Running late! I want to make excuses but really, I was laying on the couch staring at my phone and tried to cram 20 minutes of prep to get out in 5

Which as well all know turns to 50 minutes in reality because of that

(also DOGS gonna DOGGGGGG)

Oh dogs definitely make 5 minutes last ten times as long.

I did hear you say in our normal chat you’re already there?


Just made it in.

Cool! Anyone else who’s not in a band who showed up?

Hard to say. But mayyyybe, like 2 people I can tell with some small certainty.

Nevermind, I guess first band is really playing. Was really confused if they were still soundchecking.

Oh, no, music was supposed to start at 8

Like I said, running late. The L is still above ground

All-lady band, 4/5 members wearing cat ears. Maybe they just ran out of cat ears for the bass player…or she’s just getting the Jason Newsted Metallica hazing treatment.

Maybe the bass player is a dog person?


Yes! That’s gotta be it

Now it’s up to you to figure out their band name!

Who am I missing.

Wish me luck on that haha

The Bass Dog and her Cats wasn’t on the lineup.

Bassitt hound bass enthusiast haha

This might help!

Just might!

Lazying out and waiting for them to mention their name before sleuthing

Boom! Two minute thrills!

Aight, gonna grab a beer.

I wanted to say, based on the flyer, gotta be one of the middle two bands (bottom logos)

I actually pregamed with an athletic golden lager at our wicked lady haha

Joan Jett cover!

Bad reputation, because naturally

Can’t go wrong with Joan Jett

Couple at the back reallllly vibing to it

Also, tonight appears to be the only evening we wont be the only interracial couple here 😮

Hey, it happens sometimes!

They’re….kinda fun?

Even our social circle has at least a few interracial couples. We’re only special cause we’re from different continents & native languages as well.

We’re the coolest though.

The drunkest usually as well

A given

Catchy lyrics here:

“I’d miss you if you weren’t an asshole”

I dig, I dig.


Ha I heard that walking in

Almost knocked my own beer out of my hand whoops

You’re an idiot yes.

Dude next time we have a giveaway, let’s do it irl at a merch table at a show


Okay so no second band, second band very late? The three seconds of noise were actually an entire set?

I think they were running early.

Assuming them at 9 and then something bitter

Ah, that would sort of make sense.

Nice save from that band just now

Fascinating different demographics from previous band to this

Very profound wasn’t that?

Aight, I could vibe with this


Haha I know this is your stuff

I think this is wrecked. Could you check which IG page tho?

Have an IG story I can’t move off of

I wonder if the drummer is new to the band btw.

Hm…could be?

Wouldn’t surprise in watching him

They might not have an Instagram

Any chance you’ve got a charging cable on you?

Nope? Means I’ll be dark in 20 minutes and you’re gonna have to carry this alone!

Maaike’s (Phone) Dies Here hours are imminent I see

You know it’s a light evening when there’s basically a full rack of paper towels by the bathroom door

Funny mofos on stage at least.

3rd cover haha.

🎶into the void againnnnn 🎶

🎶 same dead phone it was back thennnn🎶

RIP Maaike’s phone battery

I found a cable! Not the best one, but my phone won’t die tonight

Life support more than life


Ah they’re not even playing and Something Bitter already showed us the neediest band member

Note: Yes Russ, it’s you and your microphone stand preferences

Usually it’s the drummer in terms of gear adjustments

Gotta love when life throws changeups

First band tonight where the band members feel like they’re comfortable on stage and done this many times before – cool to see for first set

Heyyyy, maybe we found ourselves our stateside goodbye blue Monday counterparts

Poor guys, trying this sound on the North East. If they go just a few hours further north and cross a border, they’ll find a scene way more welcoming to this skate punk sound.

Oh yeh, this gonna be where I drink like 5 beers during their set out of joy

Gonna try to video the next song, maybe bit further back from speakers, since I know it’s super cool to have a video from first shows.

And I did!


Curious which of the friends / girlfriends is doing their Insta live


Uh what?

Familiar song. Can’t place the cover

Samiam cover

You obviously can.


Look. The only Samiam song I can recognize is Clean Up the Mess.

Beyond that it’s “he this sounds familiar”

Just tryna remember what album that song was on

That message was Music Dies Here doing their best job, ha.

Sunshine, off Astray

Sound is great, though with this song one of the guitars should be toned down a bit.

Heard guitar from bar. Wayyy loud hah

Hey you met Adrian right? Dutch Adrian?

I think so

I’m only realizing now that Russ reminds me of him

Also reminds me we got a Call it Off review (different sound though) to review

Sure do

Okay either I didn’t hear or understand that joke earlier.

But I think that should be what this review is about.

The bad jokes bands make on stage

While I wait for the bathroom and miss the last songs, because my body doesn’t care about fun

Note: Wouldn’t have guessed this was a first show! If you like skate-punk, keep an eye out for these guys

Oh look it’s Destine but less emo



I’m finally following these lyrics.

I think

The chorus is “I’m at the coffee shop again”

And they 1000% mean what I learned a coffee shop is and not the American version

It’s a #weedistight band

Or Incubus

CW: Weezer cover

Wait this is a Weezer song?

Say it ain’t so, I’m almost sure.

I may genuinely be less familiar with Weezer than I am with Samiam


Lmao fuck me this is legitimately a Weezer cover.

(no judgement, but I’m usually dumb as a brick at covers but got the last 3)

Finishing beer is harder than I thought

So come outside with the beer?

Hey welcome outside


Well ” ” around the outside part.

This band is fascinating. They’re really good. They also really think weed is tight. And Weezer is overrated, sorry world.

Powering thru that tecate proved tougher than I hoped

Musically they’re pretty on it.

A band that also knows they’re good. Not used to that in our little DIY roach motel lolol

Haha it’s funny isn’t it? I’m not sure how they are irl, but they carry themselves with that ego on stage.

Not even tryna be sarcastic, but Sevendust should tap them as support next time they play.

Probable overlap.

Oh there’s a genuine overlap in reggae and nü

And this is more reggae than ska

Note: Do not trust us when we talk about genres. We will believe American Thrills when they tell us they’re a nu-metal band

Let em on a radio rock festival at like 130pm and watch their merch table flood afterwards

Pulls beer out of back pocket.

MDH as aesthetic

Ah. I’m seeing it now.

This band is new enough to still try and copy their heroes.

They’re good. They need to lose the ego on stage. They do that for a while, wait until at least 10 people show up to see them – 10 people who paid in specifically to see them, not including the other bands and their friends – and they can get the on-stage attitude back and likely make it far as fuck.

I don’t want to show some motherfucking movements. I got four hours of sleep in 2 days and got work at 9am

Bad showgoer, BAD


does walk of arrogance to bathroom

I’m saving my energy for tomorrows show

Diverse bill though. Props to that

Dude sounds so much like Brandon Boyd it’s wrecking my brain haha

(incubus’ singer)

I was just typing who’s Brandon Boyd

Never got into Incubus

Surprise surprise

Sorta got into em. Missed them by an album though. Shoulda gotten the one before the one I got.

So yeah, 311 ripping bong hits with incubus while the twitch stream runs at 1.25x speed.

This intro sounds like


I think Breaking Benjamin

Okay nevermind.


If you told me this is a Panic at the Disco cover I’d believe you


(And not cuz they got swag unlike [REDACTED INSIDE JOKE])

Marcus shut up


We in redact territory

Foo fighters cover.

I’ll allow it

Deadass though, band has legit fucking talent.

Phone hitting charger.

What was this band called again?


We good

almost sounds like Alkaline Trio on this track

Don’t think I’ve ever almost swallowed my tongue during a show. Thanks lads

I missed what caused that

“follow your dreams and get paid to do something you love just like us”

Music Dies Here: follow your dreams even if it’s your loss project

Legendary shit

We are def pushpit people, though I am prone to the occasional wall of death, but only for Sick of it All. We’re no skanks, we don’t skank.

Lmao, I was on a pushpit heater during Sevendust


Compulsory Sevendust mention? You sound like a 13 year old who saw their favorite band live about them, haha


Legitimately started into them like 2 years after my 13th birthday

Love you too

Sidebar, how long has this set been

Four songs too long

It’s always 311 somewhere

Thought you were gonna say 420

Same difference?

There’s two clocks inside their home One clock says 311. One clock says 420. It’s the clock you feed.


Meanwhile inside its the worst MCR song ever written.

Welcome to the overdone parade

Maaike post this on Facebook challenge.

Might just go over worse than that time you said camp cope wasn’t punk.


Two Minute Thrills
Something Bitter
Topshelf Shake

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