Posting about the gig from a basement with dodgy reception as ours lolol fade me

Poor you. How’s it?

Ok, test post works?

It was ok. Probably not the most annoying when I get my bearings. Didn’t help I drank myself behind the 8 ball a bit en route.

Ah yeah, our poor bank account

1 band in.

Was really psyched on light tower though. Drummer of On The Might Of Princes (local emo/post-hardcore band that had a cult following and reunited in 2007/8 for a handful of shows)

Light Tower had that space rock vibe I really dig.

This sounds like it’s more of a you show than a me show for sure! What the hell is space rock?

That’s all I can think of

Hm. Think very effectsy yet melodic riffage. Very wall of sound oriented

Oh yeah, wouldn’t have sat well with me if I missed this one

Restless Spirit is what I figure would be blasting at duff’s at 315am Saturday morning. This works.

Restless Spirit does sound like a band for 3am, in name alone


Riffs that make ya wanna look up at orion’s belt to riffs that make ya buy a round of PBR

You wanna do both and trip over your own feet while doing so

Spilling the beer over all unsuspecting people who never experienced the full power of molo

Strangely aloof crowd. Guess band noticed and called that out

It is a Wednesday night

I’m on notice for allergies to reporting to my work on time. But if I weren’t I would lmao

I didn’t get any sleep last night, I’m surprised I survived work. Ordered a pizza btw; you’ll need food when you get home


Also, I fux with metal… unsurprisingly. Just gotta be teutonic riffs and melodic, so guess I’m a doom metal//black sabbath guy…?

You just like music that makes your anger on the inside an outward wall

Probably true.

Anyway. Restless Spirit were rad.

Also even in this bootleg courtyard surrounded by steel beams, reception is trash.

So who was up after?


Didn’t even try to post because battery life was waning. Even tried to economize my pics/video

Thoughts on last night to close this out:

-I was actually looking forward to this show from when it got announced so wasn’t missing this one for anything.

-Much enjoyed all the bands, special shout-out to Restless Spirit for their heaviness and groove.

-Got to catch up with Chris of Light Tower and waxed poetic a little about the late 2000s local DIY scene. We old, haha.

-SOM were everything I expected and more.

-Kinda hoped the show woulda had a little better turnout but hey, I enjoyed my evening.

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