A Vulture Wake - Kingdom

A Vulture Wake - Kingdom

We get to be lucky enough to see A Vulture Wake twice this year.

So catching up, they released a new EP this June

three times if we count fest

I’m not counting Fest until we booked our flights. But I am counting Monday the 19th!

~ Virus ~

So let’s get to know these songs before we go! If I’m not working that is

Yeah so listening to this, how is this band not bigger?

Or is that just NYC?

Cause I feel everyone who loved their politically charged punk should love this.

It’s fast. It’s melodic. It’s got parts that show that it’s not about politics but the desperation of caring.

Excellent question haha. Listening to this and thinking the same-even as someone who doesn’t regularly listen to this subgenre

~ Red ~

Bleed for us.

Scream for us.

It’s a slower track, but with so much pent up hate in between. It’s really a talent to get that through in just a sound.

Really like this track. It’s just a very well-executed sound this band has.

Amazing production as well. Nice and clear, it feels polished without being overpolished

Oh yeah, definitely eases off full throttle a bit but there’s plenty of nonetheless

It doesn’t have to be fast to hit hard

Of course not

~ Choke ~

It really is going from more straightforward songs to more full songs so far.

Look I’m not a music critic. There’s probably terms for this.

I feel like they played this song last time.

Better paygrades come with the better terminology haha

You mean the minus money from hosting the site could be plus money?

Sounding to me like they did too, hence the weird level of familiarity with how this song goes.

Did I ever say how much I am a sucker for the “instruments down, focus on vocals” bridges

Help me help you choke

I love this riff, it’s so urgent.

Better reviewers and “internet personalities” than businesspeople we are, obviously.

Gonna stick in my head a bit, that riff

~ Sage ~

Skate punk intro

Metal tinges before that chorus 🤘🏾

Skate punk and metal are different alleys on the same street

“We’re feeding our families while you feed us bullshit”

True that

One is smoking weed, the other slamming beers.

Probably. Or abstaining.

Abstaining from weed unless it’s like sludge or doom haha

That’s the thing with politics isn’t it? We all try to live our lives and care for our families, and empty promises that don’t feed us.

Bipartisan, for the record

~ Moths ~

It’s so obvious this band is made of musicians who know their shit.

Very crowded feel to this song, but that’s likely on purpose. Urgency is back.

Oh we’re getting screams as well. Really focusing on that urgency here.

Like I’m not having a ton to say because I’m trying to hear as much as I could, nuances, etc

Did this warm your skramz heart?


Guess that’s been the song with the most snarl thus far?

Let’s see what this last one brings!

~ Blood ~




Ooh, claustrophobia

It’s an interesting buildup this record has, the further it goes along the busier the tracks feel.

Drummer is on 11 on this song


Haha he really is. And then the track fades.

I’ll definitely give it a few more listens while grabbing the lyrics – if they’re online anywhere – before the show on Monday. I haven’t even gotten around to it before.

Haha, we talk about Last Song Energy, and that song on this album…didn’t have that

I know! It just ended.

Bye music.

It was definitely very frenetic and had strong sense of walls collapsing in and around. Intense, as this whole EP was tbh

I wonder if it’d make good workout music.

I think it would. Would definitely wear out a treadmill racking up those miles haha

Kingdom got released June 10, 2022. Give it a listen here: https://avulturewake.bandcamp.com/album/kingdom

Come see them on 09/19 at the Kingsland in Brooklyn: https://dice.fm/event/x5pdl-a-vulture-wake-counterpunch-chilton-izkyra-19th-sep-the-kingsland-new-york-tickets

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