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Something Bitter - It Doesn't Have to be Now

Something Bitter is officially released their EP!

And I’ve got a lot of opinions about that band, all of them good.

We’ve already seen the lads more times than I can count so I’m excited to hear these tunes on wax…erm…plastic…erm, mp3?

I’ll find a better place for your old tape deck.

(Okay fine, cd / cassette player)

For now, it’s mp3’s from Google Drive.

~ Dolos & Sense ~

I don’t get the title. That’s my first grump, haha

This works too!

Skate punk is so underrated in this area of the world.


This is still really accessible for that genre. It’s not all over the place with time signatures and riffs, it’s still nicely straightforward

Super melodic as well, I really love the melody lines they’ve got going on

I think that’s the thing with skate punk sometimes that the overly technical stuff gets a little dizzying to me


Ayyyy this works

Harmonies over here are cool

Don’t you want to live while you’re alive?

Angry positivity. That’s what I love.

~ What’s Next Over What’s Left ~

This song is actually catchy, as in, it gives opportunities for singalongs.


I remember digging this song live.

I also want to learn the lyrics to this song just so I can sing along.

Fun one to have the lyrics alongside

Hah, sharing a brain are we

And it’s our favorite grumpy old man here, Will Romeo!


I dig it!

It’s more aggressive optimism as opposed to angry optimism in this one.

So much optimism hidden behind music that does not feel optimistic at a first glance.

Funny thing about music haha. Sound and lyrical content sometimes run parallel, sometimes not

~ Dear God Complex ~

Intro is very storytelling.

Oh and of course the background vocals shouts. That always gets us excited about music.


Never too much of those for me haha

Feels they’re being a bit more technical on this song musically, but it could just be me

Nice part (bridge?)

Bridge, outro

Yea, you’re definitely right. Certainly a less-traveled sound around here

I like these repetitive singalong parts that get louder each time they’re repeated.

~ The Same Mistakes ~

I’ll hear it as “start making the same mistakes” if I want to

No liner notes (yet) no judgement

Catchy. Feels like they’re trying a few things at the same time with this song, and that at times throws me off.

::bops head side to side::

Ah, wasn’t just me thinking that there’s definitely a wee bit more going on with this song haha

It’s a very straightforward punk song and I think they’re trying to not make it sound like one? It’s good, it just throws me off at times.

~ Broken Pieces ~

This has the feel of a one minute song

90 seconds


It’s definitely not one minute. But it’s one of those fast ones that often ends up as that one quick fast one

Yes, Maaike here for your very deep insights. It’s fast and feels fast.

It’s what they come to us for at musicdieshere

You’re right. Ninety seconds.


94 to be exact.

~ Let it Rain ~

You really asked me if this was the last track? Listen for two seconds and you can hear it. Last song vibes!

Whoops, yeah…got that semi-meticulousness of Last Song Energy

It feels out of place. That’s how you know it. When the band either gets aggressive when they’re chill, or chill when they’re loud and fast – that’s usually the last song.

Exceptions exempted

Lyrics I’m discerning definitely vibe

Samiam vibes crystal clear here

Everyday I choose to double down when I should burn it to the ground? Those lyrics? Is that your vibe?


Okay, I dug this EP. They’re obviously still trying to figure out their sound and direction, but that was to be expected. It’s fast, has songs you can singalong to, has angry and aggressive optimism, I can’t complain when it’s like that.

This was really solid. I enjoyed it.

Something Bitter’s bio nailed the sound they were conveying

“positively nihilistic fun punk”

You just like things that are few words.

You can listen to this EP on all streaming media, or check out Something Bitter their website:

See them live:

Sep 23, 2022
With: Kissed By An Animal, Tony From Bowling and Natural Rat
East Williamsburg Econo Lodge, NYC (7.00 pm)

Oct 29, 2022
With: Warn the Duke, Green Hell and Skum City
Cobra Club, NYC (7.00 pm)

Nov 8, 2022
With: Depresion Tropical and Talking Props
Sovereign, NYC (7.00 pm)

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