Ever see the best kind of shows at the worst venues? This was one of those! So no venue name in the title – just some excited words. 07/21/2022

~Heavy Lag~

After 10 hours we finally got a drink.

Heavy Lag is playing

And there’s a healthy audience.

Yesssss to all of this

I might have turned 38 in the time it took between drinks. Had to pluck another grey hair whilst in the pisser

Mix is loud but not unbearably. Got myself earplugs, it does help.


Seriously, bartender was taking their sweet sweet time.

Wasn’t the worst without earplugs but obviously preferred because USA and whatnot

I’m also not talking about Heavy Lag musically because see literally four of our other reviews.

Fair enough hahs

I do dig their chameleons cover tho

We see this band enough that no one needs to know what they sound like. READ. OUR. SITE.

we’re cool

Haha, wait, I didn’t even catch that. Which song?


More like RTFS!!

Haven’t heard it yet.

Oh, I thought you said they played it.


Our site is a manual. Follow it closely and you’ll learn the secret trick to… shows?

Tfw when you forget to turn off the flash during a band

So how much shit am I going to get for saying “you know, their sound reminds me of Cheap Girls”

::pitchforks sharpening::

Though, i can see that thru the poppier songs they’ve got…

Bathroom line 0/10

Guess you’re 39 now. How are three years in one night feeling?


Never seen Sharkswimmer before. They seemed like good people. Glad to experience them being a good band as well!

Likewise. Singer/guitarist seemed just fine.

Dude… you know that sounds like an insult right?

“Oh I met them once, they’re just fine.”

Whoops..hardly my intent.

Fleeting interaction. Meant no harm.

Redact as needed I guess

Hm. This sounds like the one song of theirs I remember checking out on Spotify within the last day.

Haha, sorry for calling you out on that. It was just funny.

It’s like the “but they have a beautiful personality” being “they’re ugly”

Hahah I didn’t really think that one thru. Probably shoulda just deferred on that subject altogether heh

Or be more optimistic about humans haha

Sometimes I go to shows and feel like such an outsider. Sometimes I go and it’s home. This show has the latter vibe.

Work in progress! 🤓

But yeah reiterating that I’ve enjoyed sharkswimmer, definitely has my kind of sound haha

Okay, I like this band. They’re very versatile. Could play a lot of different styled gigs.

The single mothers-esque track


Ramona is fun!

I hate you the way I hate myself is a fun lyric.

Totally not depressing!

Been forever since we seen em!

Legit drawing blanks on when we saw em last

That lyric is like depression with this emoji:


Bathroom break for me.


But yeah, super infectious positive vibes watching em!

Dang, seconding how much of a blast this is

If you want food, you can go downstairs and steal fries from our friend.

This is why my return back up got delayed.

Ahhhhh. Think I’m fine for now

Awesome! Cause this band is too much funnnn

And then our friend needed $$ for his food and the venues ATM stopped working

And that sounds very show life

I just noticed that too. WELP

I’ll walk to the deli around the corner when Ramona is finished.

Oh. I just saw your private message.



we chat a heap of shit about MDH bands that seem to solely exist to be MDH and do Netflixweedanxiety adult contemporary shit, so plaudits are warranted when we see bands that have more to their sound than that shit.

Oh we talk a lot of shit. We also love a lot.

Fuckin facts

Redundant post alert: ya, Ramona go hard in the paint


Basketball reference.

~Tired Radio ~

I’m not okay

Well I am

Anthony obviously isn’t according to his own words.

Oh wait.



Tired radio: literally horseshoe theory


Hahahah shut up

I am in the calling everyone brother state of shitfaced

It’s got to be the universe needing more happiness that Tired Radio & Goodbye Blue Monday never played together

My earplug flew in the general direction of Anthony like 2 songs ago

So I guess our non-existent band has to do a sevendust cover lmao

I don’t make the rules Maaike

Dude you can’t even play the Ramones on guitar.

We can talk when you can play one Ramones song

Then we’ll start a band.

Lmfao I think tired radio might be the impetus for that. Just you wait

Tired Radio
Tired Radio

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