yeah, I’m the orgcore and the skramz guy

Big D has all the energy

They’ve got Big D energy

Don’t you agree?

Alot of D energy yes

It’s such a fun band.

Fans are hit and miss but Strictly Rude as a song is just that


Whoops. Guessing I tried to skank and it ate my response


But it looked good.

Batman was yes.


Skanking is your Steel Reserve Dance with extra steps

Rude Girl Revue
Brunt of It
J. Navarro & the Traitors
Big D and the Kids Table
Marcus makes friends
Marcus makes friends

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