So, really excited we’re getting to review the new Kid You Not record. Saw them on the last day of Fest back in 2019 and they were one of the best sets I saw that day.

Got a pic from their set on the personal IG (forcequitdotexe)

Of course you do! I cannot remember if I ever saw one of their sets, but it’s always been a band where when I hear the name, I remember I like them.

Then remember they’re basically Floridian Iron Chic.

Easiest point of reference when looking for band comps, can’t argue that.

Now we’ve got that out of the way, we can avoid the reference and listen to this record. Here’s to feeling good all the time!

~ I Am Who I Am, and I Wish I Weren’t ~

Yes please, more immediate getting to it songs opening records


Really easy to follow along with lyrics so far

Digging the group vocals in the chorus.

Isn’t it interesting how we all went from kids who partied too much to very anxious adults?

Fascinating character arc for us all

Group vocals in their chorus is definitely a staple of theirs

Killer opener

Outcast party crowd -》anxious adult

Probably cause everyone around us did move on and fitted in the established blueprints of adulthood

But how we live with said anxiety splinters us from the others who go about it differently.

Absolutely! Doesn’t drag either. Makes me miss the shows Hell Yeah Booking put in at the Winston.

Oh, I agree. You either live the anxiety or live with the anxiety and dont let it dictate your live.

Yep, definitely reminds me of basement shows and seeing a band you’ve been psyched on all night after like 7 beers and it being like 1am

~ Last of a Lost Generation ~

Continuing our conversation, the title of this song, haha.

We got a parallel theme going here? Haha

You know what? This reminds me of Polar Bear Club more than Iron Chic.

This also reminds me of my hangovers.

Hm. I could see PBC I think. The more ballady stuff of theirs

Yeah, think Heart Attack at 30

Very anthemic slow song

Anyway, definitely feels like a mo(u)rning after song…not specific to anything but in general

~ First of a Dying Breed ~

Do I spot a Jukebox Romantics reference in the title?

We were just discussing that before going into the review

Small world, wouldn’t surprise!

It’s already an emotional rollercoaster, this record. Usually the “we’ll be fine, we can do this” is where we end it.

Really dynamic, this song.

Very much so

Already feels like it’ll be a heavy rotation record for me.

These three songs are the build of almost every record out there. One that sets the tone. One that is a bit sadder halfway, and one full of optimism at the end.

And yet, there’s 6 more songs after this.

Three of them are the singles that dropped ahead of the album.

You’re right about this song being very dynamic. It’s also a bit faster than the first song.

You know what? I prefer being a wasted generation on my nights out, rather than in the life I live besides those

~ Doomscrolling ~


Look Marcus a song about your favorite pasttime



Definitely feels like an internet during COVID song

and we’ve not left that since

I haven’t felt the excitement for Fest yet outside our hangs with the euro crowd. This record makes me musically excited to see some bands

A million angry hearts – could be the new tagline of NYC

I like the lyrics on this song a bunch (this was one of the singles that came out a little while back)

spoiling for a fight: either of us at MDH logging onto Facebook at 135am Saturday morning

Okay, so this song is that classic “this is why this band gets the Iron Chic comparison” song, and so far, my least favorite of what we heard. It makes me super excited for hugs and drinks standing with friends and watching a band, but sounds like a song I’ll skip outside that feeling.

Does that even make sense?

Moreso what the song evokes and not what the song itself evokes perhaps?

periphery memories, etc

The song misses something as a song; but it’s nostalgic in that it reminds me of good times.

And a forever outro. I’m gonna be honest here, we’re skipping on, cause we’re already starting late.

~ The Longer It Isn’t Us, The More It Will Happen ~

Yea, fair enough. When I listened to this, the outro did meander a bit.

Of course autocorrect turned Us in US

I dig this drum groove in the intro

Ripping open

Yep this works

Yeah, this is musically a bunch of good riffs and grooves. Lot happening without it being overwhelming.

I feel like they really hit a sweet spot with this song and the first 3 that opened this record

They’re finding a sound that really is more them and less the bands they admire, I like that.

Yep, glad we’re listening to this in its entirety. I know I mentioned being excited to listen to this record but was hoping I’d like it as much I figure I would.

~ I’m Not Superstitious, But I Am A Little Stitious ~

I’m a big stitious

wishful drinking 👋🏾

Group vocals are really great here

Ever notice that all bands left in this genre all have the same vibe. Insecure about growing up, holding on to the nights out, reminiscing. And a lot of us, we all have kids and marriages now, and those who don’t, have that pressure as well.

Yeah man, they’re definitely onto something with this album

Yep. Probably still why I have a soft spot for the bands left in this corner of punk.

Life was easier when those pressures were less in focus, the “wait, but I like how I lived, why do I need to stop that?”

I hope these guys and Captain Asshole get a chance to share drinks as Fest, because their records have the same vibe

This outro tho 🔥

Very much how I imagine a group hug to audio would sound

~ Fire Sale! (Everything Must Go) ~

Very obvious reference in this title. You recognize it?

I didn’t

At least I’m assuming it’s a reference to the Weakerthans song Everything Must Go.


Okay, back to this record after showing the first part of that Weakerthans song.

Musically a very different intro. Definitely one of those “people scream that line along” if there’s ever a crowd.

Me too btw.


Ha, my favorite songs so far are the ones that weren’t the singles. I wonder if they chose the same sound songs as singles on purpose.

I really dig the structure of this song.

Quite possibly!

But I like the mix between aggression and introversion

Pacing of this track is different than what we’ve heard so far.

Likely one that clicks with me…say, listen 3 or 4.

Yeah but listen to this bridge(?) part that just makes you feel the feeling of the song.

Hm. Aight, I gotcha

One of these days I’m going to keep track of punk bands singing songs about setting cities on fire.

just do a Spotify playlist

of said bands and said tracks haha

I don’t think I’ll ever get my friends to publish the song their old band wrote, that went “this town is burning tonight”

Of course. Should we do the music thing ourselves I guess we’re obligated to do the same re: cities on fire

~ Sounded Like A Good Idea At The Time ~

Aesthetic. Literally aesthetic

that title*

Us marrying.

Another song title that could be the title of my autobiography.

My life post age 24

Nah, I love you! No regrets on that. Having too much fun with these drink & music nights


And I guess in a way, this song kicks in pretty well on that conversation as well.


Guess so. There’s an overarching theme, whether intended or not, that resonates hard with me.

It’s the theme of our lives. We’re all relatively happy people, content with where we are on the surface, but also just when through two, two and a half, years of reflection

And found ourselves older with little to show for that. All of a sudden, 7-10% of our life passed, people are chronically online, and… this discourse gets boring, literally, not just a song lyric.

Man, I’m really psyched at the idea of seeing them at fest

And a pandemic in between, that somehow I feel some still use as excuses to live in pods.

I think we all want to stay where we were when we felt happy, and the last years and growing up in an environment where you can’t – or dont even want to – reach the classic adulthood goals (401k, savings, home, relationship, kids), makes things tough and makes us all nostalgic, and makes it feel like the past we loved were maybe fuck-ups.

Couldn’t agree more btw

But our fuckups to own. Which age and reflection help us appreciate i guess

So the discourse gets boring cause it is all of us. Ha.

We are all just a

~ Midlife Crisis Actor ~


Like the second song, it’s a bit slower again. But less in the Polar Bear Club way I mentioned earlier.

This also tells me the next song is the “it’s all gonna be okay” kind of end song.

“Too bad I’m just boring myself to death” has been my recent unemployed weeks

~ Here’s To Feelin’ Good All The Time ~

Guess that one functioned as the intro, huh? Last track, I assume?

Last track, the title track


Closing track energy ™️

Okay, now I’m sure they decided to put the songs with a specific sound as singles.

Salvaging what’s been left. That’s where every closing track goes to

Works for me as always!

Salvaging what’s been left; a mantra of sorts for the last year on a personal level

There’s so little to say about this song musically, because it’s exactly what you expect from this band or Iron Chic.

It works real well

at the least*

Oh nothing wrong with sticking to the formula of success.

Definitely a level of partisan nature with me because it’s a sound I like anyway haha

That’s cause we only like 10 bands and they’re all Fest bands. Or so my friends say

Broadly speaking, maybe it’s just me but seemed a more solemn tone with this record than the last couple full-lengths I’ve listened to.

Yeah, I enjoyed reviewing this! Gonna try to post it soon. Is our friend at Sell the Heart done touring with his band yet and back on the West Coast, it might be before his bed time!

MDH gets FESTED playlist/mixtape forthcoming haha

Growing up isn’t moving on, Marcus.

Me too. I think this album has a good bit of staying power/replay value.

The record is out today! Give it a listen on the streaming platforms, then give it an order, cause all bands need money!

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